Our Travels In The UK | Weston-super-Mare & Cheddar Gorge

This year, we are making it our aim to visit plenty of places in the UK during the school holidays. As Jack is at school and Steve works at said school, we are very restricted on when we can go away but we are determined to get away at least for a couple of days each holiday.

It has taken me a while to get round to writing this and publishing it but the first place we visited this year was Weston-super-Mare in the February half term. We went down on the Friday and returned home late on Sunday. So what did we do?

We booked into a Premier Inn because we find them super affordable and perfect for our needs. The room was spacious, the kids loved their beds and we loved the breakfast the next morning!

When we got to the hotel, we took a few minutes to relax before getting our bags from the car. We then chilled out in the room for an hour before heading into Weston-super-Mare itself, driving around and taking a look at the old pier before visiting the Grand Pier and heading onto the beach. We also grabbed some chips to eat on the pier and they were so good!

We were very lucky to be on the beach just as the sun was setting which was a beautiful sight to see and I managed to get some great shots of my little family!

We then headed back to our hotel room and to the restaurant next door for our dinner. Unfortunately we weren’t very impressed with our meals – my burger was completely burnt (now I like chargrilled as much as the next person but this was just burnt) but it filled a gap that we had. Then we talked about our plans for the next day which was to head to Cheddar Gorge.

Our Trip To Cheddar Gorge

The next day we were up and early, ready to give Cheddar Gorge a visit. We knew that there was going to be a lot of walking – in and out of the caves and of course, up those many steps to Jacob’s Ladder. We thought we would tackle the caves first.

We loved seeing the little goats just chilling on the cliffs, such a cute sight to see as we parked up!

The caves were absolutely fascinating – we learned so much and the kids loved looking at everything. Steve was really interested too and we made plans to stop at the cheddar shops before we left. We saw the replica Cheddar Man which was great – do you know the story?

Cheddar Man is a human male fossil who was found in Gough’s Cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England. The skeletal remains date to the Mesolithic (ca. 9100 BP) era and it appears that he died a violent death. Experts believe that the man may have also been suffering from a bone infection. He was excavated in 1903 and he is Britain’s oldest complete human skeleton. The remains are kept by the Natural History Museum in London in the new Human Evolution gallery and a replica is in place in Cheddar Gorge itself.

We also headed to the museum across the road which was quite small but kept everyone interested for a while.

Before heading to Jacob’s Ladder and tackling the many steps, we thought we’d take a little walk around the area, grabbing a bite to eat for lunch and buying some cheese and some cider from the shops there. It was very scenic and extremely beautiful.

We finally decided to tackle Jacob’s Ladder and the Lookout Tower.

To get up to the Lookout Tower, you need to climb the 274 steps that make up Jacob’s Ladder. You’ve then got to climb the 48 steps to get to the top of the tower. The climb is definitely worth the effort – there are some fantastic views of the Mendips and the water meadows of the Somerset Levels.

The 274 steps can be a little daunting and we were very grateful for the four strategically placed breaks in the steps to catch our breath – we definitely took advantage of these! After the tower, you can continue on the cliff top walk – we did a little way but turned back as, by this time of the day, Olivia was exhausted and neither me or Steve fancied carrying her over rocky ground.

Olivia and I decided not to head up the Lookout Tower but Steve and Jack did and took in some amazing views. Jack had home learning to do which was read a book in a random/unique place – he certainly did, choosing to read at the top of the tower!

After descending, we took a slow drive back to the hotel, exploring the area that little more and taking in the landscape. As you can imagine, both kids quickly fell asleep as they were so tired from all the walking!

We headed back to the hotel room before heading out for dinner then went back and fell asleep very easily before heading home slowly on the Sunday.

Weston-super-Mare and Cheddar Gorge were fab places to visit and a great start to our travels around the UK. Have you ever been to either?

What You Need to Know Before Booking a Trip to Peru

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Peru is an amazing country. It is one of the few places on earth where you can experience virtually every type of ecosystem. Of the 103 ecosystems known to exist, Peru has 84 of them. You can also experience 28 of the 32 official climates present on the planet. So, there is no doubt that it is a fascinating place to visit.

If you would like to go there, here is a summary of what you need to know. The practical things you will need to get organised if you wish to experience the wonders of Peru.

