Guest Post | The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainright book review

Today I have a fantastic guest post from Jo who blogs over at Tea and Cake for the Soul. Enjoy!

Terrifying, thought provoking and addictive reading for anyone who writes blogs, read blogs or lives a life on social media. The fluffy title of “The Mummy Bloggers” by Holly Wainright, gives no clue as to what’s to come in this fast paced, shocking read.

This story is about 3 mummy bloggers who have found huge success with their respective blogs and are competing for an award. All three bloggers are very different and certainly not friends, but each lady is connected to the other through their pasts.

Elle is the perfect Instagram mum blogging as The Stylish Mamma. Abi, known as The Green Diva (and other names) is an eco-friendly mum blogger. Leisel, works a full time job on top of blogging as The Working Mum.

The rise in popularity for blogs and Instagram influencers has made it possible for many mums and women to be able to work from home around their family. However, it’s not as easy and glamourous as it looks.

This story exposes the lengths that some people will go to, to get or show the perfect life. The extremes and character traits of some of the women in this story are really despicable and shocking, but that makes for compelling reading. I really couldn’t put this book down.

This book exposes everything that is wrong with social media and today’s world of comparison. When did life get so complicated?

This book was previously published in 2017 but has been re-released on 3 June 2019.

Please be aware that the vast majority of bloggers are nothing like these characters. I’m sure our three mummy bloggers set out with the best of intentions too. I’m quite happy to poodle along with my blog as it is 😉

Jo blogs at Tea and Cake for the Soul about the nicer things in life such as music, travel, books and cake, as well as covering important topics such as mental health, menopause and eco issues. If you like to read more of her book reviews check out her Recommended Reading section.

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The Benefits Of Chess For Development

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Learning chess has many benefits for children, ranging from improvements in their social skills to their cognitive abilities as well as their overall mental development. Purchasing chess sets for children is one of the best gifts you can give them due to the many ways they will benefit from playing chess regularly as they grow up. If you want to know more about the benefits of learning chess on development, take a closer look at these significant social and mental benefits that chess has to offer.

Chess improves children’s IQ

Playing chess regularly has been shown to increase children’s IQ, especially when it is played regularly over a long period of time, such as at regular intervals as part of a chess club or daily hobby. If you want to help children increase their IQ, buy them a chess set to get them started on a great hobby that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

It improves problem solving skills

Problem solving skills are a crucial part of children’s development. Regularly playing chess strengthen children’s problem solving skills which will help them in school, life and later on, in their working lives. Problem solving skills have long range benefits that extend far beyond a child’s ability to play chess, so this particular development improvement is definitely one of the best benefits of playing chess.

Val Vesa

Chess improves children’s memory

Chess is an excellent game for improving memory and studies have shown that children who regularity play chess have stronger memories, both as children and later on on in their adult years. The development of a strong memory is crucial to a child’s mental and social development as they age and will have long lasting and far-reaching benefits.

Chess improves a child’s creative development

Children who play chess are more creative than children who don’t; this may be due to the fact that chess exercises both sides of the brain on a regular basis. When children play chess as part of a hobby, club or with friends and family for fun, they will have a higher aptitude for creativity than children who don’t partake in chess. Creativity is a crucial part of development that will play a strong role in children’s ability to imagine, problem solve, and function in school, work and society as a whole.

Chess improves concentration

One of the most notable benefits of chess is its ability to improve concentration in children. Concentration is essential for learning in school as well as many aspects of our everyday lives, and this particular benefit is known to help children improve their grades and overall success in school as a whole.

If you have been considering buying your children or young relatives a gift, make it a chess set! They will benefit for years to come from the many ways that chess benefits and improves upon children’s mental and social development skills.

Nostalgic For The Nineties

This is a sponsored post.

I was born right at the beginning of the Nineties so I remember them well. I’ve got so many memories – from the toys I bought to the food I ate to the bands I loved. It was just such a fantastic time to grow up, everything seemed so innocent back then.

What things make you nostalgic for the nineties? I loved Pogs and Polly Pocket. I loved my Tiny Tears doll and my Puppy In My Pocket toys. Who didn’t love Kerplunk? Then you’ve got the films – some of the best films came out in the Nineties in my opinion.

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Then there were the bands.

As you can expect, one such band that I absolutely adored was, of course, the Spice Girls. Sporty was always my favourite and I was her in my little group of friends when we pretended to be the band! I even had a Spice Girls lunchbox. I must have watched Spice World the movie a trillion times and wanted to be in a band myself if I couldn’t actually be Mel C!

Did any of you watch the Britain’s Got Talent final last night and happen to catch this advert below? It premiered for the first time in one of the commercial breaks during the final. Check it out here:

Now even though this is a brand new advert, this partnership is nothing new. People my age will certainly remember the Walkers and Spice Girls partnership from the past so them collaborating on this advert is a stroke of genius!

Thanks to Dev’s misstep in not sharing his crisps with the 90’s icons, one superfan has the chance to take his place. Walkers will be revealing the winner very, very soon and were very impressed with how people showed their super fandom!

I was a very big fan back then and I love them still now but I was never quite in the realm of super fandom – how about you?

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It’s actually my 30th at the beginning of next year and I am planning on having a party, perhaps with a Nineties theme because, of course, that is my favourite decade! But what would you have at a Nineties party?

Are you nostalgic for the Nineties? What do you remember best?

Giving Our Living Room Some Life Again

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As I’ve mentioned before, we are currently in privately rented accommodation and have been for almost seven and a half years. According to our contract, we aren’t allowed to make too many changes to the house and when we leave, we will have to make sure the house is returned to its original state.

