My 2019 Travel Bucket List

With Jack having started back at school and Steve having started work at the same school, holidaying this year doesn’t seem very likely – no matter how much we want it to be. Having Jack in the school meant only using school holidays – or taking the fine!! – but with Steve there now as well, school holidays are the only option.

We are lucky enough to know that we are going to have a little bit of spare money soon to be able to go on holiday and I can’t wait for the time to go away to arrive, even if it is going to be in 2019. But we do have a few places we are hoping to visit during 2019 – one or two for actual holidays and a few for mini breaks. So what’s on my 2019 travel bucket list?


Jack has seen the adverts constantly on TV and knows that a few of his friends have gone recently so really wants to go and see what Butlins has to offer. My friend works for their parent company and says that he will absolutely adore it so we really want to get him there at some point next year.


I must admit that Fuerteventura wasn’t a place I’d always considered until I saw some friends and family go there this year. It seems like the perfect place for families with so many activities to do, plenty of gorgeous beaches and lots of sunshine! We really hope to travel abroad so this may just be the location we choose.


Of course, this is the other option that always features on our lists. Steve’s sister lives there and his brother may be moving back out there so this will always be on our travel bucket list – one day we will get there, hopefully 2019 will be that year.


Lake District

I’d love a mini break in the Lake District – I was meant to be heading there this summer but plans seemed to fall through which was a shame. Luckily they did though as Steve had to start his new job when we would have actually been away. I may not have managed to visit the Lake District in 2018 but hopefully 2019 will be the year I get my mini break.


This is the dream holiday – hopefully we will get there one year. It is the one place Steve and I have both always wanted to go to – to see the Northern Lights, to see the geysers. It just seems like a beautiful country and if we can manage it next year, I’d love to go.


Finally – and probably the most unlikely – we’d love to visit Canada. Steve’s grandfather was Canadian and his ‘auntie’ lives out there so we’d love to go and explore the country ourselves and see where his family came from plus visit the people we know whilst we are out there. It would cost a pretty sum but if we could manage it, it would definitely be way up on the list.

Here’s my 2019 travel bucket list; I am aware I probably won’t manage all but even if I manage a couple, I’ll be a happy girl. Where do you want to head to in 2019?


How to Plan a Surprise Holiday for that Special Someone

If you love going on holiday then you will know what a fantastic experience it can be. After all you have the sun, the sea and the sand, not to mention that you have the most important people around you. If you want to plan a holiday for that special someone as a surprise however then you have a lot to think about because if you are not careful then they will find out and the whole thing will be ruined.

Choose a Destination

Your first decision should be choosing the destination. You need to think about whether you want to stay local or whether you want to go abroad. The decision you make will really depend on what jobs you both have and even the time that you can afford to take off work as well. Nothing good ever came from planning something at the last minute because you will probably have a logistical nightmare on your hands so try and buy yourself as much time as possible. When choosing a destination, try and choose something that really stands out as being something your other half will like.

Make the Arrangements

This is where things can get awkward. You have to think about your reservations and you also have to think about how you are going to get there as well. If you have kids then you can’t just get up and jet off to another destination so you will have to plan with your family to find out when they can take care of your child where possible. You can even look into things like “how much does a private jet cost?” as this will help you to make the best possible decision regarding how you are going to get there, how long it is going to take you and even what time you are going to fly at as well.

Your Cover Story

Your other half is probably going to know that something is up. You will need to have a good cover story and you will also have to make your plan so that it is realistic enough as to not raise any red flags. The last thing that you want to do is keep on changing your story because if you do this then they will suspect that something is up and this can ruin the whole surprise. Think about telling them that you are going to visit family in another country or even that you have won a getaway to a not -so-nice cabin somewhere. When you convince them of this, you can then see their face as you pull up to the real destination that you have planned the entire time.

So there are so many ways that you can surprise your loved one with a vacation but all of them require perfect planning and a good cover story. That being said, if you are able to pull the whole thing off then you can easily give them one of the best experiences of their lives!


Booking A Family Holiday – How Will We Get There?

It has been so long since we’ve had a proper family holiday now – and we are determined to get one in before the end of the year – whether it is in the UK or somewhere in Europe – further afield if we can afford it. Something that we have been discussing for quite some time now is the possibility of going on holiday with more than just the four of us. We’ve discussed it with friends who have children similar in age to Jack and also talked about going on holiday with some of our family. Steve’s cousin actually has a villa in Spain and his sister lives in Tenerife so these are two such places we’d consider going as a large family group.

The problem is getting to our locations on holiday. Whether we holiday in the UK or Europe, it would mean plenty of vehicles with people and luggage – which equals to a lot of fuel and quite a bit of parking if we choose to go abroad. Something we have actually considered in the past is hiring a coach or minibus to transport us all, including luggage, to where we need to be. Of course, holidaying in Europe means a lengthy drive but with plenty of drivers in the group, that needn’t be a problem.

