Degustabox | July 2018

Box sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We recently got our monthly Degustabox once more – a box full of food and drink items that costs just £12.99, including postage – get yours here. We always look forward to seeing our box arrive to see what goodies are inside. So what did we receive this time around?


Once more we had a fantastic selection of items to go through. Some we were really excited about, some baffled us a little bit and some we knew we wouldn’t use. Read on to find out our thoughts on them.

London Flavours crisps – Cheddar & Red Onion flavour and Lightly Salted flavour – 95p each

We are big crisp fans in this house so these premium crisps made with the best British potatoes were always going to be a popular addition to the box and barely made it out of the box before they were safely nestled in our tummies. They were full of flavour and absolutely delicious.

Cadbury Highlights Milk Choc drink – £2.99

Now don’t get me wrong, we love hot chocolate but it did seem a little odd to be put in a box in the middle of the heatwave we were having. However, this will definitely be used up by us so it has been put in the pantry for future use as we already know we enjoy it.

Percol Iced Coffee – £1.50

Now we don’t drink coffee in our house – none of us like it – so this was given to my brother in law for taste testing. It barely lasted him two gulps, haha – and he said it was absolutely delicious. This is made with 100% organic arabica and is Fairtrade too.

Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre Sparkling Cloudy Cider with Rhubarb 4% vol – £2

This lightly sparkling cloudy cider, made from fresh pressed Herefordshire apples, was very fruity and tart with a lovely flavour. We love a good fruit cider so this was a welcome addition.

Capsicana Mexican Guacomole Mix – 65p and Brazilian Smoked Paprika & Spices Seasoning Mix – £1

These were the products of the month but I haven’t actually used mine yet. We don’t tend to use packets to make up our dip mixes or our seasonings, preferring to make them from scratch. However these will be great for making guacomole or a seasoning when I am having one of those can’t be bothered moments, so into the pantry they go.

Peckish Cheese Trays – £1.59

Now if you know my family well, then you will know they all absolutely adore cheese. Cheese flavoured things are always popular in my house so these thinner, lighter, crispier snacks were very much loved. Gluten free, baked not fried and made with rice bran oil, these rice crackers were absolutely delicious and were under 100 calories per portion. These really didn’t last long in my house, they were just so moreish!

Pulsin Salted Caramel Raw Choc Brownie – £1.59

I swear Pulsin seem to be in our Degustaboxes fairly often now. Steve was using things like this on his night shift as a snack to fill him up but he no longer does. I’m not a big fan so this healthy brownie will either be gifted to friends or family or will be making its way into the food bank bag.

Heinz Salad Cream – £1.49

We mostly buy non branded items unless the branded items are on offer – but if you were to find one particular brand in our pantry, it would be Heinz – especially their sauces. We always have some Heinz salad cream in there and had just run out when the Degustabox arrived with this little beauty inside – perfect timing as it saved me a trip to the shop. This is almost gone already though, we do tend to use a lot of it as we like it so much!

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles 30% less sugar pouch – £1.29

I’ve recently noticed that Jack and Steve tend to see first if there are any sweets or chocolates in the box and if so, what they are. They were both very happy to find these Fruit Pastilles in the box and I’m happy to let the kids have some as they have 30% less sugar, no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. As you can imagine, these didn’t last long at all!

Miso Tasty Mugi Barley Miso Soup – £3.75

Whilst I am usually a big soup fan, Miso soup isn’t one of my favourites. This soup is said to have a light and hearty flavour and is made from fermented barley and mungbeans. It isn’t my cup of tea so I will be giving this away -plus I also feel that the price is a little high for 4 servings. However I am sure there are people that really enjoy this soup!

Ribena Sparkling – blackcurrant flavour and pineapple and passionfruit flavour – £2.70 each

There is always a bottle of Ribena in my house so these were very welcome. These were very tasty and didn’t last long at all – plus they come in at less than 15 calories per bottle which is fantastic.

