Our Travels In The UK | A Day Out At Woburn Safari Park

During the school holidays, we always want to do something fun. You may have seen that we are trying to get around the UK on holidays and days out so we chose to go to Woburn Safari Park which is just a short drive away from us.

The park is open daily from 10am-5pm with it closing at 6pm – the gates to the car safari close at 5pm though so if you want to go round again, make sure you are there before then. The park is accessed in your own vehicle and you can choose to go round the road safari or head straight to the foot safari and make your way around the park. We chose to go round the road safari first, then head into the park itself , then we did one final loop of the road safari before leaving.

Tickets are reasonably priced – we didn’t have to play for Olivia as children aged 0-2 are free of charge, you only pay from ages 3 and up. If you buy online before your visit, you can get a slight discount which is what we chose to do. You just need to choose the date you will be visiting, we booked the night before. Adult tickets are £23.99 each and child tickets are £16.99 each. A great price when you consider how much you get to see.

We decided to head round the road safari first. In the road safari wild animal reserves, you head first through the Northern Plans which contain bison, zebra and wild horses. You then head through the Savannah Grasslands where the rhinos, wildebeests, cattle, buffaloes, elands and antelopes are.

The Kingdom of the Carnivores is next – they have an eight acre enclosure with Amur Tigers. Next is perhaps Steve’s favourite part of all – the mixed exhibit with Canadian Timber Wolves (his favourite animal) and North American Black Bears – we actually had a bear walk right alongside our car! Finally, you head to the 32 acre enclosure of the beautiful African Lions.

After this, you go through Giraffe Junction which has a herd of the critically endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe. Our trip was amazing – the giraffes crossed the road right in front of us!

Finally you head through the African Forest with plenty of cheeky monkeys! We saw them jumping around and playing and saw many taking a ride on the cars in front of us which the kids found very funny!

Once we left the road safari, we headed to the foot safari and parked up before entering the park. The park is extensive with plenty to see and do. There were plenty of places to stop for food and drink and many toilet and baby changing facilities dotted across the site.

There are plenty of different sections to visit – Desert Springs with meerkats, mongoose and porcupines is just one of them. We headed into the Australian section to see emus and wallabies – Olivia was so cute and tried to act like a wallaby! We then headed over to the Elephant Meadow and were lucky to see a talk – and both Olivia and I got to touch an elephant – Jack couldn’t quite reach and was very disappointed so hopefully we can visit again soon and he will get the chance!

We went and booked tickets for the Sea Lion Cove later – this is an extra £1 per person so not exactly breaking the bank although we did not have a good experience with this. It combines an indoor sea lion pool with a 3D cinema experience. We were alerted that it was just a 2D cinema experience when we entered which was fine and we were told that they would go and get the sea lions to come in.

Now we completely understood when the member of staff came back and said that the sea lion was refusing to come in so there’d be no talk or show today and just the cinema experience but they were so uninterested and unapologetic, it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths – many people left before the cinema experience started, I assume to get a refund because they weren’t getting what they paid for. Our kids enjoyed the cinema experience so we were okay (although disappointed with how blasé the member of staff was about the situation).  There were some people who had big groups of people though who would have paid £10+ for something they weren’t getting so I totally wouldn’t have blamed them for going and asking for a refund. We headed outside to see the sea lions and only one was lazing around doing nothing – the others were all happily playing and swimming.

Penguin World was a fab place to visit – we happened to be there when it was feeding time which Olivia loved and they came up close, right up to the gate. This was perhaps Olivia’s favourite part!

We were very lucky in the Land of the Lemurs with a lemur walking right in front of us. We also managed to stumble in there just at the right time as a talk was going on – we were quite lucky on our trip as we managed to attend quite a few of the talks!

There’s a number of other sections to visit in the park although we didn’t quite manage them all – the park is so big and there is so much to see and do that we struggled to fit it all in around time to eat and drink too! We will certainly be heading back at some point though as the kids want to go on the pedalos on the lake too!

We had a fantastic day out. The tickets were affordable as were the food and drink options and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I hope to head back in the summer to discover even more of the park.

Have you ever been to Woburn Safari Park?

Celebrate Easter At Mead Open Farm From April 8th-22nd | Review

We were gifted with a complimentary family ticket to Mead Open Farm so that we could take part in the Easter activities.

Back in October, we visited Mead Open Farm for their Halloween events and we were very excited to be offered the chance to check out the Easter events they were holding this April between the 8th and the 22nd. Based in Billington near Leighton Buzzard, Mead Open Farm is known as the family farm and always has plenty to see and do. But we were there to check out the new Wizard of Oz Easter event and see some of the cute baby animals that you come to expect at this time of year.

Visiting The Animals

Both the kids absolutely love animals, especially baby animals, so it is little wonder our first stop was to check out all the animals that had recently been born. We also bought some animal feed as we entered the farm which the kids had lots of fun feeding to the animals – Olivia chuckles away when she is feeding them!

