Why Steve Chose Vaping

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I’ve mentioned before that back when Olivia was just a few months old, Steve made the decision to quit smoking cigarettes – but he knew he couldn’t go cold turkey completely – it just wouldn’t work for him as he’d tried before and ended up going back to cigarettes.

After doing some research, he decided to opt for vaping as the next step. He had a few friends who vaped and who swore by it – they hadn’t smoked a cigarette since so he researched what to buy and started on his vaping journey. Even since Steve started vaping, the vaping scene has changed but he still likes to keep aware of the latest news and products, despite being a rare vaper now -he hasn’t entirely quit vaping but vaping helped him quit the cigarettes and he has slowly reduced his vaping consumption too.

A company we’ve recently been made aware of is KronicVapes. They retail a selection of vaporizers and vape pens, as well as CBD vape oil which wasn’t available when he first started vaping. Whilst doing his research, Steve was often finding some beautiful looking set ups and would switch vaporizers as and when he found one with a great design that was deemed to work better than his current setup. I feel that if he was still actively vaping as much as he used to, this Black Mamba vaporizer would certainly be on his list. Designed for dry herb vaping, this isn’t something he ever tried but I’m sure it is something he would have or may still do.

I didn’t realise but there are actually a number of different dry herbs that you can vape – I was quite naive and thought there was only the one that we all think of straight away. There are plenty of legal dry herbs that you can vape so make sure to do your research and see what ones you may want to try and that may benefit you. Lemon balm is one such herb that I found out about – it helps promote sleep, increase blood circulation and relieve headaches.

With CBD oil having been made legal as long as it does not contain THC, it is great to see companies such as KronicVapes retailing them in vape form. I know of a few people in my life who find CBD oil helps them with their pain and their health issues and I don’t begrudge them doing anything that can ease their pain a little. CBD oil is said to relieve cancer pain, treat childhood epilepsy and support mental health. I’m sure that if Steve was in pain, he’d consider opting for CBD vape oils over some of his other usual choices.

If you vape, what made you decide to start vaping? I’ve shared Steve’s story, I’d love to find out more about yours. Do you vape dry herbs at all or CBD oils or just general vape liquids? I’d love to know!

Stopping Smoking In 2019

Have you made many resolutions for 2019? What are they? One I’ve seen many of my family and friends swearing they will do in 2019 is stop smoking cigarettes. I stopped way back in 2009 and Steve stopped back in 2017, thanks to a little help from vaping.

So how can you stop smoking in 2019? I wanted to tell you about how Steve quit smoking. We’d had a tough time in our personal lives for a couple of months now and Steve was feeling a little weird – he wanted to lose weight, eat healthier and stop smoking to see if that made him feel better so he went on a real health kick. He looked into smoking cessation and found that many people recommended vaping as an alternative. It is much healthier and safer than smoking cigarettes/tobacco. He researched and researched and decided to buy himself some vaping equipment and vape liquid such as those available at dank! Vapes.

He slowly finished off the last of his tobacco (much cheaper for him to buy tobacco than packs of cigarettes) and purchased what he needed vape wise before making the jump. As I mentioned, he did a ton of research before jumping in so I’d recommend you do so too – using a reputable company such as dank! Vapes to start you on your journey.

Over time he slowly reduced the nicotine level in his liquid until it was the lowest it could be above 0 nicotine. He’s said he barely misses smoking now – he only misses it if he’s outside and the pub and everyone is smoking but he also knows he could use his vape for that if he really wants to.

Something else to consider is the fact that some people may want to use CBD oils now that oils under a certain level are legal in the UK – a move I think that is very popular. dank Vapes! offers organic UK CBD e-liquid for those wanting to use that in their vapes. With them being the UK’s number 1 online shop for high quality portable vaporizers, they definitely know their stuff. What is CBD? It is a natural compound which is extracted from certain hemp strains. It is non addictive, non toxic and non lethal and is becoming increasingly popular. It also has no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects unlike THC. If you are considering stopping smoking but want to use CBD e-liquids, this may be something to consider.

Is stopping smoking on your resolution list for 2019? How are you planning on trying to quit?




