Weigh In | Week 2

You are probably thinking wow, her week 2 is a long time from her week 1 and you’d be right. We headed off on our trip away quite happily and I was all ready to update you on the Friday with how I got on after lots of great tasting but not necessarily good for me food and a ton of walking.

Unfortunately my body had other ideas. We had to cut our trip short on the Tuesday as Steve was feeling so unwell (we were coming home on the Tuesday but we were going to head into Bath and explore there before coming home – that didn’t happen) and then one by one, we all fell victim to whatever this bug was. Jack managed to recover quickly and was okay to be back at school on the Monday afterwards but Steve, Olivia and I just couldn’t shake it off and I only just managed to start feeling normal again around Wednesday last week.

With my friends birthday meal and a few other things going on, my food choices haven’t exactly been the best. I didn’t have much appetite, if any appetite at all, when I was ill and when I was hungry, I just wanted good tasting stodge – not necessarily the best thing for me. With that in mind, I stepped on the scales this morning having got back on the diet and was pleased to see that I had in fact lost 1lb, in fact just under 1.5lb.

I’m pleased with this because even though my food habits haven’t been the greatest because I just wasn’t up to making delicious healthy dinners (I spent a lot of time in bed sleeping!), I have been walking a lot more and I think it definitely shows.

I can’t wait to get back on track properly this week and see what results I can achieve. Wish me luck!


Weigh In | Week 1

I wrote a post last week, titled Time To Take It Seriously. I talked all about my weight loss journey so far and how I have been feeling recently. I also talked about why I am starting on another weight loss journey and what I would be doing. I also forgot to add my starting weight in that original post so I am including it here at the top of the post.

I must admit I was quite shocked to see this starting weight – the heaviest I have ever been in my life (even when pregnant!). I now know what I need to lose and how I’m going to go about it. But how have I been getting on with the Tesco Ultraslim range and the evening meals?

I must admit that I did find it quite difficult at the beginning – I love a good breakfast so switching to a milkshake was a bit of a shock to the system. We’ve tried all the flavours and I like them all except vanilla, that is far too bland for my liking. I am finding them filling and I am not even considering a snack until late morning. For my morning snack, I tend to have a snack bar. Lunch is usually a meal replacement bar or a milkshake, if we run out of bars. I then have fruit for an afternoon snack and a tasty low calorie meal for my evening meal.

This week we have been quite adventurous with our evening meals. What I’ve loved about this is that although I am opting for low calorie meals, it does mean I don’t always have to cook from scratch – I can pick up something low in calories from the shop if pushed for time and still know I am being good. This week I picked up the Co-Op Whole Mexican Chicken and paired it with some salad, another day we had a chicken breast with roast potatoes and veg and another, pork chops with a cheese sauce, chips and peas – all within our calorie range. I’ve been considering getting an air fryer a lot recently – for ease and to make some dishes a little healthier. I really want to try some dishes like this crispy air fryer chicken breast that I discovered over on Bintu’s blog.

I weighed myself Monday morning and was pleased to see that I had already lost a couple of pounds. However I knew we had a planned meal out that evening at Prezzo and whilst I was going to try to be good, the food was just too tempting and I opted for cheesy garlic bread to share with Steve, mozzarella dippers to share with Steve, a mushroom risotto for my main and honeycomb cheesecake for dessert. Weighing myself Tuesday morning, I knew that the weight would have gone back on but I enjoyed myself and that is what counts. I did get straight back on the plan though and have been consistently on plan since.

I weighed myself this morning and am pleased to say that I have managed to lose that 2lb again. Perhaps if I hadn’t had that meal out on Monday, it might have even been more! Going ahead, I’d like to lose 1lb this week – we are going away for a little bit so won’t be keeping to the plan 100% but we will be doing plenty of exercise so I think 1lb is a reasonable amount to strive for – I’ll be very happy if I get more.

I’ll keep you updated next week!

Time To Take It Seriously

Over the years, I have been up and down on my weight loss journey. I started off on my latest weight loss journey in November 2015 and managed to lose over a stone and a half – then pregnancy with Olivia took its toll..

I then carried on eating and eating, stopped exercising as much, got back on plan, got off of plan, got back on plan, got off plan and have been off for quite a while now since my village group closed. I feel I need that to be accountable and was rather shocked when I weighed myself recently and was heavier than when I first started this journey back in November 2015. I knew I’d been bad – but not that bad.

