Ideas To Help You To Stay Healthy When You Travel

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We all know that getting out and about to travel, as long as we are well enough to do so, can have a lot of great benefit to us. We get to experience new places, new cultures, different food, good weather, and just make some wonderful memories that help us to see the world in a different way. But travel can be stressful, there is no getting away from that, as well as it being a little detrimental to our health, depending on where we go and how we travel. So if you are planning a trip this summer, or are just looking to make your next trip, whether at home or abroad, a little less stressful, then read on for some tips to help you to stay healthy when away from home.


One of the most important things that you can do when you travel is to sleep (or at least sleep as much as you can). Our bodies need a lot of rest at normal times, and even more when we are physically travelling, and having to cross time zones. Throw in a break from routine, being more active, walking, and lugging about luggage, it can make such a difference when sleep is a priority. Listen to your body to make sure that you are getting enough.

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Learn the Lingo

If you are going abroad, then one of the best ways to beat the stress that travel can bring you, is to have a pretty basic knowledge of some key words. This can help you to read signs, ask for help, and check things out on menus (especially important if you have allergies or specific dietary requirements). It can sound like a small thing, but knowing what the word for ‘danger’ is can make a difference between having to call someone like Robinette Law’s accident lawyers or not. There are apps like Google Translate that can help, but making an effort to learn a few things is key.


If you are away in the summer, then there aren’t many places that are going to be cold. So the chance of dehydration and getting things like sunstroke can be much higher in summer. Carrying a water bottle with you all of the time can be a good idea, so you know you’ll always have something ready to drink. Your body will thank you, that is for sure.

Cut Down Alcohol and Sugar

Alcohol and sweet drinks, as well as sweets, are packed full of calories. So not only is weight gain a factor with this kind of thing, it can also interrupt your sleep, as well as your overall well-being when it leads to things like hangovers. Too much alcohol and not enough water can dehydrate, and too much sugar can deplete your energy stores and impact your blood sugar levels. We all want to have fun when we are away, of course, but if you want to stay healthy and well when you’re away, moderation really is the key.

A Wonderful Day Out At Carters Steam Fair

We were gifted with free rides and food and drink for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Who doesn’t love a funfair? I know I do – and my kids do too. Something I really love is vintage style funfairs with carousels and rides like that. When offered the chance to come and review Carters Steam Fair who were in my area this past weekend, I just knew I had to say yes. It sounded like a dream come true for me and I knew the kids would love the day out. It has plenty more dates for the rest of the year so be sure to visit if it is coming near you!

Carters Steam Fair is a traditional English travelling steam fair. Their rides date from the 1890’s to the 1960’s and they have spent the last 40 years rescuing and restoring vintage fairground rides whilst taking them around London and the South East for the public to enjoy. Carters Steam Fair itself actually started in 1977 when John and Anna Carter bought the Jubilee Steam Gallopers that they still operate today.

Carters Steam Fair are unique in the fact that the engines, rides and transport all have absolutely beautiful signwriting, lining and traditional fairground decoration from Joby Carter and his team. He is a leading expert on the traditional craft of sign writing and fairground art and hosts training courses at the Carters Yard throughout the year which I think is incredible.

We arrived and headed over to the token booth to pick up our pack which enabled us to our free rides for the purpose of review. You can also buy tokens here or around the site from one of the many machines and you can even buy tokens online and take advantage of special deals! The rides are very affordable – the tokens are 50p each and the smaller, toddler rides are around £2 to £2.50 in tokens with the bigger rides a little more.

We were gifted with twenty free ride tokens so we could give a fair review of the rides they had to offer, two tokens for candyfloss, two tokens for a hot drink, two tokens for Hook-A-Duck so the kids could both have a go on the sidestall and a VIP ticket for a token deal should we wish to buy more.

There are many rides on site and Jack and Olivia did their best to try them all, although some even Jack wasn’t quite brave enough to try! I’m going to talk a little about the rides below.

The Jungle Thriller Ark is suitable for both adults and children and costs 5 tokens per person. This can go quite fast and can get quite busy as there are plenty of different animals and things to sit on. The ride speeds around and rises up on ‘hills’, much like waltzers do. Jack really enjoyed this ride.

The Jubilee Steam Gallopers is the oldest ride the fair owns, built in about 1895. The ride is gentle and is suitable for all ages although smaller children should be accompanied by an adult. This ride costs 5 tokens per person and was one that both kids really enjoyed. It truly is a magnificent piece of art too, so many beautiful designs and excellent craftmanship.

Jack was much braver than me and gave the Chair O Plane a go. This is for those who are over 1.1m in height and costs 5 tokens per person. This ride dates from the 1920’s and is a rare example of a working vintage Chair-O-Plane. Jack loved it although did a look a little bit worried by the speed and the wind when he was up there, haha!

The Mini Octopus was one of the kids most favourite rides. It costs 4 tokens per person to ride and two people can fit in a car. It is suitable for pre school age up to around the age of 6 although Jack did go in too and he’s 7. It spins you around and takes you up and down and both my kids loved it, especially being able to ride together.

