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Yesterday I published my goals for 2016. This seems a popular post for bloggers right now with some of my friends posting theirs too (Amy and Emily being two of them and we’ve decided to keep each other accountable) but I also want to post monthly goals to break down my yearly goals nicely.

So my January goals are as follows:

January Goals


  • Get at least 4 posts up on Keene On Saving this month
  • Get non time sensitive content scheduled in advance
  • Write at least two guest posts for others
  • Build up my Instagram following and interaction


  • Find at least one long term client
  • Start planning for the ideas I have had
  • Update my work website regularly and promote it more


  • Enter at least five writing competitions. I’ve already entered two this year (yes, two were entered on the 1st of January) so that leaves another three. I am going to enter one that is free of restrictions then two (or more, if I feel like it!) that have a specific theme. I will use this fantastic website to find them.
  • Read at least 11 books this month. I have already read two but since I have now set my 2016 reading challenge, I now know how many I need to keep on track to reach my overall goal.


  • Get decluttering and donate/sell what I can
  • Hustle for more work to help me achieve my overall financial goals
  • Keep adding small amounts to my savings account


  • Lose 0.5lb to 1lb a week – I want to lose 1lb this week to hit my half stone but also feel this is an achievable and realistic weight loss goal for the month
  • Walk more – I will be getting more walking in once Jack gets back to school but rather than going straight home (unless I absolutely have to), I am planning on going for a long walk two to three times a week before picking him up.
  • Get exercising – It doesn’t matter how but I aim to get some exercise (that isn’t walking) in somewhere

Do you set yourself monthly goals in order to make your overall goals achievable? If so, what are your January goals?

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  1. Some great goals. One of mine is to increase my Instagram following and interaction too. I am also carrying on with going to the gym and exercise classes to lose weight. If you want to guest post on my blog any time I would love you too!

  2. We will be accountable for each other’s! You’re doing so well with your healthy eating so I have no doubt you will be able to achieve it xx

  3. Good luck with your goals.
    I’ve started walking a lot more since my back went out, was hard to walk more than a few feet.
    I’ve started the decluttering, 4 bags ready for the charity shop and a couple ready for Depop!

  4. Good luck with your goals. If you need help with Instagram I can definitely help you as I have been on it 5 months- but have utilized it for only two and have 1.5 K followers. I have tips and stuff that might help you? x

  5. Wow 11 books in one month – thats amazing, I wish I could do that but I simply don’t have the time. You have some fantastic goals and I am sure you will reach most of them – have a great 2016

    Laura x

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