Having Fun With Stinkbomz | Review

These items were sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Do you have children who have a real toilet humour and find things like farts, poos and wees funny? Yep, me too – and he loves toys that play to this humour too.

We were recently sent a selection of the new Stinkbomz range from TOMY UK. They are a brand new collectible range of eight Stinkbomz plus three ‘special’ Stinkbomz – the rarer ones. Each toy comes with its own Stink plush. They each have their own unique smell and make three fart noises. We were sent a lovely little hamper with three Stinkbomz, a Whoopee Cushion (which Olivia found utterly hilarious), a video screen telling us all about the product and some delicious cookies and chocolates. Jack was ever so excited to see the box arrived with ‘Caution’ tape and a toxic warning on it – it all added to the fun!

After snaffling a few of the chocolates, he very quickly got to opening his Stinkbomz to see who from the collection he had received. Once you’ve removed the outer packaging and opened the ‘bomb’, you are greeted by a plastic bag which contains your plush. Rip it open and you will find your plush, smell him and see what scent he has. To enable his funny fart noises, you will need to pull the plastic tag out and then have fun pressing their tummies and hearing all the funny noises that emanate from them!

We received the following Stinkbomz – Mr Stinker (has a mean streak despite his cute looks. His favourite pastime is almost harmless pranks); Boom Boom (loud and goofy and loves making corny jokes) and Ripper (always serious and focuses on the darker side of things. His favourite sound is silence). We didn’t receive one of the special plushes in this selection but Jack has already asked for some more for his birthday and Christmas so time will tell.

What did he think? He loved opening them up to see which plush he had received and seeing what scent they had. I’m still trying to distinguish the scents they have – they seem familiar (one seems almost gingerbread-y!) but haven’t worked it out yet! He has been loving pressing their tummies to hear their funny fart noises and both him and Olivia chuckle away when playing with them!

Jack sure can’t wait to get the rest of the collection and is hoping to get some more next month. I can definitely see these being popular with both boys and girls that find things like farts funny. Children love a collectible and the plushes are super cute with their own unique personalities, scents and hilarious fart noises. These would make a great stocking filler this Christmas too – they’re available here on Amazon for just £11.99 each. {Affiliate link}

Jack really loves his Stinkbomz and I think they’re a fun idea for kids too. Are these toys something that would appeal to your child?

How to dismantle a conservatory before replacing

Sponsored by High-Tech Windows

When getting a new conservatory, it may be very tempting to save some time and money by trying to take the old one down yourself. We’ve all heard the stories of people attempting to these DIY jobs themselves because they can’t get any time off work so try to get it done quickly at the weekends and for little to no cost. But you really should leave conservatory dismantling to the experts like High-Tech Windows.

Trying to do it yourself could lead to all manners of problems. You could potentially accidentally affect the structural integrity of the rest of your home by damaging any load bearing walls that adjoin with the conservatory. Not only would this be incredibly costly to fix even with an insurance payout but you may also find that your insurance doesn’t cover you for the damage either due to your foolishness- making it even more costly to your pocket and a big stress for you!

Professionals know how to take down a conservatory both safely and securely, ensuring no structural damage to your home and no breakages to your possessions. You cannot guarantee that you will be able to take it down safely without causing damage to your home – I bet you wouldn’t even realise all of the damage you could do! Not only that but if you’re planning on selling your old conservatory like some people do, you cannot afford for any damage to be done to the conservatory itself so it makes sense to pay a little money to sort it rather than lose a lot in both building repairs and the loss of a sale, doesn’t it?

It is important to choose the best new conservatory style for your home too, you want to be sure that you get it right. It may be similar to your old conservatory and you are just considering refreshing and updating your home or you may choose something completely different!

There are plenty of new replacement conservatory styles that you can choose from – you really will be spoilt for choice! You could opt for a classic conservatory, a designer conservatory or a performance conservatory. They all have specific things to offer you. Here are a few reasons why you might choose each one.

