CanvasChamp | Review & Giveaway

I do love a good canvas, you know that, right? I’ve got them dotted around the house – a picture of Jack as a newborn with myself and Steve, a beautiful picture of a sunset in Hastings that Steve took, one of Jack as a toddler. But nothing of the two kids together.

I have many pictures of my kids together, plenty that I absolutely adore, so it was hard to pick just one for a canvas. When offered the chance to review a canvas from CanvasChamp, I just knew I had to pick the perfect photo for it. CanvasChamp offer plenty of products from canvases, prints, plaques and photo pillows. I opted for a lovely photo of the kids with their hoods up in the winter in 16″ by 20″, currently available on the site for £19.94 – such an affordable price!

I was sent a code so I could create my product. The site was very easy to use and uploading the image and choosing size was very simple. There were plenty of options for how to have your canvas – you could add extras for an added price such as hooks or specific edging but I opted for the bare minimum. It is great that you can customise their products so much though, this is a fantastic addition to the site. I then clicked order and added in my details and my code – then patiently waited for my canvas to arrive.

Let me tell you, their delivery is faultless. The canvas was packaged perfectly to avoid any damage in transit and came in a matter of days – which is fantastic when you consider the time they need to spend making it and shipping it! The image looked absolutely perfect and I couldn’t wait to get it up on the wall. It has already had many compliments and people asking where I got it from – and they can’t believe the amazing price! Prices usually start at £153 for this canvas so that is one amazing saving!

I’ll definitely be ordering from them again and I’ve been telling everyone about them. Many of my friends love canvases of their family and with many new additions in my friends and family, plenty of them have been looking for places to get a canvas of their beautiful new family photos.

Now I know my readers are big canvas fans too so CanvasChamp have kindly offered a 10″X8″ canvas print for one lucky winner. Would you like to win? Then fill in the Rafflecopter below! This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 31st of May 2018. Good luck!


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Degustabox | Review

Box sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We were recently sent another Degustabox to review – here’s what we thought of our most recent box. Get your own box here for just £12.99 for items worth much, much more!

So what items did we get in our box? We had the a2 milk, pictured on the right hand side of the full box picture, which is £1.50. Since we have milk delivered by my brother, we have donated this to the foodbank.

The Lucozade Energy Orange is £1.10. I love this drink but don’t buy it very often anymore so was happy to see it included.

We also had this cherry Juicy Fuel cola for £2. I really liked this but Steve, who usually loves cherries, wasn’t too keen. We also had the blueberry flavour. Another of Steve’s favourite flavours but I again liked it and he wasn’t too impressed.

There was also this sparkling HappyDown drink and this Nuttvia 97% less sugar hazelnut spread – I’m not too sure on prices but the spread is very popular with Jack!


This Mutti Passata at £1.40 and Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes at £1 are store cupboard staples and were used up very quickly in our household! We are always using passata and chopped tomatoes so these were a welcome addition to the box.

I don’t use protein boosts, balls or chunks but Steve occasionally does. I gave him these TREK Protein Energy Chunks at £1.15 each but unfortunately Steve wasn’t a fan.

This Idahoan’s Perfect Mash Roasted Garlic at £1.50 was extremely delicious! We had it with a roast dinner and will definitely be buying it again.

These HARIBO Giant Strawbs at £1.29 were very popular with us all. Who doesn’t love HARIBO?

These Strawberry and Banana LioBites Smoothie Bites at £2.35 were a lovely snack for the kids – Olivia really enjoyed them!

These The Food Doctor mixes at £1 each sound great but they aren’t anything that anyone in the household would eat so we are popping them into the food bank.

This N!ck’s Kexbar at £1.20 was a delicious no added sugar wafer that I would be happy to give the kids as a snack. I loved it.

These Milkybar Wowsomes at 55p each were very popular with the kids – they have 30% less sugar than similar chocolate products and no chemical nasties. A nice little treat.

Finally we received these Mindful Bites Squeeze Sachets at £1.49 each. These are a premium brand of unique nut butters and come in a few different varieties. These were enjoyed by Steve and Jack.

My favourite from the box this month has to be the mash – it was so delicious! Again, a great box full of affordable items we love.























PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Playset | Review

The playset was sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I’ve mentioned before how much Jack loves PJ Masks – and you’ll see this if you look back through the blog – see our review of the PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers here. His obsession has grown and grown and it seems as though Olivia has now fallen in love with the show too. Jack tells me how much he wishes he was Catboy and I think he’d have his sister as Owlette and his friend C as Gekko and go out as their very own PJ Masks crew. When he was offered the chance to review the Romeo’s Lab Playset, he was very excited.

Priced at £49.99 (available at Argos) and for ages 3-6, this playset is described as a lab that can really roll which opens to reveal a secret lair with two levels of play. With a light and sound control panel (needs 2 x AA batteries for this), working crane, laser launcher and rolling lab charger, Romeo has all he needs for his lab. You also get a Romeo figure, a Romeo’s Robot figure and some bonus tools! What’s even better is that when it is time to move onto the next villainous adventure, you can transform it back from the playset into the mobile lab and take it along with you.