It was so amazing to see the newborn lambs and piglets. We actually arrived in the barn just after a lamb had been born and the mother was still expelling all the blood and everything from themselves. Not exactly the most pleasant sight to see, I’ll admit, but seeing a lamb in its first few minutes was pretty incredible! We also watched in awe as the little piglets played together – who knew they could run so fast? They were all playing together and burying themselves with each other in the hay.

Checking Out The New Wizard Oz Easter Event

The new Easter event is based around the Wizard of Oz. You do the walkthrough with a selection of other families and interact with recognisable characters such as Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion and even the Wizard of Oz himself!

The walkthrough proved very popular with the group we were with. The children were so excitable and really loved interacting with all of the characters. Olivia especially loved waving and even high fiving some of them – although she was confused by there being a face in a tree! The members of staff all did their job well and managed to keep a straight face despite the children’s jokes and chat.

The Other Easter Activities

There were a number of other activities being held throughout the day for the Easter timetable. As well as the walkthrough, there’s a fab show called The Blizzard of Oz, times on the Sky Trail, Rock Wall, Bunny Hop and Go-Karts. There was a fantastic tractor ride and even the chance to bottle feed older lambs.

There was also a lambing update, pony grooming and a Chicken Chat which we managed to attend. Steve proved to be a bit of a know it all when they asked roughly how many eggs a year a chicken will lay! He actually knew the answer – do you know the answer? The kids loved seeing the rooster and chicken, stroking them and feeding them! I loved interactive activities such as this, getting to know animals a little bit more.

Our Final Thoughts

We had a fantastic day exploring Mead Open Farm and checking out the Easter activities, seeing the beautiful animals. We always love our days out at Mead Open Farm and can’t wait to go again soon. We made sure to get some photos of Olivia with the Easter Bunny and also got a picture of the kids with the ‘I Had A Pigtacular Time At Mead Open Farm’ sign.

We finished off our day with ten minutes in the playground. The playgrounds are extensive with plenty of things for kids of all ages – Jack had fun in the bigger playground whilst Olivia had some fun in the smaller playground. It was a lovely end to our day at the farm.

Have you been doing any Easter activities over the Easter holidays?

What To Do Over A Free Weekend

Collaborative Post

Sometimes in life, you may find that you have a weekend coming up that’s completely free. And in such a busy world, when you have that window of freedom, it can feel incredible. But, at the same time, you really won’t always want to sit down and do nothing for two days straight! Sometimes, it’s fun to plan in something spontaneous or fun for you to do. Let’s take a look at a few ideas for you…

  1. Go To Dinner

First of all, why not go out to dinner? Because it’s nice to be able to spend time with your loved one  or friends to just let your hair down and have a bit of fun!

  1. Have A Movie Marathon

Or maybe you do want to actually stay in? Then why not think about having a bit of a movie marathon? Pick a theme, grab some snacks, and just enjoy yourself.

  1. Visit Family

If you’re someone that doesn’t get to see your family all that often, it can be really nice for you to think about heading out and seeing them when you have the time. There’s nothing like arriving for lunch or surprising them when you have a spare day. So this could be really rewarding for you.

  1. Go To A Show

Finally, you might also want to go out and see a show in the West End – especially if you never get to treat yourself to this! So take a look at the below infographic to see which show you might want to see.

Infographic Design By theatre tickets

Visiting Paradise Wildlife Park Over The Half Term

We were kindly gifted with a family ticket into the park. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Paradise Wildlife Park is one of our favourite local places to go as a family but we hadn’t been since long before the World of Dinosaurs opened. When offered the chance to review a day out at the park, I just had to say yes to see what had changed and how Olivia reacted now she is a lot older and really into animals.

We decided to visit over half term – with Steve working at the school now and Jack there full time, it had to be a day we could all go so we found a date and headed over. We headed over fairly early and managed to pick a day when it seemed fairly quiet to begin with and steadily built in numbers. I like it when it isn’t too busy earlier on in the day as there isn’t a few people all clamouring to see the same animals.

We headed to see the birds first – they were all incredibly beautiful and Olivia loved waving hi to them all!

Olivia did keep yelling’ammals’ though so we headed through to see the other animals in the park. Olivia got incredibly excited to see all the monkeys, big cats and all the other animals the park had.

Olivia really loved the big cats, roaring and growling as we looked at the lions, tigers and cheetahs among others. Jack loved seeing the monkeys as always, especially the gibbons as they swung from one side to the other on their ropes.

It was so nice to introduce the kids to some animals they may not have necessarily seen before (or don’t remember seeing!). We, of course, had to get the kids to pose by the penguin scale and see which penguin they were most like in size and my son, being the poser he is, couldn’t resist posing with the Halloween decor that was dotted all around the park.Even before you visit the World of Dinosaurs, the park is great fun for the whole family. There are plenty of animals to see, various activities and experiences such as feeding the parakeets at certain points of the day, watching the animals be fed, listening to a person who works there talking about a specific animal. There are numerous places to eat and a variety of slides, swings and other playground equipment for your child to play on, should you wish to take a breather.

