Nostalgic For The Nineties

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I was born right at the beginning of the Nineties so I remember them well. I’ve got so many memories – from the toys I bought to the food I ate to the bands I loved. It was just such a fantastic time to grow up, everything seemed so innocent back then.

What things make you nostalgic for the nineties? I loved Pogs and Polly Pocket. I loved my Tiny Tears doll and my Puppy In My Pocket toys. Who didn’t love Kerplunk? Then you’ve got the films – some of the best films came out in the Nineties in my opinion.

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Then there were the bands.

As you can expect, one such band that I absolutely adored was, of course, the Spice Girls. Sporty was always my favourite and I was her in my little group of friends when we pretended to be the band! I even had a Spice Girls lunchbox. I must have watched Spice World the movie a trillion times and wanted to be in a band myself if I couldn’t actually be Mel C!

Did any of you watch the Britain’s Got Talent final last night and happen to catch this advert below? It premiered for the first time in one of the commercial breaks during the final. Check it out here:

Now even though this is a brand new advert, this partnership is nothing new. People my age will certainly remember the Walkers and Spice Girls partnership from the past so them collaborating on this advert is a stroke of genius!

Thanks to Dev’s misstep in not sharing his crisps with the 90’s icons, one superfan has the chance to take his place. Walkers will be revealing the winner very, very soon and were very impressed with how people showed their super fandom!

I was a very big fan back then and I love them still now but I was never quite in the realm of super fandom – how about you?

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It’s actually my 30th at the beginning of next year and I am planning on having a party, perhaps with a Nineties theme because, of course, that is my favourite decade! But what would you have at a Nineties party?

Are you nostalgic for the Nineties? What do you remember best?

A Little Life Update

It has been a little while since I shared a little life update – so what have we been up to?

Jack is in his final term of Year 2 and is both looking forward to junior school and also quite dubious too. He has actually got a school disco this Friday which is at the upper school and he is very excited to be able to socialise with the older children!

He is also starting recorder lessons tomorrow – I’m still not sure if I’ve made the right choice here as we all know how annoying recorders can be! He started Beavers last Monday and is really enjoying it already. I’ve just noticed a tri-golf club after school on Tuesdays too which I am considering signing him up to as well!

Olivia is still enjoying her playgroup and has started attending a couple of other things too, one being Sounds Right Phonics. She has really been enjoying the sessions and I can see that she is already learning from them which is great.

Work has been very busy which is great. I’ve been working with some fantastic clients which is always great. We’ve also managed a few trips away in recent months which have been lots of fun and just what we needed to recharge our batteries.

We are still looking for a larger property to move into but finding something in our budget at the moment is quite impossible. Hopefully we will be able to find something soon.

So that’s what is going on with me – what is going on in the life of you?

Why You Should Look Up Your Family History

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Watch any TV for long enough, and you’ll be sure to see an advert for looking up your ancestry, your family tree, your family history, your DNA. According to ABC News, genealogy is now the second most popular hobby in the U.S. after gardening, and it’s the second most visited category of websites, after pornography. It’s a billion-dollar industry that has meant the creation of profitable websites, tv shows, books and an advent of over-the-counter genetic test kits resulting in a cottage industry in DNA ancestry testing.

People have a fundamental desire to know where they came from and how they got to where they are today. Chances are many of your ancestors overcame considerable personal hardship in their lives and knowing that your ancestors had this tremendous inner strength can be a powerful motivator if you’re trying to understand your place in the world. If it were not for your ancestors, you would not be here today.

Genealogy is history on a personal level. Discovering this history helps people to satisfy a deep need to understand how they fit into the broader world around them. It is more than just a collection of single family threads passing through time but many lifetimes woven together from the past, present and the future to create one journey. Genealogy is not only now a favorite pastime, but it is also important because it lies at the heart of the human condition.

Family history is booming today as the internet and social media have meant that we have access to transcripts, high-speed indexes, and digitized images, and you can now do a lot of research from the comfort of your own home. Genealogy is an information-based activity, and in just a few hours you can achieve more than would have been possible a few years ago.

