How to dismantle a conservatory before replacing

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When getting a new conservatory, it may be very tempting to save some time and money by trying to take the old one down yourself. We’ve all heard the stories of people attempting to these DIY jobs themselves because they can’t get any time off work so try to get it done quickly at the weekends and for little to no cost. But you really should leave conservatory dismantling to the experts like High-Tech Windows.

Trying to do it yourself could lead to all manners of problems. You could potentially accidentally affect the structural integrity of the rest of your home by damaging any load bearing walls that adjoin with the conservatory. Not only would this be incredibly costly to fix even with an insurance payout but you may also find that your insurance doesn’t cover you for the damage either due to your foolishness- making it even more costly to your pocket and a big stress for you!

Professionals know how to take down a conservatory both safely and securely, ensuring no structural damage to your home and no breakages to your possessions. You cannot guarantee that you will be able to take it down safely without causing damage to your home – I bet you wouldn’t even realise all of the damage you could do! Not only that but if you’re planning on selling your old conservatory like some people do, you cannot afford for any damage to be done to the conservatory itself so it makes sense to pay a little money to sort it rather than lose a lot in both building repairs and the loss of a sale, doesn’t it?

It is important to choose the best new conservatory style for your home too, you want to be sure that you get it right. It may be similar to your old conservatory and you are just considering refreshing and updating your home or you may choose something completely different!

There are plenty of new replacement conservatory styles that you can choose from – you really will be spoilt for choice! You could opt for a classic conservatory, a designer conservatory or a performance conservatory. They all have specific things to offer you. Here are a few reasons why you might choose each one.

A classic conservatory incorporates the latest technologies in roof and glazing design and can have a range of optional extras. They bring your garden into your home with full height glazing and French doors. A designer conservatory has an insulating perimeter ceiling pelmet improves thermal performance and can house lights or speakers. You can also a range of cornices externally which look great and hide the gutters. A performance conservatory features the latest in super insulated column technology for maximum thermal efficiency. They also come with decorated cornices, plastered columns and an insulated pelmet. There really is something for everyone when it comes to conservatories nowadays.

Are you considering getting a new conservatory soon? Have you ever replaced one?

The Responsibilities You Gain When You Buy Your First Home

If there is one goal that most people share, it is to buy their own property at some point in their life. This is a goal for various reasons, including the financial stability that it brings as well as being able to be in complete control of your own property. However, it does also bring some responsibilities with it as well. After all, you won’t have a landlord to turn to whenever you face some problems with the home. It’s now all on you. Here are a few of the responsibilities to expect once you’ve bought your own home.

Financial Responsibility

One of the biggest responsibilities has to be the financial one. You will now need to keep up with your monthly mortgage repayments or else you face the house being repossessed. So, it’s important that you try to improve your financial position as much as you can before you do buy. There are various ways you can do this, but the best thing you can do is strengthening your investment portfolio. If you don’t have many investments at the minute, you might want to look into an investment property trust or buying some more stocks and shares. It’s also good to start saving as much as possible.

Annie Spratt
Maintenance And Repairs

You are now also in charge of the property’s maintenance, and you will need to take care of any repairs that need sorting out. To help you with this, it’s a good idea to research local tradesmen and figure out the ones that are the most reputable and trustworthy. You can then save their contact details in your phone book so that you can quickly contact them in an emergency. Don’t forget to take out plenty of home insurance so that you are covered for most repairs and unexpected maintenance.


There are some landlords who pay for some of their tenant’s utilities. For instance, water bills are often included in the monthly rent. If that was the case in your previous rented accommodation, you will need to get used to having more utility bills to pay each month. So, make sure you budget correctly for these extra expenses.

Pest Control

You won’t be able to call a landlord if you find out that you have a pest or vermin issue to deal with in your new home! Thankfully, you can call up your local pest exterminator who should be able to come around and sort things out for you. Of course, you don’t always need to call in the experts if you do find pests, as you should be able to keep the costs down and get rid of the pests yourself.

Landscaping Jobs

If you have previously lived in a rented apartment, the landlord would have taken care of landscaping outside. This isn’t the case now, and you will have to keep an eye on your garden and maintain it as well as taking care of any necessary landscaping jobs.

As you can see, there are plenty of responsibilities as a homeowner!


How To Make Your Home Safer This Winter

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When it comes to the winter season, many people worry about the safety and security of their home – and it is easy to see why. Some houses can be super susceptible to thieves and intruders so it is important to make sure both yours and the homes of nearby elderly and/or vulnerable people are as safe as possible.

Make sure your windows and doors are locked securely 

Whether you are heading up to bed for an evening or you are heading out, the first thing you want to make sure you do is lock all of your windows and doors securely. To really reinforce the security of your windows, you might want to consider some window restrictors from Jackloc. Window restrictors are additional window locking mechanisms and are not only an extra security step for your windows but also ensure little ones can’t get out of them. They’re great for using around the home and have also been used in nursing homes and large hotel chains.

