Saturday Six #1

I used to do round ups like this all the time back in the day – they were under many different names such as Link Love and stuff like that but I thought it was high time I brought it back. Each Saturday, I am going to share six blog posts from other bloggers that I really enjoyed this week!

Clem Onojeghuo

So what have I been reading this week that I absolutely loved?

This Lemon Drop Martini from Bintu at Recipes From A Pantry has my mouth watering! I definitely need to try one this weekend.


I am always looking to save money so these 5 ways to save money in 2018 from Sarah at Life In A Break Down were some very handy tips.


This Zagreb Ultimate Travel Guide from Miranda-Anosa at A July Dreamer has got the wanderlust in me burning again!


This post about Rhian’s stay in Edinburgh has got me wanting to head there for the weekend!


This Adexe Grande Watch review from Mel at The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover has got me considering one for Steve’s Father’s Day present!


Finally, this Splish Splash Seas water table review from Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse has got me thinking about playing outside this summer and what new outside toys we may need!


What posts have you been loving this week?


3 Ways To Improve Your Domain Authority

3 ways to improve your domain authority

There are so many posts out there about improving domain authority – and with the brand new introduction of the toolbar with DAILY updates, people are beginning to worry even more about it, much more then when it was a  monthly update. Mine has been steadily going up the past year, although the toolbar has seen it drop a couple of points,and I think I have a fair idea of how you can improve it without taking too much time on it – or worrying too much about it.

You might be wondering why domain authority means so much to some people. Is it a measure of success? Some companies look for a domain authority of a certain number or above which is why so many people work on it. Even companies themselves work on it, looking for affordable blogger outreach to help them in their mission.

One such post out there about how to increase your domain authority is from Lucy and it is a wealth of information, I suggest you check it out. There’s a wealth of blogging tips on her blogging site too – she really is a fountain of knowledge. So how can you improve your DA? Here are just three ways you can improve yours.

Write Good Quality Content

It sounds simple, right? But so many people rush posts out without taking the time to truly check them over. Be consistent in your quality – make your posts a resource that people want to come back to time and time again. Evergreen content is your friend.

I have a couple of posts that constantly get hits – some recipes, some parenting posts such as potty training tips. Depending on your niche, write good quality posts that people want to interact with and will be searching for. My recipes do well because people need to eat, my potty training posts do well because parents need to potty train their children and sometimes need advice.

People want to share good quality content and when they share, especially if they create a backlink to your site, that can help with your domain authority – which leads me to my next point.

Increase backlinks to your blog

Backlinks are extremely effective when it comes to DA and this can often be shown by the blogs that have been around for many years. Most of the blogs that have been around the same amount of time as I have average between 35 and 55 for their domain authorities which is absolutely incredible. They are all putting out amazing content but a thing to remember is that they have all those years of good quality backlinks too.

It is sad to say that linking to people just because doesn’t really happen as much anymore. I am always linking to my friends if I feel they have a relevant post – share the love and all that! This used to be so much more prevalent a few years ago but there are definitely still ways you can increase backlinks to your blog.

Andrew Neel

First of all, link to your own content. If you are talking about a subject and you’ve also slightly covered it in another post, link back to it in your new post! But if you’re wanting to get backlinks from other sites, how can you do this?There are two ways – guest posting and responding to crowdsourcing requests. Here are a couple of examples – I wrote a guest post for Becky from Your Modern Family here which gave her some content and got me a backlink from a very reputable and good quality site. Becky is a super blogger so I was super happy to get a guest post on her site.

I’ve also responded to crowdsourcing requests in Facebook groups and on Twitter. This is where other bloggers ask for opinions on a subject and may include your quote with a link back to you – here’s a Christmas themed one I was involved in and one about keeping fit when you have children. These are fun to get involved with and help everyone involved.

Work on your SEO

Search engine optimisation is something you should already be doing but this will really help when it comes to improving your DA score. If you are using it properly, you will appear in search engines – high in the search engines if you are optimising properly and know what you are doing – and this will increase the number of clicks to your blog. Make sure you are optimising all your images too with ALT text so people can instantly know what the post and image are about – ALT text on images is especially important for those with visual impairments.

Write good quality headlines that get people interested – use your keywords and sometimes (although I hate it) you have to be a little clickbaity to reel the readers in. Make sure your anchor text is relevant to the post you are writing – there is no point writing a post about domain authority like this then using your anchor text as ‘should already be doing this’ instead of the actual words ‘domain authority’ or phrase ‘how to improve your domain authority’ – do you understand what I mean?

