How I Plan To Increase My Work In 2019

Collaborative Post

Have you got some aims for 2019? I mentioned some in my post the other day but I didn’t mention about my work. That’s because I was going to write this post, talking about how I plan to increase my work in 2019. Now, as you may already know, I do a few different things for an income: freelance writing, virtual assistance, blogging and proofreading. I have some regular clients for each and they bring in an okay income each month.

As someone who has increased their income each year of this new found career of mine, I of course want to continue to grow. But how? I hope to be in a more stable financial position in the next couple of months to invest more into my work to help me in my growth but I might have to consider a small business loan in the meantime. So how do I plan to do this?

Freelance Writing

First of all, I need to pitch more. I receive emails with freelance writer jobs, I’ve got pages bookmarked of places which accept submissions but my belief in myself always stops me from pitching. I just keep thinking I’ll get rejected – and I probably will for some – but I may also get accepted for some – which I will never know if I don’t try.

I actually received a wonderful email about potentially doing some freelance writing for a magazine and while this fell through which is disappointing, they are keeping me on their files for the future so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Ben Kolde


For this, I need to say yes more but also say no more. I need to learn not to undersell myself – although this can be tempting when I’ve got next to no money in my bank account. I need to say no to appalling rates – I do mostly but I could definitely be more tough – but I also need to say yes to more things – I am always being invited to events but usually can’t go because of childcare or just being too anxious to go. I need to say yes more as who knows what they could lead to for me?

Virtual Assistance

I currently have a number of different clients who I love working for. My main client I do FB page and group management, social media scheduling and social media promotion for them, others is social media scheduling, social media promotion or chore threads. It’d be nice to find a few more clients this year – I am very lucky in that my clients all recommend me when they see people asking for VA’s – that’s actually how I grew to so many clients in the first place.


This fell to the wayside a little in 2018. I did a few bits here and there for people but not much. I’m not too bothered about this being the least used of my skills as its the one I like doing the least but it would be nice to build it up a little more again for 2019.

This is how I plan to grow my work in 2019 – how do you plan to grow?

Three Ways You Can Promote Your Business

This is a collaborative post.

When it comes to business, you want to be constantly striving to better yourself – better results, better profit, better experience for clients. A great way to achieve your goals is to promote your business – and here are three effective ways you can promote your business to let more people know about what you have to offer.

Online advertising

Any company that doesn’t have social media is foolish in my opinion – it is one of the big drivers of traffic and sales there is. If you aren’t on social media, make sure you get on there right away and get the word out about your business. Set up your accounts, follow those in your field and interact. Build up an audience and you should hopefully start to see some results soon.

You should also ensure you have a website you can direct potential clients to with a decent landing page and all the information any customer could potentially ever need. You may want to consider running some ad campaigns to get your site noticed but this is entirely up to you.

Physical advertising

You could utilise some of the business signage from Vinyline. They  have been trading in the graphics industry for over 35 years and produce great products that could certainly help you take your business to the next level. Their window graphics, stickers and decals  could really help your business. They can be really beneficial for showing off your brand – people will stop and take notice. You need to make sure the font, colours and message are right but if they are, you should see results. You can get a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

 Kaitlyn Baker

Word of mouth

Perhaps the best advertising there is – word of mouth. Give people a good experience and they will want to talk about it, shout it from the rooftops. Bad experiences also garner attention but you want to avoid these – as this makes word of mouth also worst advertising there is too, information can spread like wildfire even if it isn’t necessarily true!

However, if you have a great experience, you like to tell your friends and family, right? Offer your clients and customers the same and they will likely tell their friends and family who will tell other people and so on and so on. This is great and can really help small businesses succeed. There’s a business in my village, still very new, but it is doing amazingly because they offer such a fantastic experience and those who have visited love to share their experiences. I first visited because of a recommendation from a friend and now visit regularly – I’ve introduced some of my friends and family to the same place as well! See how successful word of mouth advertising can be?

Here are just three ways you can promote your business. How do you currently promote yours?