We also live in an age where many of us live in different cities, maybe even in different countries or on different continents, from where our parents or grandparents lived, let alone our ancestors from centuries gone before. We now routinely travel around the world, whether on business or for pleasure, visiting places our ancestors had probably never heard of making the history of our families far more interesting than it ever has been before.

It’s exciting to find out who has gone before you and to honor their stories. There is likely to be a history of heroes, black sheep, ordinary people, matriarchs and patriarchs, babies or children who died, and all those in the middle – they were real people, and their blood runs through your veins. You might even find out you’re related to someone like Rob Roy, the Royal Family or William The Conqueror.

Some people in your family will be interested in family history, so it’s good to preserve it for those who come after you. Kids might need to know about it for a school project, or they might have lots of questions.  

Are your children anything like you?  Are you anything like your parents? Blood is thicker than water, and when you look at your family’s past, you might be surprised at what looks back at you, and you can learn an awful lot about yourself, and it’s nice to feel like a part of something bigger than yourself.

Looking through family history can be families together through their shared history. While the whole family may not all be interested in everyone or everything, some of them are interested in someone or something. Quite often you’ll be surprised at how much people have to share themselves – a story, a document, a photo, a family artifact, or a question that can then put you on a whole new path of research. For the elderly members of your family who are suffering from memory loss, the memories from long ago are the last to fade.  While they may not remember their grandchildren’s names, they might remember their grandparents’ names.

The longer you wait to get information on your family history, your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and parents get older and people pass away. Their belongings then get scattered, and more of your history will fade into the mist.  Find out what you can from those who are still alive. Look around your house or theirs and see what has survived. You never know what you might find.

“Trees without roots fall over.”—anonymous

Our Half Term Plans

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Can you believe it is half term next week? I know that some of the country have had it this week but we are lucky enough to have it next week when everything will be a little quieter. What have you got planned for half term if yours is next week too?

We are having a lazy day on Saturday – relaxing and enjoying the first day off. We’re also heading off for a couple of days (with Mum keeping an eye on things here) so there will be plenty of content coming in the next few weeks about what we got up to! I’m so excited – it is going to be nice to get out and about with my little family because it has been far too long since we did something like this as a family. Steve also has to work some of the week unfortunately – getting the school all ready and sorted for when the kids go back the week after, so we’ve got to factor this into our plans. This happens every school holidays so we have to work around it as best we can – it isn’t always easy but we do try.

I’ve also got a few different errands I need to run and things I need to get done. I’m considering getting a good quality locksmith in to check over our locks – they seem to be working fine but get stuck every now and again and I want a professional to take a look and check everything is okay. I also want to get on top of my admin, get caught up with blog stuff and reviews and perhaps even find some time to get some more reading done. I’ve got a few books that have come in for review in the past few weeks so I want to get them read and get my thoughts drafted up. However, I might take advantage of going away and read them then!

Other than that, I want to chill and relax. It is going to be nice not having to do the school run for a week – it is my most dreaded part of the day because trying to get Jack up and out the door for school is an absolute nightmare. So I want to have some days where we just stay in and watch some movies, read some books and play some games. Not too much to ask, right?

Have you got anything nice planned for the half term? Or did you have half term this week? What did you get up to? I’d love to hear all about it.

30 Before 30 | An Update As I Turn 29

Yesterday I turned 29 – and it got me to thinking…how have I got on with my 30 before 30 list? If I am being perfectly honest, I had actually forgot about it – whoops! I have revisited it and am happy to see that I have managed to achieve a few – and let’s not forget I still have 364 days to complete as many of the rest as I can.


1. Finish writing my novel and hopefully get it published. If not, I plan on self publishing – This hasn’t happened. A lot has happened in the last few years and I just haven’t had the time.

2. Hopefully have another child or two. Will have to rely on nature for this one! – Yes, I’ve been pregnant twice since I made this list. Unfortunately one ended in a miscarriage, however if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have got pregnant with Olivia and have her in my life now.

3. Finish reading through my entire Agatha Christie collection. I have had some for almost 13 years, oops – Another one that hasn’t happened due to timing. Hopefully this year!

