Where The Journey Will Take You

Our day out was kindly sponsored by Britax Römer  as part of their Where The Journey Will Take You Campaign. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Life as a parent can be pretty hectic and we struggle to find the time to get all four of us together in one place to actually spend time together doing fun things. Britax Römer know this. Because of this, Britax Römer is offering its customers a free £30 Britax Römer Mastercard® with every i-Size car seat purchased in-store or online at Mothercare between the 15th of September and the 15th of November. Find out more here.

The card can be used towards fun family days out across the UK, whether it’s a family day at the zoo, a thrill-seeking visit to a theme park or expanding the littles one’s minds at a museum. But where will you spend your Mastercard®?

Knowing that we struggle to find time to spend together, with Steve’s job being strange hours and Jack being at school five days a week and at clubs two days a week, Britax Römer kindly offered to pay for a day out on a rare day that we did manage to get out together! So go out we did.

We are lucky enough to live in a village where we have our local common and we have some fantastic events on there. Just a couple of weeks ago, we had our Classics on the Common and then in November, we’ll have a Firework display and a funfair. This time around, the circus came to town – or rather, village – and Jack was incredibly eager to go!

We chose the Saturday morning showing as we knew it wouldn’t be as busy and would be best suited, not only to our timetables but to little ones of Olivia’s age as well. After paying for the tickets, we had a little money left over which Jack spent on food (typical six year old boy!) and a flashing light thingy – as I expected!

As you might expect from a circus, the acts are very much geared towards a children’s audience so whilst Steve and I expected certain things to happen, Jack and Olivia did not and were thrilled by it all – I turned to Jack at one point and heard him chuckling away heartily at the clowns whereas Olivia was in awe of the trapeze artist, the dancers – and Jack’s spinning light toy! You can see some videos of our day out below:



My most favourite part of the day (and Steve’s too!) was watching the trapeze artist – she was so graceful and beautiful. Olivia was a big fan of hers too although she liked everyone it seems – high fiving all of them as they said goodbye as we left the Big Top.

Jack absolutely adored every aspect of it – he was in awe at the tricks that some of them did, scared and shocked at the limbo dancers who danced under fire and came very close, fascinated by the trapeze artist and absolutely entertained by the clowns! He left with a very big smile on his face and couldn’t stop talking about it all day afterwards!

If you want to get out and about in the next couple of months on a special day with your family and you’re looking for a new i-Size car seat, then definitely consider taking advantage of this brilliant deal from Britax Römer. They’re keen to get families out and about, spending some time doing fun things together, just like I have. You can find out some more about the campaign here.


A Day Out At The Flamstead Scarecrow Festival

It has been a few years since I went to the Flamstead Scarecrow Festival. We didn’t manage it last year and ended up driving around it the year before as we didn’t realise the weekend it was on until late on the last day. Back in 2015, we walked around and I posted about it here. This year, I made sure we actually got to head around the festival on foot, looking at all the fantastic scarecrows and voting for our favourites.

As always, I made sure to have a little money for the voting form but we took drinks and snacks – despite being tempted by the hog roast and the ice cream van! When we visited in 2015, we paid for a voting form so we could choose our favourites.

The money from the festival is all for charity – this year they are raising money for the local church to save the roof – and I am always happy to support charity, especially local ones but I do think things could have been worded better on the signs – as all that is mentioned on the site is paying for your voting form and an optional programme as far as I can see.

But enough about that. We took a walk round the village, checking out all the scarecrows there were and taking some photos. As we headed to the exit at the end of our day out, we chose our top 3 and put their numbers on the voting form. Here’s hoping our favourites get plenty of votes!

Overall we had a lovely day out looking at the fantastic scarecrows the people of Flamstead had to showcase. It is a unique day out in our local area and I look forward to visiting again next year.

Do you have any unique events that happen where you live?

Try Something New This Year With A Day Out With Track Days

So many of us start the year planning on trying something new but how many of us can actually say that we have actually managed to achieve that eight months into the year? I bet the number is fairly low. I know I promised myself I would try something new and I am yet to do so and I bet the same can be said for plenty of you too. So why not change it up in the final few months of the year and try something new?

For some reason, certain things are often seen as male orientated. I’ve tried many things in the past that are generally seen as predominantly male focused and I’d like to change that – why can’t they be seen as experiences for females too? The problem is society and not the companies or days out themselves though who are more than happy and in fact excited when people of both genders participate.

One such thing is track days and driving experiences. You hear of so many men being bought a day out by their significant others or their children and see their pictures of their fantastic day  out strewn across social media – but how often do you see women participating in such days out? That isn’t to say that women aren’t interested or that they don’t participate in these days – you just don’t see much of it or see it online when they do.

Track days and driving experiences aren’t just for men and the people over at Track Days are hoping to get more women to take part in the driving experiences they have offer. There are so many driving experiences that you really would be spoilt for choice. If I could drive, a driving experience would be at the very top of my list and it is something I have considered in the past for my female family members and friends. You may know that I love to enter competitions and I am always entering for fun and unique experiences for me and my friends to do – we’ve been to some really random but incredibly fun experiences – I’m always searching for another thrill.

It cannot be denied that women love a supercar – and there are plenty on offer for driving experience days such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches – so if your dream has always been to get behind the wheel of one such car, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity? Likewise if a woman in your life has always wanted to rev up an American muscle car or try out one of those beautiful cars made famous in the movies, this would surely be a fantastic gift option for her.

I know it is only August but with Christmas fast approaching, you are probably already thinking about gift options for the people you love. Why not consider a day out with the girls, getting to drive some fantastic cars and have fun while doing so? Perhaps you’ve got a hen night or a big birthday approaching. If you are looking for something a little more special to do, then surely this would be of interest.

