Thomas Sabo Jewellery | A Beautiful Gift For Mother’s Day

Item sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and we’ve been showcasing some items on the blog that we think your mums – or you – would love. Today I have a beautiful piece of jewellery for you – this gorgeous necklace from the Thomas Sabo brand store at

Priced at £99, it is an affordable piece of jewellery that the mother in your life will love. It is a Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Together Forever Heart Link Necklace, quite dainty and delicate so perfect for the woman who doesn’t like her jewellery to be too bulky.

I’ve known Thomas Sabo as a brand for many years and have never been lucky enough to own a piece of their jewellery – until now. They have developed a reputation worldwide for their hand finished creations and their stunning silver jewellery.

I am very much a silver girl – I own very little gold and the pieces I do own are sentimental pieces. Nearly all of my jewellery is silver, the odd piece white gold – so this necklace fits in quite well with the rest of my collection.

I was sent the necklace for review and I must say, I’m in love. The necklace features a simple white zirconia heart intertwined into a ring engraved with the words “Together Forever”. This could make for the perfect romantic gift or a loving gift to your mother or daughter. It is designed to represent an eternal bond between you and your loved one.

It has a lobster claw clasp which sometimes I find difficult to do up by myself but this was fairly easy to fasten. The necklace is delicate, feminine and just what I look for in my jewellery. I like my pieces to be understated and add a simple touch to an outfit rather than taking the whole focus.

At £99, this is an affordable gift for the woman you love but if money is a little tight, Very do offer you the chance to pay three monthly payments of £33 and you pay no interest. There is a representative 39.9% APR variable thereafter. They also offer free delivery and returns.

All in all, I am very impressed with this necklace. It’s a good quality, stunning necklace that I am lucky to own for myself. Part of me feels I should give this to my mum for Mother’s Day but it would sure be hard to give it away – so shall I keep it for myself?

Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts From Home Bargains

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We don’t have a Home Bargains close by – well, the nearest store is 10 miles away so about a half hour’s drive so when I do go past one, I do like to head in. This year they have some fantastic Mother’s Day gifts available for all of us shopping on a budget. Want to get more for your money? Then head on over to Home Bargains!

I know that both my Mum and mother in law would be happy to receive some of these items for their Mother’s Day gifts – and it wouldn’t break the bank for us either. So what kind of gifts do they have for you right now in Home Bargains?

Love frame – 99p

This frame is absolutely beautiful and I can’t believe it is only 99p! I believe that both my mum and mum in law would love these – especially as they could put pictures of the kids in them!Scrumptious Sweets Delicious Milk Chocolate Hearts – 79p & Chocolate Lollipop – 59p

Who doesn’t love chocolate on Mother’s Day? You don’t need to buy Mum a massive box of chocolates – these hearts and heart lollipop will surely do the trick.Circle Necklace – £1.99 and Diamond Compact Mirror – £1.99

If your Mum loves a little bit of jewellery or her makeup, these are some great gift ideas. Can you believe that the necklace is so affordable and what woman doesn’t carry a compact mirror in her handbag. These will be much appreciated gifts.Mothers’s Day Bunting 79p and Nan Keyring – £1.29

If you’re planning on doing something special for Mother’s Day, then this bunting is perfect for the decor and so affordable too at just 79p!

This keyring is something I know my mum would cherish – she lives for her grandchildren so would really love this and I’m sure other Nans across the country would too.
Harmony Bath & Body Set

This bath and body set is sure to go down a treat. What mum doesn’t love smellies as a gift? I personally love them as it means I don’t have to fork out my own cash on them. I know that the mums in my life would appreciate this.Cocktail Jar – £2.99

The final gift is something for the cocktail lovers in your life. My mum is a fan of Smirnoff vodka so I know she’d appreciate this gift – it is a glass with the ingredients needed for a Flamingo Berry Cosmo! You’d expect to pay around this amount for a Smirnoff miniature so to get a miniature, a mixer and the glass is fantastic for the price.

These are just a handful of the gifts available for Mother’s Day this year – what would you want out of the above items?

