Review | Casdon Dyson Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner

Item sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We recently invested in a new cordless hoover for ourselves and Jack and Olivia love to try and grab it and do some hoovering themselves. Whilst we didn’t buy ourselves a Dyson (one is still on my wish list!), I knew that, when offered the chance to review a Dyson Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner toy from Casdon Toys, they’d both be enamoured with it. I wasn’t wrong. They both love how our vacuum cleaner can get into the tightest of spaces without a plug pulling at it and I’ve caught them attempting to hoover high up and small corners with this toy too!

This Dyson Cord Free vacuum cleaner toy from Casdon Toys is a direct replica of the handheld Dyson DC59 and comes with three separate pieces (vacuum body, rotating head and wand) that are relatively easy to put together – you just click them together –  and the nozzle attachment included in the box for quick and easy switching for those smaller, harder to reach places that they want to clean. The toy itself takes 3 AA batteries. These aren’t included so make sure you have some in the house!

Once put together, the kids couldn’t be kept away from it. When standing tall, the vacuum cleaner is almost as tall as Olivia so as you can imagine, it is a decent size. She has had great fun ‘cleaning’ the floor with it though – pressing the button to hear the ‘vroom vroom’ you hear from hoovers as they suck up the dirt and rubbish. The head also twists and turns making it great for maneuvering around corners.  They have both loved changing it from a floor vacuum with the head before changing to the nozzle – even changing to a hand held unit to get up close and personal with the stuff they’re trying to hoover up.

That ‘vroom vroom’ comes from the simulated cyclone action that imitates a real hoover. What I loved about this was the fact that the cylinder contains some colourful balls that fly around as your child presses the button. There is also a little bit of suction to the hoover which is great – after all, you want a toy like this to be as realistic as it could possibly be – but it stops short of actually properly picking stuff up, which is good. If I left the kids to it, they’d be trying to do the full on hoovering with this toy! The suction does pick up small dust particles and little pieces of paper but won’t pick up larger things. It is easily emptied too with just a click of a button – make sure you’re over a bin though otherwise your child could just drop the stuff they’ve picked up straight out on the floor again!

Jack has also been enjoying playing with it – it is the perfect size for him and whilst he knows it isn’t a real hoover unlike Olivia, he enjoys playing pretend with her. It is so lovely to see them playing together, her sitting with her babies and him cracking out the Dyson to do the hoovering ‘before their friends come round for dinner’.

I believe this is a great toy for children who love having items just like Mummy and Daddy. In fact I’m quite jealous that they have got an exact replica of the Dyson I would quite like for myself. It really helps children with their hand eye co-ordination and is great for teaching them about everyday items- it really is great for realistic and imaginative role play. It is in use every day in my house – one of the children is always picking it up and having a go with it – and it is yet another fantastic addition to the Casdon range.

For ages 3+, this would make an amazing Christmas gift for kids who love a bit of role play. It retails at around £35 and is a light weight fun toy that I think children of all ages would enjoy. We have certainly been enjoying playing with it.

Review & Giveaway | Peppa Pig Laugh & Learn Laptop

Item sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Peppa Pig. One of the most popular characters on kids TV to ever grace our screens. Jack absolutely adored her when he was younger and now his sister Olivia is at the perfect age for Peppa herself. Peppa is one of the words in her small vocabulary and she loves nothing more than sitting down and watching an episode either by herself or with her brother. She spots the magazines in the newsagents and the toys in the toy shops and always wants Peppa!

We were recently sent the Laugh and Learn laptop. The laptop is a fun and interactive toy that Olivia has really enjoyed playing with. It has a portable carry handle so it is easy for her to transport from place to place and has four different modes that they can play to help them learn new things such as colours, numbers and letters. I have been keen to get her an interactive toy like this as Jack really blossomed when he played with similar toys and I’d like the same to be said for Olivia too.

You can press the buttons at the bottom and be told what is on each button (the Discover mode). You can also find out which number/letter buttons match the pictures on the screen. Something I’ve really loved about this is that when Peppa is telling you about something, that particular image will light up on the screen. There is also the opportunity to answer questions (the Quiz mode) – Jack has helped Olivia with these as she doesn’t quite ‘get’ this yet. They can also find certain pictures and colours (What Can You Find? mode) or they can even hear different musical instruments (Music mode) There really is so much that this laptop can do.

