How You Can Support Your Friends When They Are Moving House

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If you’ve ever moved house, you will know exactly how stressful it can be. Trying to book the time off work or schedule moving around your days off, wondering whether to hire movers or hire a van and do it yourself. There is so much to think about. Quite a few of my friends have moved house recently so I thought I’d share some tips with you today – how to support your friends when they are moving house.

Help Them With Food

Whether it’s buying them a takeaway the day they move in or taking them round a home cooked meal, this is a gesture that would certainly be appreciated – as long as they’ve unpacked the plates, that is. I’ve always ended up ordering pizzas the night I’ve moved in – how about you?

Buy Them Something For The House

What better way to show support to someone who has just taken the exciting step of moving house than buying them something for their new home? A lovely homeware gift as well as a card from somewhere like Card Factory is surely a gift that would truly be appreciated. I’ve received candles and photo frames in the past and proudly had them on display. I’d definitely do the same next time we move too.

Scott Webb

Ask Them If They Need Any Help

Sometimes your friends will need help but will be too shy to ask for it. You asking them means they may be more likely to be open about what they need. Do they have kids and need help picking them up from school? Do they need to you to nip to the shop and get home essentials such as toilet rolls because they’ve completely forgotten? It may be so simple but running these little errands for them will be ever so helpful.

Help Them In The Weeks After

A lot of my friends have moved house recently – such as Rhian – and each had a list of things they must remember to do before moving and things to remember after they’ve moved in. Moving house is stressful and even after a few weeks, not everything will be sorted. Can they not get a broadband engineer for a couple of weeks? Let them come round and use your Wi-Fi or let them tether from your phone. Little things like this would be something I’d really appreciate. We’ve already decided that we are going to run one month alongside in our properties – 1) so we can take our time to move across and 2) to ensure that I don’t end up being without internet for days on end (as I need it for my job!).

What little gestures from your friends when you’ve moved house did you really appreciate?

My 2019 Reading Challenge | Books 6-10

Some books mentioned here were sent for review – their full reviews will be linked and disclosed as such. This post contains affiliate links.

After posting about books 1-5 of 2019, reading slowed down a little although I am now here with books 6-10 – I’m currently on book 11 so just one book away from completing my Goodreads challenge, yay! Like the first five books I read, I thought I’d talk about the next five some more.

The Perfect Child by Lucinda Kelly – 5/5

Screenshot from my Goodreads app

This is a book that I’ve recommended to many, many people. The subject matter is a little hard hitting at times and I did find myself guessing certain things but just when you think you have it all figured out, BAM! the author brings in another twist. The book was shocking, gripping, emotional and all things in between and I can’t wait to read more from this author. Apparently there is also a sequel coming – I’m quite intrigued to see where the story can go from this! You can buy the book on Amazon here {affiliate link}.

Brave by Rose McGowan – 5/5 (Copy sent for review)

You can read my full review of this book here but I shall also include a brief review here. This was a fascinating read – all about Rose’s life from childhood to now. You learn all about her childhood in a cult, the beginnings of her career, her relationships and of course, events that kick started the #MeToo movement. Rose is a truly inspirational woman and I think this is definitely worth a read. You can buy the book on Amazon here {affiliate link}.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis – 4/5 (Copy sent for review)

I’ve written a full review here but this was a really interesting read, full of anecdotes from the author’s own life and how she has developed her business into the success that it is today. As someone who loves setting goals and striving to achieve them, this was a really interesting read. You can buy the book here {affiliate link}.

First Rhyme Mom by Leanne Stoneley – 5/5 (Copy sent for review)

I’ve written a full review here of this book – the first collection of poetry that I have read in a really long time. I could really relate to the subject matter and found some of them emotional and some of them humourous. Leanne really captures motherhood as a whole. You can buy the book here {affiliate link}.

Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh – 4/5

Screenshot taken from my GoodReads app

I decided to read this after seeing Kirsty mention it on her blog. This was a fairly gripping read – although I did find it a little heavy going at some points. The author really leads you in one direction and then snatches the rug out from underneath you with the big reveal – or should I say reveals. If you love thrillers, this is definitely one you should try. You can buy the book here {affiliate link}.

What books have you been reading recently?

Nixplay Iris Wi-Fi Cloud Frame | Review

I was sent this item for the purpose of review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion.

Photos mean so much to me, how about you? I probably take more photos than your average person, being a blogger and someone who utilises social media a lot, but I’ve always been like this – always snapping shots whether this was on holiday, a messy night out or a night in.

The majority of my photos are stored digitally. I do occasionally get a few printed out but this is very rare. What if I told you that you could display those digital photos easily? Enter the Nixplay Iris.

This Wi-Fi cloud photo frame is a great way to share all of your digital photos. Create an account on the website or even the app (available on iOS and Android) and then use the app to help you share the photos you want. You can directly upload images from your computer, phone or social media and you can even give family members access too. I’ve set up a playlist of photos which we have been playing – and I’m constantly adding to it.