The kids were thoroughly entertained and loved seeing all the animals, Olivia especially as animals – all animals – are her new favourite thing. We knew we had to visit World of Dinosaurs before we left and went in with very high expectations, having seen incredibly positive feedback on it all over the internet. We weren’t disappointed. Jack loves dinosaurs as does Steve so I always knew they would enjoy it and whilst I thought Olivia may be a little scared of the dinosaurs, she loved them and relished the opportunities to interact with them – you might even catch her little giggle at the end of our YouTube video at the bottom of the post!

The World of Dinosaurs was absolutely fascinating. The kids were in awe of the different dinosaurs and the movements and sounds they made. It definitely makes a great addition to an already fantastic park and the kids loved taking a slow walk around to look at them all. They also very much enjoyed visiting the dedicated gift shop in the World of Dinosaurs with Olivia coming out with a cuddly dinosaur and Jack getting another toy dinosaur for his collection.

We’ll definitely be visiting again, especially to see the dinosaurs again – we might even take some of Jack’s friends next time!

Before we left, there was just some time for Jack to act like a gorilla and then we headed home, happy after a fun and fab family day out.

We are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful place so local to us and will definitely be heading here again. Be sure to check out the video below for some snippets of the World of Dinosaurs!


Have you ever visited Paradise Wildlife Park?

Enjoy Some Halloween Fun At Freaky Funfest At Mead Open Farm

We were kindly gifted with a free family ticket to attend Freaky Funfest at Mead Open Farm for the purpose of this review.

Running from the 20th of October to the 31st of October, the Freaky Funfest at Mead Open Farm is definitely not to be missed. We headed there last weekend to see what was going on and to have some spooky fun with the kids. We also, of course, had to go and see all of the fab animals – well, it is a farm, after all!

Freaky Funfest is their annual Halloween event which offers six amazing haunted attractions! The NEW Scary Tales, the NEW Tiny Terrors Tractor Ride, NEW Haunted Hotel, Farm Fun, Pumpkin Carving and Indoor Play. With only a few days left, you don’t want to miss it! Prices are £13.95 for adults, £12.95 for children, £13.25 for seniors, £11.95 for disabled + carer and free for under 2’s. A very affordable day out for sure.

Visiting The Animals

Now as you can expect, we had to visit the animals when visiting Mead Open Farm. It was great as Olivia is finally at the age where she is really interested in things and she was so excited seeing all the different animals. She actually learnt the word ‘animal’ whilst we were there and had great fun joining her Daddy and brother in feeding the goats, finding it utterly hilarious as they tickled her hand as they ate all the animal feed up!

Jack has always loved visiting farms – he is a big animal lover and it was so nice to see him and his sister bond over the animals – chatting away about them and him trying to get her to say their names and the noises they make. She was very excited to see the ‘Moo’s!’ as she called them and as a big Peppa Pig fan, loved seeing the pigs and making the noises they make.

As you can see, there are lots of animals to see including bunnies and llamas too (or ‘arma’s’ as Olivia keeps calling them!)

The Halloween Events

Of course, it was important that we checked out the Halloween events so off we trotted to see what they had to offer. Olivia especially liked the Tiny Terrors Tractor Ride where we rode around in the tractor and had to point out the monsters. She really got into the spirit of things, trying to yell MONSTER with everyone else all the time. She really enjoyed the ride which was great to see. She was perhaps a little too young for some of the other Halloween events but she was very brave and barely got scared (although one of the characters did make her jump in Scary Tales!)

Jack loves Halloween but can be a bit of a scaredy cat so there were times when he grabbed me as he was frightened but ultimately enjoyed the experiences – he is someone who enjoys being frightened. A few of the following photos aren’t of the greatest quality as the experiences were pretty dark so I didn’t have the best lighting (and I wasn’t going to use Flash as that would defeat the object of it being dark and scary!)

When it comes to Halloween experiences, you want them to be spooky and scary, make you jump but intrigue you and make you laugh too. Jack and Olivia thoroughly enjoyed all the different things we could do – especially the tunnel that felt like it was rotating, Olivia wanted to go back on it! They really enjoyed squeezing through small spaces and trying to help find missing spiders and go to spooky birthday parties!

The rest of the farm

After being thoroughly spooked out, the time came for us parents to rest whilst the kids had some fun in the fantastic and rather large playground they have by the exit. It was no surprise to see children running about on it – it was a lovely day and there was so much to do in the playground!

We also grabbed a drink each from the restaurant but didn’t grab any food although it all looked delicious and the restaurant seemed very busy!

Overall we had a fantastic time at the Freaky Funfest and definitely think you should check it out if you’re in the area – it is running for another few days until the 31st! Steve and I have even been considering attending the Howl – for adults only!

Have you attended any Halloween events so far this year?