Enter SMC Coach Hire. They are a team who have over 30 years of experience working in the transportation industry and are now one of the leading suppliers in the UK. They offer standard minibuses, executive and luxury minibuses, executive and luxury coaches and accessible vehicles, catered to group sizes from a handful to 75. They really do cover all bases – you can hire them for a theme park day out, a day trip, a sports trip or a weekend trip. European tours, UK tours, airport hire? They do it! You can even hire them for stag and hen dos, weddings or corporate events. This is definitely handy for the days out we go on – we often find ourselves having to take a couple of different cars.

They even offer discounted tickets to all Merlin attractions which is handy for people who love Merlin attractions as much as we do!

With us looking to book a holiday sooner rather than later – and with the potential of there being more than the four of us – it makes sense to look into the services we may require. I’m so ready for my new adventure – I love travelling but don’t get to do it too often. Steve loves travelling too and I do sometimes regret we haven’t done more travelling whilst the kids are little. I’m keen to get more adventures in with my family and friends and maybe this will be the start. I’ve already got an extensive list of places I want to visit and holiday in, both in the UK, in Europe and further afield.

For now, I am still in the deciding stage of where to head to on holiday – once that’s decided, I’ll need to make transport arrangements and SMC Coach Hire may just be my first port of call. Have you had a holiday or been travelling this year? Where are you keen on heading to next time you go away?

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A Day Out At The Flamstead Scarecrow Festival

It has been a few years since I went to the Flamstead Scarecrow Festival. We didn’t manage it last year and ended up driving around it the year before as we didn’t realise the weekend it was on until late on the last day. Back in 2015, we walked around and I posted about it here. This year, I made sure we actually got to head around the festival on foot, looking at all the fantastic scarecrows and voting for our favourites.

As always, I made sure to have a little money for the voting form but we took drinks and snacks – despite being tempted by the hog roast and the ice cream van! When we visited in 2015, we paid for a voting form so we could choose our favourites.

The money from the festival is all for charity – this year they are raising money for the local church to save the roof – and I am always happy to support charity, especially local ones but I do think things could have been worded better on the signs – as all that is mentioned on the site is paying for your voting form and an optional programme as far as I can see.

But enough about that. We took a walk round the village, checking out all the scarecrows there were and taking some photos. As we headed to the exit at the end of our day out, we chose our top 3 and put their numbers on the voting form. Here’s hoping our favourites get plenty of votes!

Overall we had a lovely day out looking at the fantastic scarecrows the people of Flamstead had to showcase. It is a unique day out in our local area and I look forward to visiting again next year.

Do you have any unique events that happen where you live?

Try Something New This Year With A Day Out With Track Days

So many of us start the year planning on trying something new but how many of us can actually say that we have actually managed to achieve that eight months into the year? I bet the number is fairly low. I know I promised myself I would try something new and I am yet to do so and I bet the same can be said for plenty of you too. So why not change it up in the final few months of the year and try something new?

For some reason, certain things are often seen as male orientated. I’ve tried many things in the past that are generally seen as predominantly male focused and I’d like to change that – why can’t they be seen as experiences for females too? The problem is society and not the companies or days out themselves though who are more than happy and in fact excited when people of both genders participate.

One such thing is track days and driving experiences. You hear of so many men being bought a day out by their significant others or their children and see their pictures of their fantastic day  out strewn across social media – but how often do you see women participating in such days out? That isn’t to say that women aren’t interested or that they don’t participate in these days – you just don’t see much of it or see it online when they do.

Track days and driving experiences aren’t just for men and the people over at Track Days are hoping to get more women to take part in the driving experiences they have offer. There are so many driving experiences that you really would be spoilt for choice. If I could drive, a driving experience would be at the very top of my list and it is something I have considered in the past for my female family members and friends. You may know that I love to enter competitions and I am always entering for fun and unique experiences for me and my friends to do – we’ve been to some really random but incredibly fun experiences – I’m always searching for another thrill.

It cannot be denied that women love a supercar – and there are plenty on offer for driving experience days such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches – so if your dream has always been to get behind the wheel of one such car, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity? Likewise if a woman in your life has always wanted to rev up an American muscle car or try out one of those beautiful cars made famous in the movies, this would surely be a fantastic gift option for her.

I know it is only August but with Christmas fast approaching, you are probably already thinking about gift options for the people you love. Why not consider a day out with the girls, getting to drive some fantastic cars and have fun while doing so? Perhaps you’ve got a hen night or a big birthday approaching. If you are looking for something a little more special to do, then surely this would be of interest.

With our family and my friends planning to have plenty more days out together before the end of the year, this is certainly going to be on the list of things we might do, among some other fun unique opportunities.

Have you ever done a track day or driving experience? If not, is it something you’d be interested in doing?

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