Win A Personalised Heart Handle Mug From I Just Love It!

With Mothers Day fast approaching, I bet you are wondering what present the mother figure in your life. Today I want to suggest the personalised heart handle mug from I Just Love It. Available here for £12.99, you can personalise it with any name or title up to 15 characters over one line. This bespoke mug holds 11oz and is designed with a charming heart handle.

An affordable gift option, it is absolutely beautiful and what I am excited to tell you is that I am giving one away at the bottom of this post. How exciting!

I Just Love It claim to offer gifts with a personal touch and I feel like they really do. They started out as and the company was founded by two friends, Mike Herbert and Kevin Spindler, way back in 2008. What I also love about this company is that they are based literally ten minutes up the road from me in Harpenden, Hertfordshire! I love supporting local businesses!

So would you like to win one?

All you need to do is fill in the Gleam widget below. This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 26th of March 2019. Good luck!


heart handle mug

Weigh In | Week 2

You are probably thinking wow, her week 2 is a long time from her week 1 and you’d be right. We headed off on our trip away quite happily and I was all ready to update you on the Friday with how I got on after lots of great tasting but not necessarily good for me food and a ton of walking.

Unfortunately my body had other ideas. We had to cut our trip short on the Tuesday as Steve was feeling so unwell (we were coming home on the Tuesday but we were going to head into Bath and explore there before coming home – that didn’t happen) and then one by one, we all fell victim to whatever this bug was. Jack managed to recover quickly and was okay to be back at school on the Monday afterwards but Steve, Olivia and I just couldn’t shake it off and I only just managed to start feeling normal again around Wednesday last week.

With my friends birthday meal and a few other things going on, my food choices haven’t exactly been the best. I didn’t have much appetite, if any appetite at all, when I was ill and when I was hungry, I just wanted good tasting stodge – not necessarily the best thing for me. With that in mind, I stepped on the scales this morning having got back on the diet and was pleased to see that I had in fact lost 1lb, in fact just under 1.5lb.

I’m pleased with this because even though my food habits haven’t been the greatest because I just wasn’t up to making delicious healthy dinners (I spent a lot of time in bed sleeping!), I have been walking a lot more and I think it definitely shows.

I can’t wait to get back on track properly this week and see what results I can achieve. Wish me luck!


Dumbo Fluttering Ears Plush | Review

We were sent this item for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Are you as excited as I am for all the films coming out this year? I am super excited and so are Steve and the kids. One film we are looking forward to in particular is the new Dumbo which is released very very soon. Just Play have released a new plush collection and we were sent one of the products from the range.

We were sent the Dumbo Live Action Flapping Ear Feature Plush which retails at £29.99 and is available from Smyths Toys here. Now I have to admit I absolutely fell in love with this plush when it arrived. The large bright ears and those super cute oversized ears – it is easy to see why everyone loves Dumbo as a character. It was a struggle to get a picture of the ears covering Dumbo’s face as they move so quickly but you can see how large the ears actually are, just like we know them to be in the story.

This plush toy sits at 13″ tall and has beautiful detailing. Olivia is absolutely enamoured with Dumbo, she’s always cuddling the plush or pressing the button in Dumbo’s foot to move the ear. Sometimes she will get me to press the button instead and giggle away as Dumbo makes some different elephant noises and flaps his ears.

She’s proud as punch of her Dumbo plush and has been showing anyone who comes to our house. My Mum is a big Dumbo fan too and it almost seemed as if Olivia was going to lose her toy and Nanny was going to sneak it home with her, haha!

I really do think this plush range from Just Play is great – it’s good quality, it is affordable and will be in high demand for sure when the film is released, as other Disney films have proved in the past. The sounds and flapping are not annoying like some toys can be – they last for just enough time to be entertaining for the child but not annoying for the adult.

I’ll definitely be checking out some of the other items from the plush collection – this has been so popular with Olivia that I am sure she (and her brother) would probably love some more toys from the range.

Will you be watching the film when it is released?