These are just three ways you can improve your sites domain authority and what I find works for me. I try not to get too hung up on the numbers but will be working hard over the next few days to hopefully get the daily update to match my previous monthly score – I’ve been a bit lax on the above points recently so really need to get back on it.

What do you do to increase your domain authority if you are a blogger?

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Why I Love Blogging

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Blogging has been a huge part of my life these past seven years. It has enabled me to forge a career that I love, has enabled me to make some lifelong friends and has come a long way from when I first started, sitting in our little cottage at my desk wondering what to do. Since then, so much has happened. The blog has seen the birth of two kids, an engagement, a whole new career.

I love blogging for so many reasons but here are just a few:

You can make a living from it

Not everyone will want to and that’s fine. Some may do it full time, some may do it part time but the opportunity to make a living from doing something you love is there. Whether you rely solely on your blog, your social media or freelance on the side – something that has become possible because of blogging, the fact that you can make a living from it still blows my mind.

You can make awesome connections

I’ve made so many awesome friends and some great connections with people I’ve worked with, thanks to blogging. I’ve made connections I never thought possible and all through this tiny little thing I put on the internet one day. How cool is that?

There are so many different types of blog out there

You will never be bored. If you have an interest, there is bound to be a blog out there for it and perhaps even a whole community based around it. Whether you are interested in a general life blog, you’re a woman looking for fashion and beauty, you’re looking for a business blog with all the up to date news, a blog to give you advice or perhaps even to teach you a new skill, there’s bound to be one out there for you.

I am quite an avid reader of a wide range of blogs. I read parenting blogs, lifestyle blogs, beauty and fashion blogs, tech blogs, business blogs – the list is endless. I may not always do their tutorials or things like that – I read craft blogs but am the least crafty person I know – but I appreciate good posts and skills and like to read about them. Don’t you?

You can enhance your skills

I always wanted to write for a living but lost my way a little back when I was a teen. I’m now doing my dream job and find that I am building upon my skills each and every day. I also used to know basic html back in the day thanks to good old Myspace but as I blog for longer and longer and work on my site, I have taught myself more and more. I am by no means a html whizz but can fix certain things myself quickly now without having to get someone else to do it. Whilst I still wouldn’t call my pictures perfect and I am by no means a photographer, especially like some of the amazing bloggers around, I have also vastly improved in seven years through practice and newer equipment. I would never have built up on my photography skills without blogging so I have that to thank.

It gives you something to do

Whether you blog for fun or you do it for a living, the fact remains that should there ever be a time when you’re bored and want something to do, you can turn to your blog and write about literally anything. After all, it is your space to say what you want, do what you want. Want to talk about your favourite TV shows? Do it. Want to get your feelings out onto the page? Then do it, you don’t need any permission from anyone to do it – just do it if it is what you want to do.

These are just a few of the things I love blogging for – there is so many other things I could list too. What things do you love blogging for, if you’re a blogger? If you aren’t a blogger, what is it that you love about blogs? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below – what does blogging mean to you?

5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Wanting to boost your blog traffic? I’m always striving to boost mine, even after seven years, especially when I’ve had dips such as when I have had my children and taken some time off. But why would you want to increase your blog traffic? Some do it just because they like to improve on themselves, some like the stats, some are keen to get paid work from their sites. If you are looking to get paid blogging jobs, then you will always be striving to increase your traffic and stats for better chances of work. Many brands use blogger outreach services to find the best fit for their campaigns. So what ways have you been using to boost traffic to your blog recently?

Here are five ways I’ve increased my blog traffic over the years.

Guest Blog

Now I must admit I don’t manage to do this as often as I used to and I really want to get back to it. Not only do you provide another blogger with some great content when they need it – going on holiday, poorly, maternity leave, the reasons a blogger may need guest content is endless – but it also boosts traffic to your blog and helps your domain authority as people click through to see a little more from you. I’ve guest posted on various sites – some smaller UK bloggers, some big UK bloggers and some massive US bloggers and the traffic they bring is always great.

Social media is your friend

Have social media accounts? Utilise them! Try to remember that they are called ‘social’ media though and don’t just use them promote your content. Build your communities on them so people are interested in what you have to say on there and are more likely to click a link to your blog post – if you simply spam your feeds with links, you’re less likely to get people clicking through as it seems too automated, almost robotic. Also please make sure you have social share buttons on your blog, that they work and that they include your handles so you can see when people have shared your content. Make social media work for you!