We headed outside with our playset to enjoy the sunshine and have a play (and also to escape the prying hands of his little sister!). We quickly popped the crane on (you will need a screwdriver for this) and outside we went. Jack couldn’t wait to help Romeo on his madcap evil schemes and had plenty of imaginative play with the set. It is so amazing to see what their brains come up with with just a few figures and a playset. Whilst Jack adores the heroes, I think he also has a soft spot for the villainous Romeo and the crazy plans he comes up with!

So what did we think of the lab playset? Jack thought it was fab. Each part of the playset could easily be seen when in the box so Jack knew what was in there instantly and he loved the different things you could do with Romeo – he could be popped into the front of the laboratory (there’s two little knobs on the floor of the seat which he attaches to and he can swivel although it isn’t always easy to put him on there, it sometimes needs a little elbow grease). He also has a mobile lab with the same for his feet – so should he ever be apart from his larger lab, he can still keep up with his evil schemes.

When opened up into the playset, the roof of the lab becomes a place where Romeo can stand and perhaps even do more dastardly deeds. Jack loved having Romeo up there, plotting away against the PJ Masks!

Down on the floor of the lab is the control center which flashes and makes sounds to alert you to the fact that they’ve sensed a member of PJ Masks close by. Only lasting for a few seconds, these added to the gameplay experience well as Jack could then continue the story on with Romeo worrying that the PJ Masks would foil his silly scheme! Jack had great fun trying to shoot the lasers.

There’s also a tool tray which stores the three mini tools that come with the playset – this is handy as they are so tiny that I could see them easily getting lost, especially with Jack’s sisters little hands making a grab for everything!

Jack loved the crane and how it could pick things up such as his Turbo Racers – but luckily the PJ Masks made a getaway!

Overall we really love this set. Some may say that £49.99 is a little on the pricey side but I would say it is just around the right price. The set is of a decent size and there is so much to keep a child occupied. Jack would play with it for hours on end if I would let him.


Would you like the chance to win a PJ Masks Collectable figures 5 pack? Then watch the video above and fill in the Rafflecopter below! This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59 on the 26th of May 2018. Good luck!

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Old English Company | Review

These prints were sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Old English Company recently. I was very happy to be asked if I’d like to review any products from their range and took a look at their site – there was so much to choose from! I eventually opted for three prints, perfect for when we finally move and they can be put in the kids rooms.

I am a big fan of quotes from books and films, especially children’s ones. I like to think that my love of fiction and drama has passed onto my kids and whilst I was very tempted to get a Shakespeare quote print for myself, I opted for the three above – a quote about family/friends which I think is lovely – ‘It’s not what we have in life but who we have in life that matters’, a quote from a Roald Dahl book – ‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it’, and a quote by a young poet named Erin Hanson that people often align with Peter Pan, ‘What if I fall? Oh but darling, what if you fly?’

So what did I think of the prints? I got them all in 8×10″ and find them all very affordable at £13.95 per print. They are great quality. All too often prints can not be of a good quality with the fonts or images seeming distorted. No such problem here, the fonts are clear and easy to read. The colours are also great as are the illustrations – how great is that hat?

I love the wide range of prints they have available and know that these are going to be perfect for the children’s rooms once we move. I love prints as part of a rooms decor and these will make a great addition. I’m even thinking about treating myself to some prints for the living room once we move – we currently have one print and a couple of canvases up but would love more space in the new house for some extra special prints. Now the problem is choosing my favourites for it – there’s just so many I like!

I may even treat myself to some of their other products – they have plenty of accessories, stationery and homeware after all! I love all that they have to offer – what item from their website would you pick first?

Chewwies Gummy Vitamins | Review & Giveaway

Products sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

As a parent, my priority is to ensure that both my children grow up to be as healthy and as strong as they can be. Olivia is quite good at eating healthily but Jack is a nightmare – he loves fruit but he doesn’t seem as keen on vegetables so I can’t always be sure he is getting all the goodness that he needs. This is where vitamins come in – to help ensure your children are getting everything they need from their diet.

I was recently contacted by Chewwies about reviewing their range of vitamins – I was sent one of their bundle packs which is a tub of their Chewwies Multivitamins and a tub of their Vitamin D3 gummies too. These are sugar free and suitable for adults and children aged 3 and over. These retail at £19.98 for the bundle but currently are selling for £13.79.

All of the Chewwies products are suitable for vegetarians, are gelatine free, gluten free, sugar free and 100% halal, this means that they are suitable for the majority of people which is fantastic! They are also kosher, soy free, have no preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours. You can ensure your children aren’t getting any nasties from these!

Chewwies formed a team of like-minded health professionals who made it their goal to create scrumptious, chewable, sugar-free gummy vitamins that kids will love which provide all the daily nutrients they need. They also come in lovely colourful packaging making it easy to remember for the kids to have them – as the kids will certainly remind you!

Jack has been making sure to have his vitamins every single day and has said that they are ‘super tasty’. I have also tried them for myself – as I do with anything I give my children – and I can testify to that fact. I love that they are free from all the things that kids love like sugar etc and Jack is more than happy to have one every single day. It is great that I know the nutrients my child is getting and even if he isn’t eating his vegetables, I can guarantee he is getting what he needs. I’ll definitely be getting more tubs when we need them!

Are you struggling to ensure your child is getting all the nutrients they need? Then I’ve got you covered – I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to win a tub of both the Vitamin D3 and the Multivitamins for themselves and/or their child. This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 6th of May 2018. Good luck!


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