A classic conservatory incorporates the latest technologies in roof and glazing design and can have a range of optional extras. They bring your garden into your home with full height glazing and French doors. A designer conservatory has an insulating perimeter ceiling pelmet improves thermal performance and can house lights or speakers. You can also a range of cornices externally which look great and hide the gutters. A performance conservatory features the latest in super insulated column technology for maximum thermal efficiency. They also come with decorated cornices, plastered columns and an insulated pelmet. There really is something for everyone when it comes to conservatories nowadays.

Are you considering getting a new conservatory soon? Have you ever replaced one?

Enjoy Some Halloween Fun At Freaky Funfest At Mead Open Farm

We were kindly gifted with a free family ticket to attend Freaky Funfest at Mead Open Farm for the purpose of this review.

Running from the 20th of October to the 31st of October, the Freaky Funfest at Mead Open Farm is definitely not to be missed. We headed there last weekend to see what was going on and to have some spooky fun with the kids. We also, of course, had to go and see all of the fab animals – well, it is a farm, after all!

Freaky Funfest is their annual Halloween event which offers six amazing haunted attractions! The NEW Scary Tales, the NEW Tiny Terrors Tractor Ride, NEW Haunted Hotel, Farm Fun, Pumpkin Carving and Indoor Play. With only a few days left, you don’t want to miss it! Prices are £13.95 for adults, £12.95 for children, £13.25 for seniors, £11.95 for disabled + carer and free for under 2’s. A very affordable day out for sure.

Visiting The Animals

Now as you can expect, we had to visit the animals when visiting Mead Open Farm. It was great as Olivia is finally at the age where she is really interested in things and she was so excited seeing all the different animals. She actually learnt the word ‘animal’ whilst we were there and had great fun joining her Daddy and brother in feeding the goats, finding it utterly hilarious as they tickled her hand as they ate all the animal feed up!

Jack has always loved visiting farms – he is a big animal lover and it was so nice to see him and his sister bond over the animals – chatting away about them and him trying to get her to say their names and the noises they make. She was very excited to see the ‘Moo’s!’ as she called them and as a big Peppa Pig fan, loved seeing the pigs and making the noises they make.

As you can see, there are lots of animals to see including bunnies and llamas too (or ‘arma’s’ as Olivia keeps calling them!)

The Halloween Events

Of course, it was important that we checked out the Halloween events so off we trotted to see what they had to offer. Olivia especially liked the Tiny Terrors Tractor Ride where we rode around in the tractor and had to point out the monsters. She really got into the spirit of things, trying to yell MONSTER with everyone else all the time. She really enjoyed the ride which was great to see. She was perhaps a little too young for some of the other Halloween events but she was very brave and barely got scared (although one of the characters did make her jump in Scary Tales!)

Jack loves Halloween but can be a bit of a scaredy cat so there were times when he grabbed me as he was frightened but ultimately enjoyed the experiences – he is someone who enjoys being frightened. A few of the following photos aren’t of the greatest quality as the experiences were pretty dark so I didn’t have the best lighting (and I wasn’t going to use Flash as that would defeat the object of it being dark and scary!)

When it comes to Halloween experiences, you want them to be spooky and scary, make you jump but intrigue you and make you laugh too. Jack and Olivia thoroughly enjoyed all the different things we could do – especially the tunnel that felt like it was rotating, Olivia wanted to go back on it! They really enjoyed squeezing through small spaces and trying to help find missing spiders and go to spooky birthday parties!

The rest of the farm

After being thoroughly spooked out, the time came for us parents to rest whilst the kids had some fun in the fantastic and rather large playground they have by the exit. It was no surprise to see children running about on it – it was a lovely day and there was so much to do in the playground!

We also grabbed a drink each from the restaurant but didn’t grab any food although it all looked delicious and the restaurant seemed very busy!

Overall we had a fantastic time at the Freaky Funfest and definitely think you should check it out if you’re in the area – it is running for another few days until the 31st! Steve and I have even been considering attending the Howl – for adults only!

Have you attended any Halloween events so far this year?

