Eight years ago today, I published the first post on this blog. Granted, a lot has changed since then – it was hosted on Blogger with a blogspot.com back then before I bought my vanity URL and then eventually got it moved over to WordPress. It went from being something I started as a little hobby to being my saviour from boredom during the latter stages of pregnancy to the reason I am now doing my dream job of writing.

It’s hard to believe that this blog is now eight, that it is older than my oldest child and is closer to ten than it is to five! So much has changed over the years, I can hardly believe it!

To celebrate, I am planning on running a few different giveaways over the next few weeks. The giveaway today is for some fab items from the team at MAGIC Bodyfashion. They sell a range of lingerie accessories, shapewear, bras and even a little active wear. So what can you win? (Just a note that some of these items are certain sizes so please be aware when entering – or you could always pass them onto a family member or friend if they aren’t your size). You can win some Magic Shoulders Sporty in the colour Latte which come in one size fits all – they stay in place perfectly due to the hidden opening on the inside that you can easily move your bra strap into. There are also some S/M silicone nippless covers up for grabs, in the colour Latte. So many of us have those outfits that we want to wear that just don’t look right without a bra – these are the perfect accessory to ensure you feel comfortable going out without a bra.

Next up we have some Famous Footies which are one size fits all and in the colour black lace. These invisible socks are perfect for flat shoes, loafers and high heels. The anti slip silicone on the soles prevents you from sliding in your shoes. Finally, we have a lUve bra in the colour Chocolate and size B which is 32C/34B/36A/38A in UK sizes. It is strapless, backless and perfect for those nights out where you want your bra to be invisible underneath your clothes. It has an amazingly low U-plunge in the front and looks great.

If you’d like to win, just fill in the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway ends at 23.59pm on the 2nd of February 2019. UK only! Good luck!


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Once Upon A Time In Birmingham : Women Who Dared To Dream | Review

Last year I didn’t really read much and that is something I really want to change this year. I’ve just finished my first book of the year – Once Upon A Time In Birmingham: Women Who Dared To Dream by Louise Palfreyman {affiliate link} and I wanted to share some thoughts about it.

This book is an introduction to thirty awe-inspiring women, past and present, who’ve made Birmingham what it is today. Some names may be instantly recognisable such as Denise Lewis, Elizabeth Cadbury and Malala Yousafzai and others may be new names to you like they were to me.

It is truly an empowering collection of women who’ve helped to shape the city into what it is and who’ve pioneered in fields such as technology, athletics and activism.

What I love about this book is that the stories about them are so quick and concise but leave no details out. You find out exactly how these women have changed the world without the author rambling on. She keeps it snappy and interesting.

I also love that there are a number of different illustrators who have worked on the book. The beautiful illustrations add to the charm of the book and really help you feel like you are getting to know the women that are being spoken about.

Something else I absolutely love about this book is the space given to write your own stories. The book is extremely inspirational and I think this is a great addition so that you can jot down your thoughts. I also really like that the selection team were included with their thoughts about the book.

Whether you are from Birmingham or not, this is a fascinating piece of non fiction which talks about some amazing women and what they have done, not only for the city but also the world. I’d definitely recommend you read it if you get the chance!

Exploring Your Laser Hair Removal Candidacy

Featured Post

You have probably heard the buzz about laser hair removal. It has been a popular method for removing unwanted hair for many years. However, hearing about it and determining if you are a good candidate for it are two very different things. To decide if it is right for you, you must understand the intricacies of the procedure.

How Laser Hair Removal Devices Target Hairs
Most laser hair removal devices target hairs because they are designed to hone in on the dark pigment in dark hair follicles. For that reason, a typical laser hair removal is best performed if you have light skin. That way your darker hairs will stand out. There are laser devices that can treat darker skin with some degree of success. However, they do have limitations. Therefore, you must talk to your skincare clinician to see if you are a good candidate.

One issue with laser treatments for dark skin is the lasers target the melanin in each hair, as well as the skin. Melanin is a substance that gives hair and skin coloration. If you have dark skin and the laser manipulates too much melanin, you can develop patches of lighter skin in the treatment area. That is why you must have a specialized treatment designed for dark skin and conducted by a trained clinician.

Laser Hair Removal and Skin Type
Your skin type can also affect your laser hair removal candidacy. That is because hair-removal equipment produces both light and heat. If your skin is too oily, the heat can react with your skin oils, causing you to develop burns or blisters. The thickness of your skin may also impact your chances of laser hair removal success, so you must discuss your options with your clinician before scheduling an appointment.