Raising Awareness Of Pancreatic Cancer

I don’t know about you but cancer has hit my family and friends multiple times over. I’ve lost family members to the disease yet also had family members survive and go into remission. Steve has had family suffering from the disease and we have also had friends suffer – some who sadly did not survive and some who are currently in remission. We’ve even ran to raise money for cancer charities in the past.

It is a dreadful disease and whilst everyone is aware of cancer, how many of us can say we know exactly what type of cancers there are out there? We all know breast, prostate etc but there are some rare ones out there too. One that isn’t rare but is still not as talked about is pancreatic cancer but from what I’ve read recently, the numbers of people being diagnosed with it is growing increasingly.

Pancreatic cancer can can affect the oesophagus, stomach and the duodenum (small intestine), pancreas, liver and the biliary. The patient’s treatment is dependent on the type cancer and how advance the cancer is including the age of the patient and their general health.

What I find truly devastating about this particular type of cancer is that it often doesn’t cause any signs or symptoms in the early stages which make it incredibly difficult to diagnose early – as it grows, it may start to cause symptoms. Symptoms can include: abdominal and back pain, indigestion, unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, changes to bowel habits and feeling and being sick among others. However, these symptoms could also perhaps be caused by something else entirely, something more common and even if you actually have pancreatic cancer, you may not have all the above symptoms. Regardless, if you are having some of these symptoms, a trip to the GP should be in order – it is better to go and find out it is nothing than to not go and it be something.

With it being so hard to diagnose, the disease is still considered to be largely incurable – although survival rates do increase from decade to decade however it seems more and more people seem to be being diagnosed with it. Research found that for all stages of the cancer combined, 20% is the one year relative survival rate with 7% being the five year survival rate. Shocking, right?

Pancreatic cancer hasn’t ripped through my family or friends yet and I hope it never does – but I think it is so important to be aware of the signs. I’ve found out a lot more these past few weeks as I have looked into it, did you know much about it?

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How Mature Women Can Get Into Shape At Home

Raising a family, going to work full-time, coming home to do the chores and many other things is part and parcel of being a parent. Doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, these things make up the modern way of life for both parents. Plenty is known about men’s fitness and how they can stay in shape. However, women’s fitness has only recently came into the forefront of popular culture. There always used to be an aerobics instructor on television in the late 80s and 90s but, this was only followed a small group of women. Nowadays, fitness for women has become one of the largest sectors in the fitness industry and perhaps has even eclipsed men’s fitness. So many women of all ages can now find their own perfect workout routine, that they can include into their lifestyle. The great thing is, the techniques and various workout styles have evolved and came into being that don’t require you to leave your own home to perform them. First things first, you need to make an area for yourself.

Find and create a space

Doesn’t matter where it is in the house, just create a place where you can workout in private. This could be in the bedroom, the garage or even outside in the garden. This place that you carve out of the home and call your own for an hour or so, should be spacious to the point that you feel comfortable doing all kinds of workouts. Things like push ups, sit ups, lunges, and different kinds of yoga and aerobics routines should not be impeded by a lack of room. The floor itself must be comfortable as you will be using the floor as a platform to help you during your workouts. Therefore you might not want to do this in your garage or garden where there is a hard surface. On the other hand, these places are viable as long as you buy a mat or something that will be flat and cushion your weight evenly.



Basic equipment essentials

For workouts at home, you need some very basic apparatus that will help you get the best out of yourself. Firstly, buy a yoga mat. This mat will be incredibly versatile and can be used for more than just yoga. The reason why this kind of mat is great for yoga is that it blunts the bodyweight when you’re unevenly balanced. For example, if a yoga pose requires you to be balanced on one knee, then the mat will spread your weight deep and evenly through the mat, while also not squishing or becoming too soft. This means you have traction and grip, helping you to keep your balance. On the other hand, the yoga mat is great for using as a surface to do push ups and sit ups on.

Dumbbells are another basic equipment that you should buy. Newer products designed for women can come in adjustable weights for the same dumbbells. For example, you can take the weight plates off and adjust the weight for each dumbbell to your liking. These take up less space and they are cheaper than buying different weight amounts per each dumbbell. Since they are designed for the upper body, they are versatile for different workouts. You might have strong with bicep curls but not have as much strength for shoulder presses. This is when the adjustable weights come in handy.