Toytown was probably one of Olivia’s favourite rides! As you can see, she went on it quite a few times. It costs 4 tokens per person to ride and you can ride a train, a tractor or even a horse! It is a great little ride for little ones.

The Autodrome can fit quite a few people in each car and the kids loved going round, steering the wheels like they were driving it themselves.

Somehow the kids managed to persuade me to take them on the Hurricane Jets – they are suitable for all ages but young children need to be accompanied. It costs 5 tokens per person and is lots of fun as you control how high you go with the lever in your jet. The ride flies fast and high and as you can see, my kids really enjoyed it!

The boat ride is for sailors under 1.1m in height and is 4 tokens per person. Young children can be accompanied by an adult. The boats slowly glide around as the children pretend to sail in them and both my children loved the ride.

We didn’t manage to get on all the rides and did go on some such as the Ghost Train but didn’t take photos. I couldn’t believe that the gentleman in the above pictures was actually powering this particular ride by hand – amazing!

We had a wonderful time trying out the rides and also checking out the sidestalls, especially the Hook-A-Duck where both kids left with a little prize. There are a number of side stalls including a coconut shy, arcade and shooting salon.

Steve and I also found the living wagons absolutely beautiful – I’m sad I didn’t actually take photos of any but you can see just how beautiful some of them are here. There are also a number of beautiful vehicles to check out. I mentioned early on in the post that I find vintage funfairs so beautiful and this funfair was both a pleasure to the eyes and to the soul, my kids had an amazing time as did we.

If you find that Carters is coming to your area, please do consider visiting. You won’t be disappointed.

Long Road Trip with Young Kids, Terrible Mistake or Money-Saving Saviour?

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Summer is finally here, and most of us are looking forward to a long-awaited summer break. If you are lucky enough to be leaving the country, you are probably starting to think about how to keep your kids entertained at the airport and on the plane, and preparing them for different foods and warmer weather. But, for many of us, that isn’t an option. 

Instead, the only way that we can afford to get away is by taking a long road trip in this country. Throwing your family and luggage into the car and heading off to a beach somewhere miles from home can seem like the perfect alternative. It’s certainly a lot cheaper, and you are unlikely to have to worry about scorching temperatures. But, a long drive, with very young children? Let’s take a look at some things that you can do to ensure your road trip isn’t a terrible mistake and is just a fab way to spend time with your family while saving a fortune. 

Check Your Car

A journey with young children can be hard enough. But, imagine what would happen if your car broke down? Picture yourself sitting in the hot sun with hot, hungry and tired children, waiting for someone to come and help you. It would be awful. 

If you’ve recently bought a car with help from Really Easy Car Credit it should be fine. But, taking it in for a service and performing a few basic car safety checks for yourself can never hurt. 

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Pack Snacks

One of the best ways to keep children happy is food and drink. But, at the same time, you don’t want to feed them so much that they are sick, or fill the car with sticky treats and hyper inducing sugars. So, be sensible with your choice of snacks. A few sugary treats are fine, but add some healthy options too, and make sure you’ve got a cloth to wipe sticky fingers and a bag for rubbish. 

Plan Stops Along the Way

As an adult, it’s always tempting to power through and try to get to where we are going as quickly as we possibly can. We’ll put up with tired legs and achy backs, we’ll be a little hot and hungry if it means we reach our destination a little sooner. But, our children might not be as happy with such conditions. Plan some stops along the way so that they can stretch their legs and get some fresh air. 

Take Your Time

Planning stops is great, but don’t make anything firm. Don’t pressure yourself to hit targets and get to your stops on time. Drive comfortably and try to enjoy it. 

Add Some Entertainment

Kids get bored. You might enjoy looking at the scenery and having a chat, but your children will quickly get bored. Ideally, they’ll nap, at least for a while. But, when they are awake, you need things for them to do. Tablets and TV shows are great, but sometimes, nothing beats a classic family road trip game.

Can you guess which passports afford their holders the most freedom to travel?

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In the UK, it’s fair to say that we often take to travel abroad for granted. As a nation, we base our entire year around escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and boarding a plane. Holidays allow us to indulge in our love of both foreign cuisine and constant sunshine – it is what we live for.

For some nationalities however, money isn’t the only factor which restricts them from hopping on a flight – their passport does. To some extent, you many already be aware – that some passports afford their holders more freedom and unrestricted international access than others. Donald J Trump slapping sanctions on Iran is only the tip of the iceberg, as throughout the world there are numerous countries, that due to international disputes do not allow access without a full visa. 

Henley and Partners’ passport index is the official rank of the world’s most powerful passports. With their help we can make an assessment of how many countries a passport grants its holders visa free or visa on arrival access. Let’s take a look at the world’s most valuable passports, and the agreements that have made them that way.