Round ups/crowdsourcing can really help

These seem to be more popular now than they ever were when I first started out but a great way to get traffic to your blog is to respond to round ups and crowdsourcing requests. I am a VA for a food blogger and other food bloggers are always looking for content for their round ups – whether it be for seasonal recipes or recipes featuring a particular ingredient. If you see these requests, leave your link – there is a great chance you will be featured and this will drive traffic back to your site. Same goes for crowdsourcing requests – if another blogger is looking for responses on a topic you have content on or are quite interested in, leave a link or a quote and who knows? They may include you – yet again more traffic to your site should people click through.

Have evergreen content

Evergreen content is content that can be utilised all year round. I have a few blogging articles, some recipes, a potty training post – these consistently get traffic all year round, year in and year out. Evergreen content will always be a traffic provider so make sure you have some on your site. Whilst many blogging niches lend themselves to the here and now – beauty bloggers reviewing products etc – there are ways you can create evergreen content from this such as a guide to skincare or an explanation of what certain beauty terms mean. There is always a way to create some evergreen content, whatever your niche.

Create a product or a service

I haven’t created a product but I do provide some services – freelance writing, virtual assisting and proofreading. Whilst I have my own work website for these, I often refer back to this site on that site and in communication with possible clients. With people purchasing your product or service, they may be keen to find out a little more about the person behind it all – so direct them to your site!

These are just a handful of ways to drive traffic to your blog and I am always trying other avenues too. What avenues have you had success with?



The Beauty Of Blogging For A Business

You consider yourself to be a creative, innovative and motivated entrepreneur; these are just a few of the many reasons that you chose to set up your own business in the first place. What you haven’t yet realized are the powers that are available to you when you do become a business owner. Creating a business blog is not only an amazing way to invest in your business but it is always a way of investing in yourself. Blogging is a platform which gives you a voice to stand out from the others in your competing market. A blog can inform your target market on current topics and it is always an excellent creative outlet for you to utilize your writing skills. Setting up a blog doesn’t need to be a painstaking and time consuming task, you just need to go about things in the correct way and know how to use your blog in the optimum way.

Design and Development

Starting up a blog and coming up with an innovative design is one of the most exciting parts about becoming a business blogger. This is a chance to truly embrace your personality, creative flair and business brand so look into how WordPress development can help you achieve all of these things. Try and choose a color scheme which is going to reflect your brand message and ethos. For example, if you are a company which produces all natural, vegan beauty products then the color green would totally encompass your overall message. Make it easy for your potential clients to navigate smoothly through your blog. Insert a categories tab which groups together different blog posts which belong to a certain topic. A search bar is also a handy addition to every type of blog, so that your reader can find exactly what they want to read about.

Finding Your Niche

If you are unsure what type of things you are going to write about in your blog, then dive deeply into your original business plan. What makes your business different to all the others? What are you trying to sell to your customers? The answer will soon become obvious and you will have a niche topic that you can begin blogging about. It is so important to narrow your topic down into a niche category because it immediately wipes out most of your competitors. Your blog should aim to be the number one go-to for information on your chosen category so try and put a unique twist on it if you can.

Creating Content

Building and creating regular content for a blog can be extremely time consuming, but once you get the hang of it, it will soon become second nature to you. Are you running out of steam? Struggling to think of new topics? You could offer out a position as a guest writing on your blog; giving a platform to a creative writer who is interested in your industry. This will not only free up a chunk of time for you every so often, but it will also freshen up the angles on some of your posts, so that your readers stay intrigued.

Spark A Discussion

One of the best ways to engage with your target audience in a blog post is by sparking up some sort of discussion or debate. Be careful about bringing up more controversial topics as you don’t want to get any negative press from this. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to make your point of view and stances clear. Ask questions to your readers and leave the comment boxes open for discussions. Many readers love to scroll down the comments section on a blog post so that they can explore the contrasting options on a certain subject matter. Include social media share buttons on all of your blog posts too, so that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular platforms can see and comment on your content. You never know when one of your posts could go viral so keep trying to make that strong impact.

You started up a business because of your drive, passion and knowledge of your industry, so let the world know about it. Start up your business blog today and you will soon notice an increase in your sales and online presence. There is a reason why most business choose to start up their own blog and that is because it absolutely works. By sparking interesting discussions, posting innovative content and engaging with your potential clients and customers you could be setting yourself up for a hugely successful venture.