Manki Kim

How Soon You Should Expect Laser Hair Removal Results
Another factor influencing your laser hair removal candidacy is how soon you want to see results. An individual laser hair removal appointment is quite short, generally lasting less than an hour. Some hairs may fall out 10 to 14 days after treatment. However, it can take many sessions spread over several weeks before all the hairs actually fall out. If you are looking for immediate hair removal results, a standard method like waxing or shaving is a better option.

How Long You Want the Hair to Stay Gone
If your biggest concern is how long the hair will stay gone once it falls out, laser hair removal might be right for you. In some cases, it can take months for hairs to regrow after treatment. However, results are different for everyone. Nevertheless, since regrowth occurs within a couple days after shaving, laser hair removal is an improvement, if you are trying to spend the least amount of time possible focusing on hair removal treatments over all.

Consider the Cost of Laser Hair Removal
A final issue that may affect your laser hair removal candidacy is cost. A single session can cost up to $2,000 and, in rare instances, more. However, the exact cost depends on the part of your body you want treated and the specific clinic you select. Since prices vary widely, do not assume you can’t afford the treatment before checking with local clinics. You may find a treatment within your budget, especially if you do not live in a major city where such treatments are widely popular. But do not sacrifice quality for cost. Always check the reputation of the clinic before having a treatment performed.

The Top 7 Tag

I was recently tagged in this by my lovely friend Amy from Amy Georgia, someone who I met through blogging but is now an IRL friend too! The tag asks us to share our 7 favourite blog posts from last year, 7 things we loved in 2018 and 7 things I am looking forward to doing in 2019. I tag anyone who wants to complete this to give it a go! Here goes…

7 favourite blog posts from 2018

Visiting Paradise Wildlife Park Over The Half Term – Paradise Wildlife Park is one our favourite places to go as a family but we hadn’t been since the dinosaur section had been added. It was such a lovely day out as a whole family!

Seven – I can hardly believe my boy is seven now. Here’s a little post I wrote for him for his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Olivia – I wrote this post to celebrate Olivia’s first birthday – such a milestone!

A Day Out At Diggerland, Kent – I’ve got a few of our days out on this list, I love spending time together as a family.

Enjoy Some Halloween Fun At Freaky Funfest At Mead Open Farm – This was my first time visiting Mead Open Farm and it was such a lovely experience, especially with the Halloween activities. I’ll definitely be going back again.

Christmas Crafting With Baker Ross – I loved doing these crafting activities with the kids.

Why You Should Go and Get Your Smear Test – This was a post I really felt the need to write – smear tests are so important and we shouldn’t put them off.

7 things I loved in 2018

1 Celebrating Olivia’s first birthday – it was so much fun!

2 Likewise, Jack’s seventh birthday was a lot of fun – we headed to the cinema with some of his friends.

3 I adored all of our days out together, we did so many different things and had so much fun!

4 I got to see Jack’s learning grow – he is telling me new things every single day.

5 I got to attend a fantastic restaurant launch in Harpenden, the food was delicious.

6 I got to spend some fun times with friends

7 Seeing Olivia grow so much in just a short space of time

7 things to look forward to this year

1 Hopefully paying off most – if not, all – of our debt.

2. Lots more fantastic days out as a family.

3. We are hoping to go on holiday somewhere nice this year.

4. Hopefully building upon my business and growing.

5. More days/nights out with friends

6. Do amazing things in the summer holidays

7. Try something new

So here are my answers for the top 7 tag, what would yours be?

Finding Out About My Past

Collaborative Post

I don’t know about you but ancestry is something that has always fascinated me, ever since we researched our family trees in primary school. I also have a slightly bizarre set up in my family – my dad and his sister were born to my grandad and nan then my grandparents broke up, my nan had four more children with my step grandad and my grandad married twice more but had no other biological children, only stepchildren.

My grandad didn’t really talk about his ancestry so I am left with only a little information about my family and now that my dad has passed away and my aunt is elderly, I don’t really know much about where I came from on that side. I know about my nan’s side as they can be traced back in my village for many years and I know quite a lot about both grandparents family trees on my maternal side, however I’d love to know more about my paternal grandfather’s side.

For a while now I’ve been considering taking a DNA testing kit for ancestry, see if there are any distant family members out there. One such company that offers this is CRI Genetics. There are three simple steps and you can do the test in the comfort of your own home. You simply order it, swab it and post it and then you receive an email 6-8 weeks later with a detailed report.

My Dad believed we have some Romany in our heritage and I’d love to see if this was true. I’d also like to know where else I may hail from. I know on my maternal grandfather’s side there is Australian and Scottish but that’s it. It would be nice to find out what other places my family may have originally come from.

I’m seriously considering doing this in 2019 and discover more about me and my heritage. Steve has previously done a similar test and had interesting results. I am intrigued to see what results I may come up with. Would you consider doing a DNA ancestry test? Do you know much about your heritage?