How We Are Trying To Be More Environmentally Friendly As A Family

We’ve recently decided in this household to be as environmentally friendly as we can be. We have been doing little things in the past but have never really tried as hard as we could. This is changing though, we want to do our bit to help save the planet. So what have we got planned to live more environmentally friendly as a family?

Recycling All That We Can

I’ve double and triple checked our local authorities website to see what can be recycled and we are literally recycling everything we possibly can. If it can go in a recycling bin, we are recycling it. For the stuff that local authorities don’t collect from us, we are collecting them up and taking them to collection points. Clothes to clothing banks, batteries to the drop off points. Jack has actually got a clothes recycling scheme collecting on Friday morning so we’ve bagged up a few bags for that.

Another thing we are doing is Jack is taking in our old cardboard and plastic to school as well for junk modelling. They are always crying out for material so I’d much rather it went to use at school or is popped in our recycling box than going to landfill because people can’t be bothered to put it in the right place.

Keeping The Heating Down

We don’t have the heating running pretty much all the time like some homes do – if it’s a little bit chilly, we put on a jumper. We only put the heating on if it is really cold – like the minus five degree weather from last week. This helps to save energy.

Conserving Water

This is something I saw my Dad do – mainly because he was a gardener and had plenty of items planted in his garden which needed watering – however this can be useful even if you aren’t an avid gardener as he was. A couple of years ago my brother bought my Dad a water butt as a gift and I think it is one of the gifts my Dad most appreciated in his whole lifetime as it was so useful. Whilst we don’t have nearly as much planted in our garden as my Dad did, I definitely think a water butt would be of use – perhaps one of these freeflush water butts – for when we need to water the plants in the garden or swill away the horrible poop left by animals that come into our garden.

A water butt is a container used to collect rainwater. In a rainwater harvesting system, water flows from the roof down a downpipe (drainpipe), through the diverter, and then into the water butt. You can then use the water for whatever you need it for – my Dad used it to water his plants and produce.


Changing Our Lightbulbs

This is something we’ve been doing for a while anyway but we’ve been changing all the lightbulbs in the house to more eco friendly alternatives. It’s the little things that can really help, it all adds up.

Buying Local

This is definitely something we could do better at so I am looking at the local farms and produce providers to see what we can buy locally. We already have milk delivered from a local business so it shouldn’t take too much to make some more steps towards buying more local produce.


Turn It Off

Finally, we are trying to make sure we turn things off when we leave the room or the house. Whether it is a light as we leave the room or all of the devices as we leave the house, this is something we really need to get better at. Do you have any tips on how to remember to do this?

What steps are you taking to become more enivronmentally friendly as a family?


A Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Idea From GiftsOnline4U

We were sent this item for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, both Steve and I have been thinking what to get our mums. We’ve finally come to a decision and just need to pick up some cards and some flowers now but it took a while to make a decision. You see, our mums are so incredibly hard to buy for – especially my mum – she’s only just had her birthday and Christmas just before that and now she’s getting more presents. They’re both creatures of habit so we struggle to think of gift ideas.

That’s why we’ve been looking at GiftsOnline4U. They have such a wide range of fantastic gifts, designed to make you smile. You can filter by occasion, by person – there’s even a section for Mother’s Day right now. There are plenty of gifts that can be engraved too so when asked if we would like to receive something for Mother’s Day, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I’d seen a few people reviewing their gorgeous engraved watches and whilst I think they are beautiful, I don’t wear watches enough to justify one. However, when the idea of some personalised Moet was floated, I knew that’s exactly what I would like.

I don’t often get a treat just to myself so was very keen to receive this just for me. Money is a little tight at the moment so I’m not expecting a present from the kids except for a homemade card and a picture – perhaps some flowers if Jack decides to get me some – so I decided this would be my Mother’s Day present to me. However I knew I wanted to get it engraved and when I spoke to Jack, he wanted me to get it engraved with the above message so I did.