Sorting out a visa

You definitely need a visa when visiting Peru. This is the case for most nationalities including travellers from North America and Europe. However, it is issued on arrival. The immigration office decides how long you can stay. That can be anywhere between 30 and 183 days. You need to keep the document you are given and hand it in when you depart Peru. If you have overstayed your visa, you will be fined.

Travel insurance

When travelling to Peru, it is best to invest in a good travel insurance policy. It is a very safe country, but things can occasionally go wrong. If you have an accident or fall sick you want to be sure that you can get the treatment you need.

At the very least you need a policy that provides coverage for evacuation costs such as transport to a care facility. Also, check that the cost of repatriation is included. Being transported back to your home country accompanied by medical personnel is horrendously expensive.

Peru is a land of adventure. Depending on where you are staying you can go white water rafting, climb, surf, paraglide, ski or sand surf. In fact, the list of high energy outdoor adventures you can have in Peru is a long one. It would be a shame to miss out on all of those experiences just because your travel insurance does not cover you for these types of activities.

Resi Kling
Your passport

Everyone except citizens from a few Central and South American countries needs a valid passport to enter and exit Peru. Importantly, that passport has to be valid for 6 months beyond the date of your planned departure from the country. It will also need to have 2 blank pages available to receive the entry and exit stamps.

Vaccinations you will need

Officially, for your Peruvian holiday, you do not need to have any extra vaccinations. However, it is wise to speak to a medical professional before deciding what to do. Outbreaks of dengue, diarrheal disease, hepatitis A and B, leishmaniasis, malaria, rabies, tuberculosis, yellow fever, and Zika all occur, from time to time. So, you may wish to take steps to protect yourself from these diseases.

Planning where to go

The fact that Peru is a relatively large country that is not particularly well connected via public transport means that you need to plan your trip carefully. It is best to go online and download a map. Marking where you want to go on it will help you to work out what order you should be doing things in.

Celebrate Easter At Mead Open Farm From April 8th-22nd | Review

We were gifted with a complimentary family ticket to Mead Open Farm so that we could take part in the Easter activities.

Back in October, we visited Mead Open Farm for their Halloween events and we were very excited to be offered the chance to check out the Easter events they were holding this April between the 8th and the 22nd. Based in Billington near Leighton Buzzard, Mead Open Farm is known as the family farm and always has plenty to see and do. But we were there to check out the new Wizard of Oz Easter event and see some of the cute baby animals that you come to expect at this time of year.

Visiting The Animals

Both the kids absolutely love animals, especially baby animals, so it is little wonder our first stop was to check out all the animals that had recently been born. We also bought some animal feed as we entered the farm which the kids had lots of fun feeding to the animals – Olivia chuckles away when she is feeding them!

It was so amazing to see the newborn lambs and piglets. We actually arrived in the barn just after a lamb had been born and the mother was still expelling all the blood and everything from themselves. Not exactly the most pleasant sight to see, I’ll admit, but seeing a lamb in its first few minutes was pretty incredible! We also watched in awe as the little piglets played together – who knew they could run so fast? They were all playing together and burying themselves with each other in the hay.

Checking Out The New Wizard Oz Easter Event

The new Easter event is based around the Wizard of Oz. You do the walkthrough with a selection of other families and interact with recognisable characters such as Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion and even the Wizard of Oz himself!

The walkthrough proved very popular with the group we were with. The children were so excitable and really loved interacting with all of the characters. Olivia especially loved waving and even high fiving some of them – although she was confused by there being a face in a tree! The members of staff all did their job well and managed to keep a straight face despite the children’s jokes and chat.

The Other Easter Activities

There were a number of other activities being held throughout the day for the Easter timetable. As well as the walkthrough, there’s a fab show called The Blizzard of Oz, times on the Sky Trail, Rock Wall, Bunny Hop and Go-Karts. There was a fantastic tractor ride and even the chance to bottle feed older lambs.

There was also a lambing update, pony grooming and a Chicken Chat which we managed to attend. Steve proved to be a bit of a know it all when they asked roughly how many eggs a year a chicken will lay! He actually knew the answer – do you know the answer? The kids loved seeing the rooster and chicken, stroking them and feeding them! I loved interactive activities such as this, getting to know animals a little bit more.

Our Final Thoughts

We had a fantastic day exploring Mead Open Farm and checking out the Easter activities, seeing the beautiful animals. We always love our days out at Mead Open Farm and can’t wait to go again soon. We made sure to get some photos of Olivia with the Easter Bunny and also got a picture of the kids with the ‘I Had A Pigtacular Time At Mead Open Farm’ sign.