4. Finally get round to meeting Sarah. It will happen, people! – This also hasn’t happened yet but I would love to meet her this year.

5. Buy a house. This means a lot of work and a lot of saving. – I don’t see this happening before I turn 30.

6. Completely clear any debt we have. Except for the mortgage if we buy a house – I am hoping to go into my thirties debt free but this hasn’t happened yet.

7. Finish re reading all of the Point Horror books – I haven’t achieved this yet, mainly because I haven’t been able to source all the books yet and I am not paying silly prices on eBay for them!

8. Get married. Because, you know, we’ve been engaged a while now – Yep, this hasn’t happened but hopefully soon. We don’t need a big old wedding.

9. Visit Greenway, Agatha Christie’s home in Devon – This hasn’t happened yet but I love Devon, it could happen this year.

10. Make plans to go on the Orient Express. Perhaps this could tie in with a wedding, it would be a lovely honeymoon – This is so expensive, it is very unlikely to happen.

11. Visit Highgate Cemetery. It really intrigues me – I haven’t visited yet but perhaps this could be a day trip for the summer.

12. Watch our complete DVD collection. We’ve got lots of DVD’s and quite a few haven’t yet been watched… – This hasn’t happened yet but is actually much more achievable now as we decluttered a lot of our DVD’s.

13. Watch Dexter from beginning to end. I never watched it all the way through but I really want to – Not yet but I’ve still got 364 days and I am just finishing up the 9th and final series of Forensic Files on Netflix so who knows?

14. Finally finish watching Desperate Housewives all of the way through. I’m currently stuck in the middle of season 2 – I was actually doing well with this and then Sky removed the boxset! I am going to see if Virgin have it now we are back with them.

15. Actually do something with my YouTube channel. I’ve made 3 videos so far but still not quite brave enough to be on camera – Finally something I can say I have sort of achieved! There are definitely a lot more videos on my YouTube channel now but I haven’t done much on there for quite some time.

16. Visit the Harry Potter studios. I have no excuse, it isn’t as if they are that far from where I live – You would think I would have achieved this by now, seeing as it is down the road from me but nope. Hopefully this year!

17. Go and see The Mousetrap, a play by Agatha Christie – This has been on my bucket list for YEARS and yet I still haven’t managed it. Whoops!

18. Go to a book festival. Because I love all the books – I actually managed to achieve this a mere few weeks after writing my list – read all about my trip to Paris and a literary festival here.

19. See Derren Brown – This hasn’t happened yet and I am not too sure it will happen before I am 30.

20. Ride in a hot air balloon – I haven’t done this yet but there’s still time, right?

21. Watch every single film on a top 100 list – probably IMDB’s – A film every 3.64 days should make this achievable, right? Does it count as cheating if I have already seen some and tick them off as completed on the list or do I have to rewatch them? Decisions, decisions.

22. See the Northern Lights. I want to travel more, much more – This could happen, this could not. We are waiting on some money to come through and the Northern Lights is something that both Steve and I are interested in so who knows?

23. Go for afternoon tea with my Mum or best friend (or both!) – I’ve managed this! Read all about my afternoon tea at Moggerhanger Park here.

24. Write an article for a magazine or newspaper – This hasn’t happened as such. I’ve written for some different companies online and some online mags, I’ve appeared in a magazine but haven’t actually written an article for a magazine or newspaper as such. I’d count this as half a win.

25. Host a dinner party – I’d say this is an ish. Steve cooked a homemade Chinese buffet for family which I suppose counts?

26. Attend at least 5 gigs – Nope, this is a fail.

27. Visit the British Library – I wish I could say this had been achieved but no.

28. Start looking into my family tree again – I haven’t done this yet but it is something I am planning on doing this year.

29. Go to see a musical in the West End – I haven’t done this but my friend and I are planning to do so this year.

30. Learn something new. Whether it is a new language or how to sew.. just something new – I’ve definitely learned a few more things along the way since I originally wrote the list but nothing as good as a new language or how to sew. There’s always time though!

So I’ve got 364 days to achieve as much of this list as possible. How do you think I will do?