Resistance bands are another useful and versatile equipment. They can be used for any limb exercises such as legs, arms and even the neck. To use the bands doesn’t require a lot of room either, as they depend on your full range of movement or rather your space to move at your full range.

Follow a fitness professional

Now that you’re ready to workout and get into shape from the confines of your own home, it’s time to find out what are the latest exercises you can do. Obviously you’re not as young as you once were, so doing highly intense workouts is out of the questions; at least for the time being. Social media has become a great outlet for those that are professional fitness icons and want to motivate other people to also get into shape.

There are so many Fitness instagram to follow in 2019 but finding the right one for you is something you will need to discover. Some are personal trainers that upload parts of their workouts on the website, others will be more focused on various sports, and others will help you with different kinds of diet plans, fitness equipment and clothing. The key is to find someone that is going to be focus on your specific age group. If you are in your 30s your workouts won’t entirely be the same as for someone who is in their 40s. The same goes for anyone in their 50s and over, your workouts will be less intense and geared more toward things like joint health rather than muscle growth and toning.



Maximize your time

You still have tasks to do around the house and working, so when can or should you workout? Many people trying to get fit will get up early to do their workouts but the older you get, the more sleep becomes valuable to your health. So, you should workout when you can workout in the day but still keep your full schedule. This could be when you have come home from work, or perhaps just before dinner. The weekends are the most popular for mature women to get their workouts in as you simply have more time on your hands. Needless to say, maximizing the time you have to yourself each day will determine how much progress you make toward your fitness goals.

The first thing you can do to get started with your home workout routine is buy basic equipment. A yoga mat is by far the most versatile purchase you can make, but others like dumbbells and tension bands are great too. Find or create some space in your home where you can be left alone to workout and concentrate. Follow some fitness icons that make routines for people in your age group to help keep your enthusiastic.


How to Cope with Postnatal Depression

You’d think that coming home from the maternity ward with that sweet-smelling bundle in your arms would mean from now on everything is going to be sweetness and light. Unfortunately, for thousands of women, coming home after giving birth can be very stressful and emotional. Things are bound to be a little bit difficult as your body has gone through some amazing changes, you may have experienced traumatic labour and to top it all your life is never going to be the same again. Feeling low and exhausted are only natural, but it’s when these feelings continue for weeks and even months that you need to speak to your GP or health professional and get the right kind of treatment and support.

How You Might be Feeling

Talking to a professional about your feelings can be difficult. You’re a new parent, so you should be feeling on top of the world, right? Postnatal depression brings about a range of different feelings. You could be feeling pressure to be happy and excited, or that you have to be the world’s most perfect mum. You might be worried you’re a bad parent or that your baby will be taken away from you if you let people know how you’re really feeling. Asking for help is important, especially if you’ve slipped into using drugs or alcohol. You might need to consider drug rehab if this is the case.

How to Help Yourself Get Over Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression happens to as many as one in seven new mums. Sadly, it is a condition that is often ignored or missed. Medication can be used, but there are many more things you can do yourself to help you manage the condition. For a start, you need to look after yourself, be compassionate to yourself and think what you would do if your best friend was feeling the same.

Bruno van der Kraan

You wouldn’t leave them to deal with it all on their own. Instead, you would offer support and understanding. When you first come home with your new addition to the family, it can be difficult to get the right amount of rest, and when you do drift off to sleep, that little bundle seems to wake up and require your attention. Rather than trying to stick to your normal sleeping pattern, sleep when your baby sleeps and forget about the dishes that need washing or the pile of ironing waiting in the corner.

Part of taking care of yourself has to include eating regularly and healthily. It’s even more important if you’re breastfeeding as you need to keep your energy levels up. A healthy balanced diet includes lots of fruit and vegetables.

Exercise is something else that is going to boost your mood. We’re not suggesting a marathon or hiking up a mountain. Swimming or regular walking improves motivation and boosts your mood. If you want to give your social life a boost at the same time, see if there are any mother and baby exercise classes nearby.  

Relaxing is something that will help banish those baby blues. It’s also important for you to find something you enjoy doing that doesn’t involve your baby.

Life with a new baby can be very different from the life you enjoyed just a few weeks ago. It doesn’t have to be as traumatic as you think if you take the time to look after yourself and embrace the changes.