I don’t know about you but my carpets have certainly seen better days. We’ve lived here as long as we have and have had two kids weaning, potty training, playing in this house. The carpet is brown in colour as it is but age has not been kind to it. Whilst we are planning on moving when we possibly can as we need more space, I have been considering seeing if we can get the carpet replaced – at a cost to us. If we aren’t allowed, we will of course be getting a professional carpet cleaning company in but I’d love the opportunity to spruce my living room up a little.

Obviously I’d like to do this on a budget as two kids, their various clubs and just our day to day living isn’t exactly cheap so I’ve been looking for cheap carpet for if we are allowed to make the changes.

Christelle BOURGEOIS
I’d be looking for a much nicer colour than the brown we have, of course, and something that doesn’t seem to pick up every bit of dirt and stain incredibly easily – no matter how quickly I get to a stain on this carpet, it is just so obvious on this colour. Flooring Superstore are a brand I’ve been looking at, simply because they offer such a wide variety of options – there are many colours including beige, grey, purple and cream – although I don’t think I’d be choosing cream with my two clumsy kids! I also love that you can shop by price – there are four categories which are budget carpets, essential carpets, premier carpets and elite budgets so there is something to suit every budget.

With us also continuing to look for a new property due to space issues, carpet is definitely something I’ll be considering for those. We are hoping to buy in the not too distant future and nothing says making a home your own than ripping out all the old carpets from the previous owner and replacing them with brand new ones that you have chosen yourself. Either way – if we stay here (and I am allowed to) or move – I’m looking to get some new carpets to make my house look fresh and new again.

Have you ever bought new carpets for your home? How did you make the decision of which one to choose?



Our Travels In The UK | Weston-super-Mare & Cheddar Gorge

This year, we are making it our aim to visit plenty of places in the UK during the school holidays. As Jack is at school and Steve works at said school, we are very restricted on when we can go away but we are determined to get away at least for a couple of days each holiday.

It has taken me a while to get round to writing this and publishing it but the first place we visited this year was Weston-super-Mare in the February half term. We went down on the Friday and returned home late on Sunday. So what did we do?

We booked into a Premier Inn because we find them super affordable and perfect for our needs. The room was spacious, the kids loved their beds and we loved the breakfast the next morning!

When we got to the hotel, we took a few minutes to relax before getting our bags from the car. We then chilled out in the room for an hour before heading into Weston-super-Mare itself, driving around and taking a look at the old pier before visiting the Grand Pier and heading onto the beach. We also grabbed some chips to eat on the pier and they were so good!

We were very lucky to be on the beach just as the sun was setting which was a beautiful sight to see and I managed to get some great shots of my little family!

We then headed back to our hotel room and to the restaurant next door for our dinner. Unfortunately we weren’t very impressed with our meals – my burger was completely burnt (now I like chargrilled as much as the next person but this was just burnt) but it filled a gap that we had. Then we talked about our plans for the next day which was to head to Cheddar Gorge.

Our Trip To Cheddar Gorge

The next day we were up and early, ready to give Cheddar Gorge a visit. We knew that there was going to be a lot of walking – in and out of the caves and of course, up those many steps to Jacob’s Ladder. We thought we would tackle the caves first.

We loved seeing the little goats just chilling on the cliffs, such a cute sight to see as we parked up!

The caves were absolutely fascinating – we learned so much and the kids loved looking at everything. Steve was really interested too and we made plans to stop at the cheddar shops before we left. We saw the replica Cheddar Man which was great – do you know the story?

Cheddar Man is a human male fossil who was found in Gough’s Cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England. The skeletal remains date to the Mesolithic (ca. 9100 BP) era and it appears that he died a violent death. Experts believe that the man may have also been suffering from a bone infection. He was excavated in 1903 and he is Britain’s oldest complete human skeleton. The remains are kept by the Natural History Museum in London in the new Human Evolution gallery and a replica is in place in Cheddar Gorge itself.

We also headed to the museum across the road which was quite small but kept everyone interested for a while.

Before heading to Jacob’s Ladder and tackling the many steps, we thought we’d take a little walk around the area, grabbing a bite to eat for lunch and buying some cheese and some cider from the shops there. It was very scenic and extremely beautiful.

We finally decided to tackle Jacob’s Ladder and the Lookout Tower.

To get up to the Lookout Tower, you need to climb the 274 steps that make up Jacob’s Ladder. You’ve then got to climb the 48 steps to get to the top of the tower. The climb is definitely worth the effort – there are some fantastic views of the Mendips and the water meadows of the Somerset Levels.

The 274 steps can be a little daunting and we were very grateful for the four strategically placed breaks in the steps to catch our breath – we definitely took advantage of these! After the tower, you can continue on the cliff top walk – we did a little way but turned back as, by this time of the day, Olivia was exhausted and neither me or Steve fancied carrying her over rocky ground.

Olivia and I decided not to head up the Lookout Tower but Steve and Jack did and took in some amazing views. Jack had home learning to do which was read a book in a random/unique place – he certainly did, choosing to read at the top of the tower!

After descending, we took a slow drive back to the hotel, exploring the area that little more and taking in the landscape. As you can imagine, both kids quickly fell asleep as they were so tired from all the walking!

We headed back to the hotel room before heading out for dinner then went back and fell asleep very easily before heading home slowly on the Sunday.

Weston-super-Mare and Cheddar Gorge were fab places to visit and a great start to our travels around the UK. Have you ever been to either?