We finished off our day with ten minutes in the playground. The playgrounds are extensive with plenty of things for kids of all ages – Jack had fun in the bigger playground whilst Olivia had some fun in the smaller playground. It was a lovely end to our day at the farm.

Have you been doing any Easter activities over the Easter holidays?

Why Tenerife Is The Dream Holiday For Families

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Tenerife enjoyed an incredible 6.18 million visitors in 2017-  it was by far the most popular of all the Canary Islands and it’s easy to see why!

The island caters for holiday-goers of all ages, making it the perfect destination for families. If you’re looking for a spot to take your little ones this summer, here’s three reasons why you should put Tenerife at the top of your list:

  1. Sun, Sea and Sand

Many regard the beaches in Tenerife as some of the best that Spain has to offer. There’s plenty of them to choose from and three of the most popular family-friendly ones are Playa del Duque, Playa de los Cristianos and Playa Puerto Colón.

Another huge plus is that Tenerife enjoys glorious weather all year round. That means you can enjoy a swim in the ocean and a spot of sunbathing even in December and January and the weather gets even hotter when it comes towards May, June and July!

  1. Kid-Friendly Activities

The beaches of Tenerife are all great spots for exploration and if the kids fancy a break from building sandcastles, there’s also playgrounds, shops and water sports (like diving and jet skiing) to entertain them.

However, if you want to try something a little bit different there’s also the opportunity for exciting activities like star gazing and whale watching, which is sure to keep the kids of any age happy!

The entire island is an incredibly family-friendly destination. There’s even resorts that cater directly for kids, like Green Garden Resort which has tropical gardens, sparkling blue pools and toy zones (adorably named ‘Tots Boulevard’) that are all included in the price of the stay.

  1. Delicious Cuisine

Sampling the local cuisine is one of the best things about going away on holiday. However, for families with young children, fussy eating habits can make this a potential problem.

Tenerife is famed for its dishes of the freshest seafood, wild meats and plantain, and the island even boasts two Michelin-starred restaurants!

However, you’re sure to find meals that your children will love too! There’s plenty of tapas on offer and your kids can sample mouth-watering dishes like papas arrugadas with mojo (a Canary Island specialty) and churros de pescado (the local version of battered fish).

For guaranteed sun, access to family-friendly facilities and delicious food, Tenerife ticks all the boxes. No wonder it’s so popular with tourists all around the world! If you’re stuck for ideas on your next summer holiday spot, this island is sure to have something for every single member of the family.


Spending More Time Travelling Around The UK

This is a collaborative post.

Something Steve and I decided this year was that we wanted to spend more time travelling around the UK. We hadn’t been for a break since summer 2017 and we decided that each school holidays, we’d go away – even if just for a couple of days. We also want to take many more day trips.

We actually headed to Weston Super Mare in the February half term for a couple of days, visiting Cheddar Gorge whilst we were there. It was so lovely to spend some time discovering exactly what our home country has to offer. Whilst I love going abroad too, there is just something about holidaying in the UK – there is so much to see and do and I’ve still got so many places round the UK that I would love to see.

Steve normally drives to our destinations but we’ve considered taking the train for some of our trips. especially day trips. We are lucky enough to have a multitude of train stations within easy reach of our village so a trip on the train is totally feasible. For our day trips, the train makes much more sense than taking the car as car parking and fuel can cost such a lot – whereas anytime tickets for the train are super affordable and flexible – they can be used all day!

Resi Kling

So what places have we got on our list this year? Here’s just a few:


We actually meant to visit Bath on the last day of our Weston Super Mare trip but we were all coming down with a bug so decided to come straight home. It is a city that has always fascinated me so I’d love to check it out.


Another fascinating city, this would definitely require an overnight stay as it is a long way to travel. Steve is interested in visiting York too so I am hopeful that this will be ticked off the list this year.

National History Museum, London

I have been wanting to take Jack here for a while so I hope to get the chance to take him either in the Easter holidays or the summer holidays. He is so keen on learning that I think he would find it such an interesting place.

Isle Of Wight

Although I’ve been to the Isle of Wight before, I’d love the chance to explore the island a little more. I’ve only seen what a small part of the island has to offer.

Will you be travelling round the UK more this year? Are there any particular places you’d recommend visiting?