A Special Gift From Moon Land

We were sent this product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

You may remember a little while back when I posted about Jack’s fabulous gift from the Star Name Registry which they then kindly offered Olivia too. Well, I was recently contacted by someone from Moon Land who had been recommended my site from the lovely people at Star Name Registry due to the similar nature of their products. They asked if we would like to be gifted an acre of the Moon, Mars or Venus and with a son as space mad as Jack, I had to accept.

Jack was very kindly sent the certificate, framed and in a gift box for one acre of the moon with his name on it. As I mentioned, this boy is space mad so this made his day and he has proudly had it on display in our living room ever since it arrived.

We’ve actually got plans to move into a bigger place in the not too distant future and Jack is hoping for a Space/Solar system sort of theme. He now has both this certificate and his star certificate to adorn his walls, a couple of amazing globes and glow in the dark stars – I think he is all set, don’t you?

I love unique gifts for my children; something that other people may not choose to get them. This is one such unique gift – how many people can say they own an acre of the moon! I love that the certificate tells them their lot number and has their name on it so that they can show it off with pride.

The certificate itself is breathtakingly beautiful and has had many people remarking on it who have come round our house – they’re intrigued and want to find out more. I’ve been suggesting this would make a great Christmas gift – especially for kids who adore all things Space – and I think a few people have been considering it.

Jack is incredibly happy with his acre on the moon and really loves his certificate, having it pride of place in the living room – although he can’t wait until we move to a bigger property and can properly do up his new room to be all things Space!

He is so happy with his gift – and we’d love for you to be happy too! Moon Land have kindly offered one lucky reader the chance to win an acre of the moon for themselves – with your certificate professionally printed and posted out to you (without frame or gift box, I’m afraid). If you’d like the chance to win, just fill in the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 11th of November 2018. Good luck!

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Simple Ways to Become More Generous this Winter

As we begin to enter the colder months of the year, it won’t be long before it’s time to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome the New Year with open arms. However, while we may be looking forward to a positive start and a happy, healthy and successful New Year, the reality is that many people across the world will simply not have the same ability to shape 2019. Every year, we are bombarded with facts, statistics and TV appeals about how you should donate to this charity or that campaign, but the reality is that sometimes, the smallest steps can end up making the world of difference.

Whether it is offering a smile to someone on the street or dropping a handful of small change into a donation box at the supermarket checkout, these simple acts really do add up. Before you know it, you will end up creating a ripple effect of positivity and generosity which will reach many more people.

Consider Your Own Good Fortune

Of course, there will always be things you wish you could change about your life or your current situation, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back and focus on the good things in your life. It can be incredibly easy to forget just how lucky you are, so think about all the things you do have rather than what you don’t have.

Even such simple things as food, clean water and a roof over your head are things you shouldn’t take for granted, as many people across the world don’t even have these basic necessities of life. If you feel able, you could donate to an appeal to help those in need in Syria and other countries torn apart by conflict or natural disasters.

Be Aware of the Weather

While you are snuggled up nice and warm inside this winter, spare a thought for those who aren’t so lucky. The homeless are at particular risk of succumbing to the risks associated with adverse weather at this time of year, particularly if they are not able to find a warm, dry place to spend the night. Of course, there are plenty of ways in which you can ease their burden a little – donate your old, unwanted winter clothing to a local homeless shelter or perhaps just buy a hot drink for someone in need next time you are out and about.

Animals may also need a little extra care during the winter months, especially if it gets particularly cold this season. If you have regular wildlife visitors to your garden, for example, you could consider leaving out bird seed to help your feathered friends make it successfully through the winter.

Start Small

This time of year is understandably a difficult time for many to start giving, but it’s important to remember that supporting a charity or cause you care about doesn’t have to involve spending much money, or even any at all! Generosity is all about changing your mindset and focusing on what you can do to help those around you, whether it is those in your local community, people further afield, wildlife or the environment.

While monetary donations may often be a popular way to help, volunteering your time or donating unwanted items can also be brilliant ways to help out. If you aren’t in a position to be able to give as much as you perhaps feel you should, it’s important to banish that mindset as the reality is that even the smallest actions can bring the biggest rewards.

So, this winter, spare a thought for those less fortunate than you and consider making just a small change to better someone else’s life.