For the second consecutive time, Japan has claimed top spot, fighting off tough opposition from the likes of Singapore and South Korea. Citizens of the land of the rising sun are able to cross the border into 190 different countries, one more than their two aforementioned Asian counterparts. 

In 2017, Japanese citizens were granted visa-free travel to Myanmar, the state formerly known as Burma. The government in the state has requested however that tourists must have at least $1000 in the bank before entering. Approximately 100,000 Japanese visitors came to Myanmar, in most occasions the capital, Rangoon, in 2017.

The most notable nations that Japan has visa-free access to that the UK doesn’t, are Iran, Mongolia and China. The latter of which, visitors must apply for visa on arrival.

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The UK

Both Americans and Brit’s, who held joint-first position in 2015, have fell to sixth place. The two countries share the position with Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland, allowing visa-free access to 185 nations, five behind that of Japan. Henley Chairman, Christian Kalin, notes how, “an open-door policy has the potential to contribute billions to the global economy, as well as creating significant employment opportunities.”

The UK’s European Union membership has provided citizens with the ability to move freely throughout member states since the agreement’s infancy, however with the current situation, circumstances could so easily change. 

Previously boasting visa-free access to 186 countries, the introduction of e-visas in Turkey, which are required prior to arrival, the UK has slipped overall. It must be noted however, that since the passport index began in 2006, the UK has dramatically increased in access numbers, from 126. 

Interestingly, current plans exist to revert from red back to the traditional blue passport that the UK used prior to joining the EU, and if they were to do so, printing of these passports will be carried out in France.

France and Germany

The two European states sit join third, ranking just below Singapore and South Korea. In terms of their comparison to the UK, both countries can apply for a visa on arrival in Iran. On the alternative passport index powered by Arton, Germany ranks slightly higher than France, offering the visa on arrival service in both Pakistan and Mongolia. Various aspects will be taken into a consideration when a country is deciding whether to allow other nations visa-free access. For Germany, they have placed a particular level of emphasis on building relationships with foreign countries.


Despite being ranked by Arton as having the world’s strongest passport, the UAE comes in at 21st on Henley’s scale. The oil rich state’s attitude towards foreign affairs has seen it significantly climb in recent years, with Kalin suggesting how ‘this is not only a benefit to the UAE’s citizens, but also the wider international community’.

Afghanistan and Iraq

Both Iraqi and Afghani nationals prop up the bottom of the index, with their passports only allowing access to 30 countries respectively. Meanwhile, if you were to follow the Arton index, Iraq ranks slightly higher than Afghanistan with a score of 33, as opposed to Afghanistan’s 30. Iraqi’s have visa-free access to Ecuador and Malaysia, that its counterpart does not.

It comes a no surprise that some of the world’s richest countries rank the highest in terms of their passport’s worth, while similarly the countries torn apart by war at the lower end of the charts. The UAE is also a fine example of a country who is committed to establishing the wealth of its passport.

Article researched and brought to you by UK brochure printing firm, Where the Trade Buys.

Save Money When You Travel as a Family

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It is almost the summer holidays for the kids; have you made any summer travel plans yet? It can be tricky to get some good deals last minute, but if you are looking for a last-minute getaway, then there are some things that you can do to definitely get a better price. So there is no need to panic! Have a look at these simple and easy tips to help you to save money, so that you can have some great family time altogether. It could be just the thing to start off your summer with.

  • Setting up price alerts can be a good way to get some good prices on flights. There are so many airlines to choose from, but there are some combinations of flights that are going to cost less than others. So using a site like Kayak, you can set up alerts, so that when the route that you want is at its lowest price, you will get a notification, so then you can go ahead and book.
  • Using the car can be a good way to save money, as even after costs of petrol and insurance, then it can be cheaper than flying. So if you want to stay in the UK, or want to drive into Europe, then making it a road trip is something that can be fun for a family, as well as help to save money.
  • Hotels can be pretty pricey, even last minute when looking for deals. And if you have a family, you may need more than one room, which really hikes up the price. It can be so much cheaper to look for somewhere to stay, using sites like Airbnb. Plus, you could even look for an Airbnb agent to list your home when you are away. Then the costs can be pretty much covered, which is a really good way of doing things when travelling.

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  • If you want a good price, then being flexible with your travel dates is really important. Little things like flying midweek can cost less than going away for a weekend away, like a Friday to Monday, for example. So although there will be a school summer holiday premium, there are still cheaper days to go, as well as times. Airlines like Ryainair usually have flights that cost less if they are the flights that arrive late at night.
  • Choosing your destination wisely is something that can really influence the price that you pay. Popular destinations do tend to be pretty expensive, so think about some less popular options. For instance, cities like Philadelphia and Chicago are great cities to visit, but they are considerably cheaper than New York. You could also think about choosing somewhere that involves a little more travel once you get there. 
  • Eating out for each meal when you travel is something that is going to end up costing a lot. So look to self-cater as much as possible. You will be paying for groceries if you were at home, but you wouldn’t be paying out for a meal out every day if you were at home.