This luxury gift looks absolutely fantastic with the engraving. Running your finger over it, you can’t even feel that it has been done, it feels just like the rest of the bottle. The message is engraved into the bottle and then filled in with gold so that your message stands out. You can use up to 90 characters over 3 lines and engravings are done in GiftsOnline4U’s unique font – this can be swapped for an alternative style though if you prefer. All personalisation is done in house.


Priced at £69.99 for a 75cl personalised bottle, this perhaps isn’t the gift for you if you are on a strict budget but if you are looking to treat your mum to something unique that she will really appreciate, then you really can’t go wrong. What woman doesn’t love a glass of pink Moet?

I adore the bottle and I’m actually loathe to open it and drink the contents – I will, of course – I’m planning to do so on Sunday whilst relaxing in front of a film but I will definitely be keeping the bottle afterwards as it is such a fantastic keepsake. The engraving is absolutely beautiful and I love that I have something unique to call my own – sometimes we all just want something that little bit different.

If you aren’t a Moet fan, there is plenty of other alcohol you can get engraved such as Champagne gifts, vodka, whisky, port and even sambuca. If alcohol isn’t for you, GiftsOnline4U have plenty of other fantastic gifts that may take your fancy.

What do you think of my gift? Isn’t it beautiful?

Degustabox | February

Box sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We were recently sent the February Degustabox. After a being a little underwhelmed with the January box, we couldn’t wait to see what this box contained. You can buy your very own box here. So what did we get – and more importantly, what did we think?

There’s such a wide variety of items in this months box – the product of the month this month was Primrose’s Kitchen muesli. What did we think of it?

Primrose’s Kitchen Raw Beetroot and Ginger Muesli – £4.99

I knew as soon as I pulled this out of the box that it would be mine and mine alone – Steve is not a fan of beetroot and I know Jack wouldn’t like the flavours of this. This muesli is the product of the month and is described as a vital and delicious combination of fresh English beetroot, zingy ginger, British gluten free oats and virgin coconut oil.

It is a zingy healthy breakfast option and I loved it. The fact that it is also gluten free is even better as it means my Mum can try it too.
True Nopal Cactus Water – £3.49

I am one of those people who doesn’t really like all the different waters out there – aloe, coconut etc. I always pass them onto Steve. This has half the calories of coconut water and no added sugar. This was refreshing and a great alternative to the stuff we normally drink.
Indie Bay Snacks Sunflower Pretzel Bites Superseeds – £2.49

Now I’m not always the biggest fan of pretzels but I could sit and eat these bites all day. They’re deliciously crunchy and have less than 100 calories per portion – a tasty yet guilt free snack, what’s not to love?
Dr Karg’s Organic Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed Crispbread – £2

Crispbreads are normally something I don’t like but these are ever so tasty – I think it must be the Emmental cheese flavour. These are made with wholegrain natural fire and have no additives.

Haribo Fruitilicious – £1.29 each

Now we were always going to be happy with these. We LOVE Haribo in this house so these were a very welcome addition. They are delicious and contain 30% less sugar than regular sweets but with the same taste. We loved these and had to stop ourselves from eating them all in one go.

The Protein Ball Co. Cherry & Almond – £1.99

I don’t eat protein bars or balls but Steve does, he usually has one after a round of golf so I gave these to him. He loves cherry flavours so these went down a treat. They have a handful of raw pitted dates, free range egg white protein, juicy sultanas and sour cherries. They are said to taste like Cherry Bakewells and they definitely do!Tootsie Roll Midgees – £2.50

We know Tootsie Rolls from across the pond and these were incredible – I had to stop myself from eating loads in one go and I know Steve did too. They’re super tasty but super moreish.KitKat Chunky New York Cheesecake Bar – 65p

We are big KitKat fans in this house – the New York Cheesecake flavour is something Steve and Jack both really enjoy so they shared it together willingly and happily.

Emily Crisps – 99p

I have seen these a lot on Emily Leary’s Instagram so was very excited to try them and I wasn’t disappointed. These crunchy fig banana crisps are made from only the finest and freshest produce and taste amazing. I’m a big fan of fruit and vegetable crisps and these didn’t disappoint.

What would be your favourite item from the box? I’d love to know!