Weight Loss Diary | Five Months In

Weight Loss Diary | Five Months In

Olivia is now five months old so it means I have been back at Slimming World for almost as long. I haven’t actually updated in about four months – whoops.

I must admit that I have been struggling to get back into the motivation to lose weight but that has actually all changed since Steve properly started the plan with me. I’m constantly uploading pics to my local group, I’m always posting on my Slimming World Instagram and our meals have been amazing. So since January, how have I been doing? Here you will see how I’ve fluctuated and how in the past few weeks I finally seem to be on track.


17th Jan- -11lb (this was after the birth of Olivia!)

23rd Jan- -2lb

31st Jan – +2lb (this was after my birthday so expected!)

6th Feb – +1lb

13th Feb – -1lb

28th Feb – +4lb 

7th Mar – -2lb

14th Mar – +1.5lb

21st Mar – – 1.5lb

As you can see, at this point I was really struggling. I was completely fluctuating and couldn’t seem to get my focus.

28th Mar – +4lb (No actual excuse for this at all, a very bad week!)

3rd Apr – +1.5lb

11th Apr – -3lb

17th Apr – + 0.5lb

25th Apr – + 0.5lb

From now on is when Steve joined and you can see the motivation return….

2nd May – Stayed the same

9th May – -2lb

16th May – -1lb

23rd May – -2lb

30th May – -2.5lb

6th Jun – -0.5lb

13th Jun – -2lb

It really does show that with some support and motivation, you can actually get back on track. I am now back at 10.5lb lost. I need 12.5lb to get back to my lowest weight on my SW journey and 3st 2.5lb to lose to hit my target – wish me luck!

A Healthy Meal Plan For The Week Ahead

A Healthy Meal Plan For The Week Ahead

Just yesterday I posted my weight loss diary for my first month back on the Slimming World plan. I have strayed quite a bit from the plan this week so I’ve decided that before I weigh in next week, I need a decent healthy meal plan for the week ahead instead of relying on convenience. It’s been a stressful week – Steve’s finally gone back to work and Jack’s come down with chickenpox – we’re having to do our best to keep him away from Olivia but of course, being only five he doesn’t quite understand.

Meals have been whatever me and Steve can be bothered to cook, if at all – so I need us all to get eating healthily again. So what am I thinking of having on the meal plan for dinners for the week ahead?

  • Wednesday – Diet Cola Chicken, cooked in the slow cooker with plenty of ‘speed’ veg that the SW plan calls for
  • Thursday – Roasted Vegetable Pasta,  pasta and plenty of ‘speed’ veg
  • Friday – SW Chicken Curry with rice & plenty of speed veg
  • Saturday – SW bolognese (I blend up lots of veg in the sauce) plus extra veg on the side
  • Sunday – Gammon with lots of veg and some sweet potato mash
  • Monday – Speedy chicken salad with a splash of light sweet chilli sauce

Hopefully if I can get my dinners back on track, I will start to feel a lot healthier in myself again and also start to see a difference on the scales. I’ve been looking at trying out some cheap Instant Pot recipes too. My breakfasts I know are on plan (I usually have Weetabix or some form of rolled oats) and lunches usually are too as I have a quick salad or a sandwich using the extras I get on plan for breastfeeding. It’s dinners I really struggle with so lets hope I get back on track this week – wish me luck!

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Weight Loss Diary | One Month In

Weight Loss Diary | One Month In

It is funny that I am writing this today when I haven’t actually managed to weigh in this week – probably a good thing after what I’ve been eating, I don’t seem to have got my head away from the ‘eating for two’ thing yet. So since I started weighing in a few weeks ago after the birth of Olivia, how have I been doing?

  • Week One 11lb loss, back to 6lb under my original starting weight from November 2015. This was my first weigh in since having Olivia and it was great! I was super happy to get back on track.
  • Week Two – 2lb loss,  8lb under my original SW. Still feeling good at this point!
  • Week Three – 2lb gain, 6lb under my starting weight. This was totally to be expected seeing as weigh day fell two days after my birthday – I always gain around 2lb close to my birthday.
  • Week Four – 1lb gain, 5lb under my starting weight. This was me trying to get my head back into it.. I was really struggling.
  • Week Five – 1lb loss, 6lb under my starting weight. I was surprised by this as I had both my mum and Steve’s birthdays 2 days before and I was certainly not on plan.

I haven’t managed to weigh in this week due to Jack having chickenpox but I would be intrigued to see what has happened – I would definitely be expecting a gain seeing as I lost last week (despite two birthdays!) and then we’ve had Valentines Day since then. I’ve weighed myself on my scales at home for some sort of idea which I probably shouldn’t done.

I did do well with some of my meals last week and really got my head into the game until Steve and my mum’s birthdays came along but I need to get my head back into it again this week and kick my weight’s butt before weigh in next week. Wish me luck!