Overall we were very impressed with the July box. Some products did seem a little out of place seasonally and one did seem fairly repetitive – however we enjoyed the majority of the products and would definitely try them again. Which product would you try first?

Degustabox Review | The BBQ Box

Degustabox Review | The BBQ Box

Box sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

It is time again for my monthly Degustabox review. You too can get your own box for just £12.99 a month here – the contents always exceed the price you pay and postage is included in that monthly fee. But what did we receive this month in the BBQ themed box?

Here is what we received in the box this month:

Orangina & Orangina No Added Sugar – £1.20 each

These were a lovely refreshing treat in the box and didn’t last long in this hot weather. We already knew we liked Orangina but were super happy to see the no added sugar version in the box too as we wanted to try it. Both were deliciously refreshing, a great addition to the box.

No & More Raspberry & Blueberry water – £1.29

Spring water that has no sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients, I had high hopes for this water as I really like flavoured water. Unfortunately, when they say a hint of raspberries and blueberries, they really do mean a ‘hint’. The best way to describe the flavour would be like with a cup of tea where you literally dip the teabag in and then take it straight it back out again – you could barely taste the raspberry and blueberry at all.

Frylight Avocado Oil cooking spray – £2.99

As I follow the Slimming World plan, you better bet I have a cupboard FULL of the different Frylights available. I’ve added this to my pantry but am considering donating it in the Slimmer Of The Week basket next week as I don’t know when I will actually get to it.

Peckish BBQ Rice Crackers Multi Pack – £1.79

These were a hit with the whole family. These were packed full of flavour but as claimed, they are a thinner, lighter and crispier snack. These are baked and gluten free and tasted absolutely delicious.

Rosie’s Pig Raspberry Roller Cider – £2

Steve was very excited to see this in the box – we are big fruit cider fans. This cider is a raspberry and cucumber flavoured sparlkling cloudy cider. It is rather refreshing and tastes great.

Brioche Pasquier Pains Au Lait – £1.75

You know how much we love Brioche Pasquier products so it is little wonder we enjoyed these tasty brioche rolls. We toasted them with some butter and they were divine.

The Jelly Bean Factory Fairtrade Box – £1.25

I may be speaking ahead of time but I feel that this might be Steve’s favourite box of the whole year – especially when it comes to this being included in the box. He loves jelly beans so was very happy to see these in the box. Filled with 36 delicious flavours and made using Fairtrade sugar, they were a welcome treat.

Idahoan Gratin Bake – £2.30

We loved the previous Idahoan product in the boxes so were happy to see this. It takes a prep time of less than 3 minutes and a cook time of less than 30, a quick and easy meal idea.

Mighty Fine Salted Caramel Honeycomb Bar – £1

Steve also was happy to see this. Made with finely crafted honeycomb, it was the most delicious treat and we all tried a little bit. So tasty!

Great British Biscotti Co – £1.30

I love biscotti and this buttery crumbly treat had such a delicious flavour. I only wish there were more of them.

Capsicana Cook Sauces – £1.99

We don’t usually use cooking sauces anymore due to not knowing what is in them – these are packed full of flavour but we won’t be purchasing them in the future, despite enjoying them, as they’re packed full of oil. I can see why they are the Product Of The Month though, they are very flavourful.

Fyre fruit drinks – £1.29 each

These are both refreshing fruity drinks with a kick of spice. They are tasty but not something I would drink everyday, if you know what I mean.

Overall we were very impressed with the box this month – it seemed much more catered towards the everyday person rather than particular people. There was a good mix of products that the whole family could enjoy and I cannot wait to see what they deliver next month.

Top Tips For Freezing Food With A Vacuum Sealer

You can save tonnes of money if you put your vacuum cleaner to good use. However, if you buy the machine and put it on your kitchen counter for no apparent reason, then you won’t neither see its important nor reap its benefits, but if you start to use it on a regular basis, it will ensure your food lasts for long: this means you can buy a lot of food and cook all of them at once. With this sealer, you can save not only money, but also a lot of time, that you would otherwise be spending doing other important things in your life.

