Hello! I’m Rebecca, a mum of two in her early thirties, from the United Kingdom. I also write over at Keene On Saving, Keene On Travel, Keene On Books, Keene On FoodUK Lifestyle Hub and UK Bloggers. I am a freelance writer, proofreader and blogger – if you need someone for the job, I could be your girl!

Wondering why this blog is called Futures? Simply put – I was struggling to think of a blog name and was listening to the song Futures by Jimmy Eat World – and lo and behold, here we are nearly nine years later!

This little piece of the internet is for all things parenting, lifestyle, books, food etc. I love to write so I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Here are some of my favourite sites:

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Full Disclaimer

All pictures unless otherwise stated have been taken by me, Rebecca Smith – the sole author of this blog. Please ask permission to use them. If permission is not asked, this is a copyright issue and I will take relevant action.

I do sometimes receive products for review purposes from PR’s however my opinion will always be honest. Reviews are NOT guaranteed, items are for consideration only so please bear this in mind when getting in touch.

From 2013 onwards, all items received free of charge for the purpose of review will be marked with a clear declaration on the post.

If you would like to offer a prize for a giveaway, also contact me on the above platforms for further discussion.

Futures also takes on sponsored posts on occasion. These will be fully disclosed as sponsored, collaborations or guest posts. Some posts may also contain affiliate links.


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