With our family and my friends planning to have plenty more days out together before the end of the year, this is certainly going to be on the list of things we might do, among some other fun unique opportunities.

Have you ever done a track day or driving experience? If not, is it something you’d be interested in doing?

Collaborative Post

A Day Out At Diggerland, Kent

A Day Out At Diggerland, Kent

We were sent a complimentary family ticket for Diggerland for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We are always looking for fun days out for the kids so when offered the chance to review the nearest Diggerland park, I had to say yes. Whilst I knew it would be much more Jack’s thing, I thought it would be a lovely day out for all of us at Diggerland, Kent. I wasn’t wrong. If I had the foresight, I probably would have agreed to not go in the middle of this heatwave we’ve been having – multiple drink and ice cream stops were needed – but nevertheless we (especially Steve and Jack) had a good time.

As you enter, there are eating areas and a soft play area on the right – these are the only eateries on site although there was an ice cream van further down the site. This is worth remembering if like us you had to keep going back to get drinks or something to eat – it can be a fair old trek from the other end of the site.

Jack and Steve first of all took the opportunity to try some of the digger games they had – knocking down pins, hooking ducks and such like – above you can see them digging out bricks. Jack took Steve on as he was just a little too small to go on unaccompanied but he still enjoyed himself lots – it was nice to see them getting some proper Dad and son time. He then somehow persuaded me to go onto the Spindizzy ride – it obviously made an impact on him as he wrote all about it at school the next week – which spins you around really fast. Jack really enjoyed it, I did too until I got off and felt really dizzy – perils of those kinds of rides though, right?

We then headed down to the other rides and attractions at the other end of the site – more digging for Jack and his Daddy, more driving in that sort of transport. Jack kept seeing more and more things he wanted to go on – and Steve often joined him!

The kids took every photo opportunity they could get too – posing on any digger related item around the site!

Jack even took the class learning owl – and her baby! – onto one for a picture!

We’d had a lot of fun digging and playing and riding and decided to go on a couple more things before we left. We didn’t do the dodgems as they cost an extra charge on top of the fee you pay to get in so we stuck to the rides and attractions included in the ticket price. Jack had a lot of fun spinning around on the Dig-A-Round before deciding to take it easy with me and take in the scenery from up high on the Sky Shuttle. It offers fantastic views of the River Medway of Rochester and its historic, 11th century cathedral and the 12th century castle which you can take in from 50 feet up.

After all those fun and games, it was time to head home and say goodbye to Diggerland. We had a great time – even if it was quite hot and it is very open – and plan to go back again in the future, perhaps with Jack taking a friend. Jack headed to the gift shop and bought something which he and Olivia have been playing with every day since they arrived home.

Overall we had a great time. If you are considering a day out there, I would recommend perhaps taking some drinks or things with you for round the site as it can be quite a walk back to the refreshment centres. Also I’d perhaps make a plan of action of what I was doing round the site as I found we kept doubling back on ourselves as Jack saw something else that took his fancy that he wanted to go on.

With prices remaining unchanged since 2014, I feel Diggerland in Kent is a great option for an affordable day out if you have a child of a suitable age. Jack loved it and really wants to take his friends back and do even more.

The best budget family days out this summer

The best budget family days out this summer

The summer holidays are right around the corner – are you prepared?! We’re sharing some of our favourite budget family days out, so your summer is packed full of fun and excitement – without spending too much money!

Check out your village or town website

Let’s start really local! Your town or village will usually list a whole host of events you and your family could get involved in – and they’re usually FREE! Free is always good in our book. From summer fairs to charity days, they’ll be all kinds going on over the summer holidays in your local area. Don’t forget your local green areas, too. Local councils can put on free events during the summer holidays that are family-friendly, so check out your local council’s website for more information.

Take advantage of coupon sites

Coupon sites always have fantastic deals for families to take advantage of. Whether it’s discounted meals out at your favourite local restaurant, cinema trips or experience days, you should start your search on one of these sites. They’re easy to redeem and use and best of all? You might end up doing something you’d never thought of in a million years. It’s a win-win strategy.

Take a trip to the library

Free to get in, your local library is the perfect place to spend a few hours reading. There’s usually a children’s’ corner where they can sit comfortably and get lost in a book of their choosing. Reading will help them build their vocabulary and imagination at the same time – perfect for a rainy day!

Invite a tree to tea

The Woodland Trust is inviting everyone to throw a Tree Party. Their free online fundraising pack comes with a variety of activities for you and your kids to play. With downloadable wildlife spotter sheets, tasty picnic recipes and finger puppet cards – you’ll have hours of fun. And it’s a wonderful way to educate your children about the significant role trees play in our ecosystem. (Get your free pack here)

Visit a gallery or a museum

Galleries and museums are usually free of charge (check before you travel) so this day out would just cost you the petrol in your car! Both museums and galleries have new and exciting exhibitions throughout the year –, particularly in the summer holidays. Pack a lunch so you don’t spend out unnecessary money in the on-site café while you’re there. A cultural day out indeed!

Take them for a swim

Many council leisure centres offer free swimming if your children are under the age of 16 in the summer holidays. This is a great activity for everyone to let loose and have fun.

Pick a nearby town to explore

Draw a circle in a 5-mile radius of your house and let your kids pick a local town to explore. All you’ll need for this is your car or public transport. Exploring a town right on your doorstep can be exciting and you never know, you might find your new favourite spot!

This post was written in collaboration with Money4yourMotors – the UK car buying service that comes to you!