In this guide, there are eight useful tips on how to use a vacuum sealer to freeze food. Continue to read on to find out more.

Pre-freezing your food

Have you ever wondered what happens when you place fresh berries in a cold bag and get rid of air? The fruits become squished. You can pre-freeze food items such as veggies, fruits, cookie sheets, as well as meatballs. In addition, you can pre-freeze food sauces such as pastas and soups in plastic containers. Before pre-freezing your food, pack it with a spatula or a spoon to remove traces of air bubbles. Once you freeze the food, remove them and seal them with the vacuum sealer.

Freezing cooked food and uncooked food

Some meals such as sauces and soups reheat decently. However, for other types of foods, you may have to collect them and freeze them with your vacuum cleaner without cooking. For instance, if you have 3-pound package ground turkey, you can mix three sets of raw meatballs. If you have meatballs on your menu, there isn’t much work to be done, but still, you will get a freshly prepared meal with less effort. Freeze foods are ideal because they save you a lot of time, especially when cooking dinners.

You should always label your packages

It won’t be easy to memorize all the food packages you have stored. For instance, can you remember the fifth package of tomato sauce that you prepared in January? A couple of months later, when you add your sauce over pasta, you discover you have just poured beans in chili. Therefore, it is always advisable to name your food packages. Write the name of the food and the date you prepared it. Use a permanent marker to write on the food containers because its ink does not fade away easily.

Not just for freezer

Notably, a vacuum sealer can help extend the life of dishes in your pantry or refrigerator. For instance, if you purchase a large amount of cheddar, you can use your vacuum sealer to freeze half of the stock until you finish the first chunk.  Consider, vacuum sealing to extend the life of dry goods. However, you should ensure there is a barrier between the sealer and powders. As an example, make sure flour remains in its initial packaging and then seal the entire package.

Double recipes, freeze the extra

From now henceforth, make sure that you double all your meals as freezing will keep them well. If you are not using any food any time soon, preserve them by freeing them with your vacuum sealer, it will preserve the dish at its top. Also, you can use disposable foil pans to store foods such as enchiladas. Get two trays of enchiladas, prepare one for supper and seal the other tray. When you want to eat your enchiladas, just defrost and heat your food in the oven.

Edgar Castrejon
Bags for your vacuum sealer

Consider purchasing a special bag for your vacuum sealer. The bags are specially made for the vacuum sealer machine, and there is so much you can do with them. You can use the bag to prevent moisture and air out of the seal. The bag also ensures the machine seals tight.

Portion your bags well

You can clean and reuse your bag, except those ones used on raw meats or contaminated ones. But it will save time to freeze your dishes in a bag. You can purchase your beef, put it into three even proportion and freeze them simultaneously.

You can be your own butcher

You will save a lot of money now that you are using your sealer on meat. You can purchase as much meat as you can from a warehouse store, place them into proportions and freeze them for later use.


Many people have vacuum sealers in their homes but have never thought of a creative way to use them. However, a vacuum sealer can save you a lot of time and money. In addition, it is a convenient machine. Buy your food, freeze them and store them for as long as you wish, without them becoming stale.


Degustabox Review | World Cup Theme

Degustabox Review | World Cup Theme

Box sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

With the World Cup fast approaching, it is little wonder that the theme is everywhere.The Degustabox brand are no different, sending out a tasty box of treats to see what we thought of them. You can pick up your own box here for just £12.99, including delivery. This is a great price when you consider the items always far exceed them – so what did we get?

KitKat Bites White Chocolate – £1.59

I don’t need to tell you how popular these were in my household, they barely lasted five minutes. We do love KitKats!

Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen Caribbean Creamy Chicken Curry Seasoning Mix – £1

A tasty inclusion which we used with the soft tortilla wraps for a tasty dinner – we love seasoned chicken and this was a delicious mix that we will certainly pick up again.

WeMade Lemonade – £1.50

These non carbonated drinks contain no artificial flavours, additives, preservatives or refined sugar. This tasted absolutely delicious and very juicy.

Say Aloe Reduced Sugar – £1.49

Rich in vitamin C, this aloe drink was very popular with Steve. It contains real pieces of aloe vera and Steve really enjoyed the refreshing drink.

Lucozade Energy Official – £1.10

We do love Lucozade Energy drinks – I prefer the other flavours to this but this is also a tasty drink and a very welcome addition to the box.

Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen Mini Coconut & Black Pepper Soft Tortillas – £1.50

These were very tasty and perfect with the Caribbean seasoning for a delicious midweek meal.

KitKat Senses Mix – £3.99

I have been seeing these in the supermarkets for a while now and kept meaning to pick one up so I was extremely happy to see them included in the box. The three flavours are absolutely delicious and these didn’t last very long at all.

The Good Cider – Strawberry & Dry Apple flavours

I love a good fruit cider and the strawberry one tastes absolutely delicious. Steve had the dry apple cider for himself and these were a lovely weekend evening treat.

Brioche Pasquier PITCH (Choc Chip brioche and Chocolate flavour brioche) – £1.39 each

These were a tasty addition to the box – we loved them as a delicious snack or a great addition to our breakfast.

All in all, I was very happy with this box – we enjoyed everything. Why not try a tasty food sub box for yourself?


Tips to make children like fruits and vegetables

Tips to make children like fruits and vegetables

There are many things that you can do to make your children like fruits and vegetables. Usually, they do not like these two kinds of food. Since these kinds of food are very good, making the children like fruits and vegetables is very important. Here are some tips that you can do.

  • Ask your children in choosing menus.

Give the options of fruits and vegetables in the list for them and discuss the pro and cons in choosing the menus.

  • Get your children involved in the process of the making and the preparation of the food.

Starting from choosing fruits and vegetables when you are shopping. This will be interesting for the children. Also, you can also tell them the benefits and advantages of eating the fruits or vegetables that they have chosen.

  • Start with a small portion.

If we want to introduce a certain fruit or vegetable to your children, start with a small portion. Give a small portion and let your children decide how many portions that they want to eat. Do not forget to give praise if the children eat the portion that they have made.

 Megan Hodges

  • Always give your children choices and let them choose by themselves.

Enrich the taste of fruits and vegetables to your children by introducing these two kinds of food.

  • Include the fruits and vegetables in the cooking process of food that the children like.

For example, if your children like stew, include carrot, potato and squash in the stew. This makes there is not only meat that is in the stew, but there are other choices in it. If your children like pizza, make fruit as its topping besides the topping that they like. Also, you can make snacks such as carrot cake or carrot muffin, squash bread, broccoli pancake or cream apple soup where fruits and vegetables are cooked so that they are not like the real shape.

These are some ways that you can do to make your children like fruits and vegetables. Those two kinds of food are very useful for their body. So, make sure that your children like those two kinds of food so that your children will get the substance that they need for their growth.

In short, do not make your children burdened and overwhelmed by the demand for eating fruits and vegetables. Try to change the negative stigma to the taste of those two kinds of food. Always ask your children to get involved in every process that you do. Do not force your children to eat a certain fruit or vegetable if they have tried it and they did not like it.

Finally, do not be disappointed or frustrated if your children just like some fruits or vegetables. There is still another way. You can give your children the additional vitamin, which contains fruits and vegetables that are very useful for their body. So, do not be worry, mommies.

About the Author: Carol James is a writer and senior editor. She has MA degree in social sciences and writes articles, reviews on the different actual subjects. So, if you have any questions regarding the writing, feel free to ask her and visit her company’s page EssayLab.

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