Make your home seem occupied

You might have to go out to work but something that deters intruders is the thought that people might actually be in the property. Making out that your home is occupied, even when it isn’t, is a great way to keep your home safe. There are different ways to do this but a great way is to set a timer to turn your lights on if you aren’t getting back until after dark.

Don’t leave valuables close to entry and exit points

Whilst you may have stopped people from getting into your house, that doesn’t mean they can’t get to your stuff. Some intruders will use tools to get valuables that are close to the entry and exit points so ensure yours are safely stashed away. Also make a point to visit any vulnerable people you know to ensure they are keeping their valuables safe too.

Take security measures

Whether you choose to install a burglar alarm, CCTV, outside lighting or all three, security measures such as this will definitely put off potential intruders. Some people simply put dummy alarms and cameras up which may fool some potential thieves – but be aware that they may not fool everyone. You might want to even consider motion detection lights so they will light up exactly where they move.

Remember, Remember – Thieves Will Take Advantage

Winter is prime crime time for thieves as there are so many events that they can take advantage of. They know that plenty of families will be heading to their local fireworks displays on Bonfire night – and what better to cover the sound of broken glass than fireworks? They don’t even really need to be too discreet about it.

Other events that they know people will be out for such as trick or treating for Halloween or carol singing for Christmas will see them trying houses of people they know to be out. This is why some good security measures and making the home seem occupied will definitely work in your favour.

How do you keep your home safe and secure in the winter? I’d love to hear any tips you might have.

Three Reasons Why Double Glazing Is Key To Selling Your Kent Home

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So, you are looking to sell your home in Kent? I bet you know that the current housing market is very competitive as it nearly always is. With this in mind, you are probably thinking about what you can do to get the most value from your home.

Double glazing is generally added as standard to new homes being built, but some older properties still have single glazed windows which will put a strain on heating bills. Here is some reasons why you should consider getting double glazing installed to help in selling your home. You may want to consider getting double glazing from FineLine Windows.

Many people are put off by single glazing

Some potential buyers may be put off by the fact that you only have single glazing because it’s either going to cost them in heating bills or cost them in being replacing. Believe me, they are probably reading the property details and loving the property but they find out about the single glazing and stall.

You can bet they are probably doing the maths to work out what double glazing will cost to be installed once they’ve bought the property. With people on strict budgets, this may not be something they want to do themselves and so they may be searching for properties with it already installed.

It will help your EPC rating

Your Energy Performance Certificate rating is super important. You can get rated from A which is very efficient to G which is inefficient. An EPC is now a requirement of every rented and sold property so you will want to make sure you have a decent rating when it comes to the time you are selling your home.

The EPC rating tells you (and potential buyers) how energy efficient the home is and lets them know how costly it will be to heat and light – and it will also tell them what the carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be. You will need to get an EPC to sell your home so it’s a good idea to make the improvements before selling. Double glazing will certainly help you boost your rating rather than having single glazing!

You will feel the benefit

If you are putting your house up for sale, you know it may not sell straight away due to the competitive market so upgrading to double glazing or triple glazing is not only for the benefit of your sale but will benefit you too. With your single glazing, you may have found the heat is getting out and the cold is getting in – this is much less likely to happen with double glazing! Whilst you are waiting for your sale or for the paperwork to go through, you can be happy and warm in your home!





3 Reasons To Have Composite French Doors Instead Of uPVC French Doors

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Do you have French doors or have you been considering them? Do you know the difference between composite French doors and uPVC French doors? I bet you probably don’t – plenty of people don’t!

Here are three different reasons why you should choose to have composite French doors installed instead of uPVC French doors. You can get both uPVC French doors and composite French doors from Chase Windows.

The Safety Element

Whilst you may have been considering other options, composite doors offer an alternative to the more mainstream materials of choice. Composite doors are made from a mixture of materials which really help the safety aspect of the door. Solidor (offered by Chase Windows) have a large range of composite doors and these come fitted with an exclusive unique lock system which has been rigorously tested and is the largest and strongest hook and bolt system in the door system. Others in the range have auto locking and electronics so you can always be assured about the security of your product – and know that you are safe indoors as no one can get in.

Good At Keeping In The Heat (And Stopping The Cold From Coming In)

When it comes to French doors, you don’t want your heat escaping and you certainly don’t want the bitter cold sneaking its way in. The mixture of materials form a laminated and extra strong door which ensures that you will be kept warm and toasty without having to worry about the cold getting in.

They Look Good

What is good about this is that you can get a style to suit pretty much any property. You could live in the most modern or properties, an old cottage or something in between and there will be something suitable for you. All the doors in all the different styles have their own characteristics so there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

You are also able to choose the colour finish for your composite French doors so you will be able to find the perfect colour finish to not only suit your property but that you love too! The colour finishes can be different on the inside and the outside and either can be decor matching or in complete contrast – it is totally up to you!

Whilst uPVC doors may be a tempting option due to the combination of panels, extensive range of glass options and a wide range of styles and colours, it is easy to see why plenty of people are opting for composite French doors when updating their property.

Have you ever had French doors put in? What material did you choose?