My Goals For 2016

Every year I set myself goals for the year ahead and with last year being no different, I thought it would be nice to once again share my goals for the year – so read on for my goals for 2016.

Last year I wrote some blogging goals and some health & fitness goals. This year I want to set some blogging goals, freelancing goals, personal goals, financial goals and health goals. I’m not doing things by half this time around!

goals for 2016


  • To find a better balance – get content that isn’t time sensitive scheduled in advance. I no longer want to be writing things up just before publishing them unless it is extremely time sensitive content.
  • Get back to publishing on Keene On Saving –  It has taken a back seat over the last few months and I am sad about that, want to bring it back up again.
  • Get guest posting again – No idea where I will fit this in but I will, somehow.
  • Keep being confident and saying no if I don’t think something is right for me.
  • Utilise different aspects of the blog more – I am currently focusing on Instagram but I want to try out different methods on different things over the whole year.


  • Get a couple of long term clients – Most of my work is short term, one off things. I do have a few clients who always come back to me though.
  • Build up my work website – post on it more, make sure everything is being updated as and when needed and promote it more.
  • Get cracking on a few different ideas – I am bursting with ideas so need to get them down and get started on them.
  • Become a staff writer for another blog – It is something I have always wanted to do since finding out some bloggers have staff writers so this is one of my aims for 2016.


  • Enter more writing competitions in 2016 – I entered one right at the tail end of 2015 and am entering one today but I want to make this a regular occurrence in 2016.
  • Complete my Goodreads reading challenge.


  • Get as close to debt free as possible, even debt free if I can – This is my big one but obviously needs help from others.
  • Double my income from 2015 – I am going to sit down and work out the figures for the whole year and then try to double that in 2016. I will aim to do this by picking up more jobs, being more proactive.
  • Get my savings account healthy – I had some money saved but had to use it when the car failed its MOT. Hopefully I can add to it again. I’ve already decided to use any small income (i.e cashouts from Qmee or Fiverr) to boost my savings account.
  • Declutter and sell/donate what I can. Any money from items I sell will go into my savings.


  • Lose two stone – I can’t remember if this is the figure I gave at Slimming World when I started but I’ve lost almost half a stone and would like to lose another two stone *for now*. If I lose more, I will be even happier.
  • Exercise more – Walk more than I am doing now, use our exercise bike more. I’m also planning on getting an exercise DVD or two and even attending one of the local exercise sessions.
  • Feel healthier and happier in my skin in general – Eating cleaner and just generally taking care of myself – perhaps consider seeing a private psychologist London.

So these are my goals for 2016  – what goals do you have?


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19 thoughts on “My Goals For 2016

  1. My goal is to not pressurise myself by announcing resolutions. Kind of ironic that my “not making and resolutions” idea is a resolution in itself really isn’t it ha!

  2. It’s great to have some goals! I’m still writing up mine for 2016, being more organised and ready in advance will most certainly be on the list. I hope you achieve everything you set out too! 🙂

  3. Nice goals. Becoming debt free would be a fab one. They do say to be careful with saving when in debt though as you’ll be paying higher interest on the debt than you’re earning on the savings. That said-obviously you’re right to have some money you can access in case of emergency.

    Hope it all gets sorted for you lovely.

  4. I like the idea of having the confidence to say no, I have had some companies approach me that I worked with even it was not my style as I felt bad at having to say no. I need to learn that it is ok to turn down opportunities.

  5. Good luck with your goals. I have the fact you separated them. I could really use a few of these for my own goals. Good luck on losing the two stone, I wish I was a little more motivated to do it myself.

  6. My January goals are based more on myself and some for my blog. Things like, keep a track on expenses, read more, eat healthy. Best of luck on your goals for 2016!

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