The pictures are bright and colourful and easy to see – very eye catching indeed , the buttons are big enough for clumsy toddler hands and the screen is large enough for them to be able to see what is lighting up as Peppa speaks to them. Peppa’s voice and the music the laptop plays is very loud so be aware – but your kids will absolutely love this! Peppa’s voice is instantly recognisable too as is the theme tune that plays as you turn it on.

Olivia has been interacting really well with it. A lot of the time, she presses buttons at random as she is still a little young to understand in some senses BUT I have already noticed her adding new words into her vocabulary – for ages, she’s only been able to say the number two but she recently added one, three and four since the laptop arrived! Her hand eye coordination has also come on leaps and bounds – she can be a little clumsy sometimes but I’ve noticed that she’s often managing to do what she is trying to.

The laptop is a decent size, chunky too and very durable which is great when young hands are playing with it as we all know that they are very adept at pushing things away or trying to throw them.

As you can imagine, I’m a blogger and freelance writer so I always have my laptop out and Olivia has comically come and sat next to me on the sofa a couple of times whilst I am tapping away and started tapping away at her own – she really feels like she is doing her own work and can be just like Mummy!

Retailing at £19.99, the laptop is recommended for ages 2 and above – although Olivia is just under 2 and really enjoying it and learning from it. It requires 3xAA batteries which are included.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to aid their toddler’s learning – Olivia has really been enjoying playing with it and learning new things and it has been great seeing her enjoy herself and discover new things.

If you’d like the chance to win one yourself, then please fill in the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 28th of September 2018. Good luck! All terms and conditions can be found on the Rafflecopter.

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Review | Poopsie Slime Surprise

We were sent these for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack is a big fan of slime. So when offered the chance to review some of the new Poopsie Slime Surprise range, I knew he’d like it. He also finds all things toilet humour funny such as poop so he loved the name! However I am quite aware that the name may not be for everyone, haha!We were sent two from the range and couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Each set contains the ingredients you need to make your own glittering, customisable poopsies. Each one has 10 surprises and there are 18 in the range.

For ages 5-10 years and available at Smyths, The Entertainer and Argos for £9.99, this is the perfect gift for a slime obsessed child like mine. So what do you need to do to make the slime?

Crack open your pots and see what you find!

Inside you will find what resembles a toy takeaway cup, a little beaker and your Poopsie character. Above shows the two we found. Now you may be wondering what the beaker and the big takeaway cup is for – well this is where the slime making comes in!

You also find some different packages like those shown above – these have a magic spoon (perhaps to mix stuff into the slime), unicorn food, unicorn magic dust and surprise scent. You just need to fill your beaker to the fill line with water, pour it into the cup, fill it once more and add into the cup again before adding the unicorn food. You then shake for a couple of minutes before leaving for twenty or so minutes for the slime to harden into the slime like texture you know and love rather than the water and powder mix. It does say twenty minutes on the sheet but ours took a little bit longer to do.

After that time has passed, you can bring out your slime and get it ready for the surprise. Depending on your Poopsie, you may only have some Unicorn magic dust. If you have a super rare one, you will have an extra sachet to include with your slime. You then sprinkle it onto your slime and make sure your slime is absolutely covered all over – and then it will change to a surprise colour!


We had loads of fun discovering which keychains we had got and making the slime before storing our slime in our Poopsie keychains for another day.

Whilst I am not a big fan of slime, Jack loves it and he really enjoyed the whole experience with these. If your child loves slime and has a thing for ‘toilet humour’, then they’ll love this. I can definitely see these being popular stocking fillers this year!


A Summer Exploring On Our Micro Trike

We were sent the Micro Trike for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

This summer we have been getting out and about as much as possible. A little while ago, we were sent a Micro Trike for Olivia – the brand new product from the Micro Scooters range. We’ve been testing it out for a good few weeks now – in different conditions and in different situations. It has joined us on the school run and days out – let’s find out a little more about it.

Olivia is now 20 months old and is fiercely independent. She wants to do everything herself, always – and it can be a nightmare getting her in her pushchair to go out or in the car seat if we are heading out in the car. However, this Micro Trike arriving has been the perfect compromise. She still feels a little independent whilst riding on it and I don’t have to worry about a daring little girl making a break for it.

