Weight Loss Diary | 20th & 27th June

I recently posted my weight loss diary describing my weight loss from January to June – you can read it here. I’ve weighed in twice since then and am weighing in again tomorrow. I was on a losing streak for a while – having Steve on board with me has really helped as we have been cooking some delicious healthy SW friendly meals that we can eat together. Lunches have been pastas, salads or little noodle pots that are low in syns. So how well have I been doing these past two weeks?

Well..the week of the 20th could have been really bad. We went on a last minute four day break to Hopton in Norfolk and didn’t really stay on plan at all – but we were on holiday, after all! I was quite surprised and happy to only come out with a 2lb gain!

The week after I had hoped to lose 3lb – getting my 2lb gain from holiday off and then some. However both Steve and I found it a massive struggle to get back onto plan and although I still lost 1lb, it wasn’t quite what I wanted. We haven’t struggled as much this week but if my scales are correct, I’ve only lost half a pound which although it is still a loss, still doesn’t get me back to pre holiday weight. Today is going to be a very speedy day – salad for lunch, salad for dinner and lots of water I think!

Here’s hoping the scales tomorrow tell a different story, eh?

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