The app is super functional – allowing you to send photos, view photos, view your frames and also add friends. The cloud can hold 10GB of storage for free (higher storage is available for a monthly fee) and the ability to connect up to five frames.

We were sent the Nixplay Iris Wi-Fi Cloud 8 inch in the Peach Copper colour – although there are also other colours to choose from and it has a stunning silk metal-finish. It plays photos in 4:3 High Resolution IPS Display. It has a slim, cable-stand design which took a little bit of getting used to but once I managed it, the frame stood up with ease and can be used in portrait or landscape mode. You can also play videos on the frame but these are iOS only.

The frame also comes with a remote control with multiple buttons including power on/off, brightness and play/pause should you wish to stop on a particular photo or video. Something we found great (which can be set up in the settings) is the activity sensor. You can set the frame up to run all the time or get it to utilise the activity sensor and turn off when it realises no one is around.

This has already made a great addition to our house. Olivia is absolutely obsessed with it – she calls it her ‘TV’ and likes to sit there and watch it, yelling out the names of the people she sees. It has been really nice showcasing some of my favourite photos that probably wouldn’t have been showcased otherwise and I also like that I can add to my playlist of photos from the app on my phone.

The Nixplay Iris 8 inch retails at £169.99 and is already very popular in our house. I’m considering getting some family members one closer to Christmas time as a gift as I think they would love it too – and we’d be able to share photos.

How do you showcase the photos you take?

The Perfect Recipe by Keeley Holmes | Cover Reveal

Today I am sharing the cover of The Perfect Recipe by Keeley Holmes, the first book in the Three Sisters trilogy.


Norah Fox is the proud owner of Three Sisters Bakery. To those who don’t know her, she’s a happy, successful businesswoman. She’s created the idyllic life for herself, but appearances are very deceiving; and Norah can’t forget her past. How can she when the name of her business reminds her of the sisters she lost at the age of nine?

Ben Woods has the perfect life. A gorgeous fiancée, great friends, and a job he worked hard to get. Things couldn’t get any better…until things go very wrong. He’s only just caught his breath when he has to go all ‘Superman’ and save a woman from a madman in a pub.

Luck may have brought them together, but will a change in luck help Norah find out what really happened to her sisters? And can it help Ben to move on from his past?

Fate has given them both a tough ride, but will finding each other bring the new start they both need?

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The Perfect Gift Guide For Friends Lovers

This gift guide contains items we were sent for review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

If there is a show I could watch over and over again, it would be Friends. If I’m being perfectly honest, I do watch it over and over again. It is always on in my house – if we can’t find anything else to watch, we switch onto Comedy Central and enjoy our favourite episodes once more. We’ve even got the children enjoying the show now – Olivia has even started singing along to the theme tune recently!

It is hard to believe that Friends is now 25 years old! However, as a 29 year old, it does make sense as I don’t really remember my life without Friends being on the TV. I even remember that the final episode was broadcast in the UK the night before I went on holiday and whilst going on holiday, it was all me and my cousin could talk about – plus many of the people around us. It is a show that nearly everyone has watched at least once and can quote at least one line from.

I’ve been loving the recent range of Friends items out there and was kindly sent some by Pyramid Shop which I am including in this gift guide. I have many friends who adore the TV show as much as I do, perhaps even more, and I just know that they would love these gifts. When these arrived, even Steve was excited by them – he’s as much of a Friends fan as I am.

Most of my friends are a sucker for stationery so this notebook with Friends quotes on the cover would definitely go down a treat! I can’t wait to scribble down blog ideas in it, with Friends blaring the background. The notebook features some of the most iconic phrases from the show. I find it so hard to choose my favourite quote, there are just so many good ones!

Coffee plays a major part in the show and with most of my friends enjoying coffee, this eco travel mug is a fantastic gift idea. Retailing at £9.99, this reusable mug has a double walled body to keep your drink warm or cold and also has a resealable non drip lid. This is also BPA free! With such a focus on using reusable travel mugs when buying coffee nowadays, I can certainly see this being a popular gift choice for fans of the show.

There are also a variety of coloured mugs in the range with different quotes from the show on – we were sent the blue We Were On A Break mug which retails at £8.99. There are plenty to choose from! I love a mug of tea whilst working and a girl can never have too many mugs – this might just become my favourite mug of choice!

This was perhaps Steve’s favourite Friends gift of all – a Central Perk mug. After all, who doesn’t want one of those? This 22oz mug retails at £11.99 and is the oversized mug we all know and love from the show. Dishwasher and microwave safe, these are an absolute must have for any fan of the show. Central Perk is such a central part to the show that their coffee mug is a must have in any fan’s home.

There are plenty more Friends items available over at Pyramid Shop – and all very affordable too! Are you or your family/friends fans of the TV show? What item would you most like to gift?