Inspired by Michelle’s post here, I’ve realised it is time to take it seriously. I’ve got at least five stone to lose and want to lose quite a bit of that before the village fun run which is around May time. I hated being so unfit last year and yet this year, I weigh even more. Something has got to give. I’m starting to get out of breath doing simple things, I feel lethargic a lot of the time. I need to do something about it.

Jennifer Burk

So today me and Steve started something new. I’m still going to be using some of the Slimming World recipes to make my meals but we are giving another diet plan a go. I can be really good with my meals but I’m really bad at snacking so we’ve decided to give the Tesco Ultra Slim range a go. It is a milkshake in the morning, one of their snacks or a piece of fruit mid morning, one of their meal replacement bars for lunch, one of their snacks or a piece of fruit in the mid afternoon and a normal low calorie meal in the evening. I’ve only started today and am feeling rather fulfilled already – I am not feeling the need to snack and am drinking more water. I’ve heard that sometimes when you think you are hungry, it is actually because you are thirsty and I would definitely say that seems to be true so far.

So this is where I am, starting today. I forgot to weigh myself this morning so will weigh myself tomorrow morning and use that as my starting weight which I will include in another post in the next few days.

Here’s to losing this five stone! Wish me luck.


Why I Decided To Rejoin Slimming World

Why I Decided To Rejoin Slimming World

Now don’t take my title the wrong way – I haven’t left Slimming World and decided to come back to it. I even decided to weigh in last week on Boxing Day. However I made the executive decision to do something drastic and rejoin. This means I lose all my previous progress, get a new book and card and new logon. Now losing my progress didn’t bother me – I did lose over a stone and a half on the plan but then I got pregnant with Olivia and the weight piled on and I just haven’t stopped putting on. Something needed to change. I was going every week to be told I was putting on weight – I just wasn’t following the plan properly.

I knew plenty of people would be rejoining my local group today and I wasn’t wrong – plenty of people needed the fresh start. The only thing I am sad about is losing my pregnancy and SW Race For Life stickers but my lovely consultant has said she will see if she can find some and give them to me for my new book, yay! My weight loss journey has been up and down and I needed to do something about it.

Why I Decided To Rejoin Slimming World

So why have I decided to rejoin?

I am not comfortable with my weight. I can feel myself getting more and more lethargic. My legs, especially my knees, are feeling the pressure of increased weight. I am getting out of breath more quickly once again.

I need to lose it. My BMI is too high, I mentioned above that I am feeling breathless and lethargic more often – I need to do this for health reasons.

I want to encourage my children with their healthy eating. How can I preach healthy eating if I am not doing it myself?

I want to feel more confident in myself. I felt confident when I started to lose the weight and I want to get back to that again.

I’ve set a mini target of 3lb for next week and am hopeful to achieve it. I’ve been to Iceland today to pick up some of the Slimming World ready meals – especially their brand new beef and vegetable lasagnes – and I am going to read the magazine tomorrow for some meal planning inspiration. I’ve got 4 stone 6lb to lose – it’s quite a lot but I am hopeful that I can achieve it, especially with Steve’s support as he is on the journey too.


Weight Loss Diary | 20th & 27th June

Weight Loss Diary | 20th & 27th June

I recently posted my weight loss diary describing my weight loss from January to June – you can read it here. I’ve weighed in twice since then and am weighing in again tomorrow. I was on a losing streak for a while – having Steve on board with me has really helped as we have been cooking some delicious healthy SW friendly meals that we can eat together. Lunches have been pastas, salads or little noodle pots that are low in syns. So how well have I been doing these past two weeks?

Well..the week of the 20th could have been really bad. We went on a last minute four day break to Hopton in Norfolk and didn’t really stay on plan at all – but we were on holiday, after all! I was quite surprised and happy to only come out with a 2lb gain!

The week after I had hoped to lose 3lb – getting my 2lb gain from holiday off and then some. However both Steve and I found it a massive struggle to get back onto plan and although I still lost 1lb, it wasn’t quite what I wanted. We haven’t struggled as much this week but if my scales are correct, I’ve only lost half a pound which although it is still a loss, still doesn’t get me back to pre holiday weight. Today is going to be a very speedy day – salad for lunch, salad for dinner and lots of water I think!

Here’s hoping the scales tomorrow tell a different story, eh?