We were sent the Micro Trike in pink and it is the most gorgeously vivid pink ever. I really love the colour and we’ve had plenty of compliments on it. The trikes are designed for ages 18 months plus although Olivia started using hers a couple of weeks before and was fine.

The trike itself is incredibly lightweight, weighing less than half a bag of sugar. Steve, Jack and I can pick it up and transport it with ease – and even Olivia has tried and managed to pick it up on the odd occasion. It is incredibly portable – unlike other trikes, this one is foldable – and very easy to fold at that. It is so easy to carry to another destination should your child want to get off and is also easy to store at home or fit in car boots due to how easily it folds down. It takes up so little space – just what I need in my car boot when we have multiple other things to take with us. Our pushchairs are bulky and heavy and not at all easy to fold down – sometimes the trike has just simply made more sense on a day out.

The trike also has one handed steering – this has so been so handy when doing the school run as I can steer Olivia on the trike with one whilst also still holding Jack’s hand to cross those busy roads. It is also incredibly easy to manoeuvre – so easy in fact, that even Jack can push her around – and often does!

Having had Micro Scooters products in the past, I was hoping for a high quality item and was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed. I need not have worried, this trike certainly is good quality. It is Swiss designed and engineered – incredibly durable and a quality product.

We’ve had plenty of attention whilst out and about with our Micro Trike. So many people have asked where it is from, how much it is and also asked about its features. A few people have said that they could really do with one for the school run and will be checking them out – I’ve been so happy to let them know where they can get one from!

This summer has been so much fun, getting out and about without a big and bulky pushchair. We love our Micro Trike and can see us using it for many more months, perhaps even years to come. It really has changed the way we get around.

Looking to get one? You can purchase one here in blue, black, pink or white for £79.95.

Nim’s Kids Fruit & Vegetable Crisps | Review

We were sent some packs of Nim’s Kids fruit and vegetable crisps to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

My kids love snacking – and whilst they love fruit, they often like to snack on the more unhealthy things! So what if I could make sure they were snacking on something healthy which also felt a little naughty to them?

Enter Nim’s Kids fruit and vegetable crisps.

We were sent a few different bags to try – two of the ‘cool courgette’ flavour, two of the ‘amazing apple’ and two of the ‘perfect pear’ packets.

Nim’s Kids say that many adults, plus even more children, eat a packet of crisps daily. This is making them in turn consuming the equivalent of 5L of cooking oil and who knows how much salt annually! Nim’s are trying to address this issue with their two fab ranges of crisps  a fruit range and a vegetable range.

Named after their creator, Nimisha Raja, they have the same crunch as a ‘normal’ crisp but without any of the oil, salt, artificial flavour or preservatives you come to expect from an everyday packet of crisps. What Nim’s Kids packets do have to offer though is flavour and these are meant to appeal to both adults and children. They also have a vitamin hit which is said to be comparable to eating a piece of fruit. So how do they do it? The brand take fresh produce, thinly slice it and then air dry it. Easy peasy. No frying involved and with that crisp crunch we all know and love.

So what did we think?

First of all, I loved the fact that because they use full fruits (which enables the brand to operate a zero waste policy), the crisps are packed full of fibre and vitamins and the bags contain less than 80 calories each in the adult range and 50 in the children’s. I love that they are a healthy and tasty snack for my kids.

What did the kids think?

Both kids really enjoyed the fruit crisps and the four packs of the two different flavours soon disappeared into their tummies. They enjoyed the flavour and that satisfying crunch. They weren’t so keen on the courgette ones however – I tried them all for the purpose of this review and found the fruit crisps to be sweet and flavourful whilst I found the courgette a little bitter. However I think if my children were actually courgette fans, they may have enjoyed them a little better.

Whilst I may not pick up the courgette again – as my kids weren’t too keen – I’ll certainly be picking up the other two in the children’s range again – Amazing Apple and Perfect Pear. I’m also going to be picking up some of the adult varieties too – I love fruit and vegetable crisps so these would be the perfect snack for me.

The adult varieties are available in Tesco and Tesco Express stores nationwide whilst the Nim’s Kids range is available from Ocado and

Are these something you’d try or you’d give to your kid as a snack?