Baby Shark Plush Toys from WowWee | Review

These items were sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Now if you haven’t heard of Baby Shark, you must have been living under a rock. It is a song/video that is played in my house at least twice a day – if not more – and both my kids love it, especially Olivia. With the news that a range of plush toys was going to be released, I just knew Olivia would love them and we were kindly sent some items from the new range from WowWee.

We were kindly sent Daddy Shark (one of the Pinkfong’s Baby Shark Talking 25cm plushes – you can choose between Daddy, Mummy and Baby) and Baby Shark (one of the Baby Shark Family Sound Cubes – there is the choice of Daddy, Mummy or Baby once again).

The talking/singing 25cm plush sings an extract from the hit song. For ages 2 and up, this retails at £15 which I consider a great price. What I like about this is that you squeeze the shark once to play the music and squeeze again to stop it – if you don’t want to listen to the song for the millionth time in a row, you don’t have to wait until the end of the song before silence!

The family sound cube is much the same in terms of it playing an extract from the song and you can squeeze once to play the music and again to stop. These are also for ages 2 and up and retail at £7 – these are a great option if you don’t want to buy the bigger plush.

So what were the kids thoughts? Well, they loved them. They are super soft and cuddly and feel really good quality. As a parent, I love that you can switch them on and off and that they keep my children entertained.  It is easy to see how the YouTube video amassed so many hits – over 2 billion views at last count – and how it managed to become a top 10 hit in the UK. It is such a catchy song that gets you up and moving – everyone knows the moves, right?

Olivia and Jack already want to get the other singing plushes and the cubes – I am tempted to get them as I know they would love them but do I really want six renditions of the song blasting at the same time? I’m not sure!

You can buy the new Baby Shark plushes at The Entertainer and other toy shops now. Are your children fans of Baby Shark?

Drinking More Water With ZeroWater

We were sent this product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Every year I make a promise to myself to drink more water and cut down on fizzy drinks. I manage it for a while but then end up crashing and burning every single time. I do buy a lot of bottled water but if we run out, I’m not too keen on drinking from my tap.

The tap water in the part of the village I live in isn’t the greatest. We live in a very hard water area and it takes a lot of running the tap to get a decent glass of water – but buying bottled water can be expensive – not to mention the environmental implications. When given the chance to review the ZeroWater 12-Cup Water Filter Jug (with free TDS meter), I just had to say yes – maybe I’d be able to enjoy tap water after all?

Now when we have bottled water in the house, we drink a lot of it. None of us hate water like you see some families say, we just hate our tap water. So anything that can help us to consume that particular water is always going to be worth a try for me – especially as it would make things a lot easier on the wallet!

Once it arrived, I removed from the packaging, gave it a quick wash up like I do all new kitchen items and then screwed the filter into place. I then added water and let it filter through before eventually trying the water for the first time. I definitely noticed a taste – I find our tap water has a slight chalky taste and as mentioned above, I try to avoid drinking it if I can. The water I poured from the pitcher didn’t taste chalky at all and tasted so much ‘cleaner’ if that’s the way to describe it – it tasted the way I find bottled water tastes and the water you get served in restaurants.

This has been a godsend these past few weeks when we have all been poorly too – we have been drinking a lot of water, trying to flush through the bugs we have had and just generally trying to feel better. This has been such a handy resource.

The jug retails at £39.99 and I think that it is a great price for the product. It is the first in its class to benefit from a sealed lid and reservoir which allows filtered water to be poured while water that hasn’t yet been filtered remains in the reservoir. There is also a one handed pull and pour button spout at the bottom for easy pouring such as filling bottles.

This also benefits from a patented 5 stage Ion Exchange Filtration system which removes virtually all dissolved solids from the water, giving great tasting water. It also reduces 99% of all fluoride and other inorganics from the water.

This has so far made the perfect addition to my kitchen and has enabled us to drink far more water than we usually would which can’t be a bad thing. If you are looking for a decent family sized water pitcher that filters your water, this might just be the product to check out.