Guest Post | The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainright book review

Today I have a fantastic guest post from Jo who blogs over at Tea and Cake for the Soul. Enjoy!

Terrifying, thought provoking and addictive reading for anyone who writes blogs, read blogs or lives a life on social media. The fluffy title of “The Mummy Bloggers” by Holly Wainright, gives no clue as to what’s to come in this fast paced, shocking read.

This story is about 3 mummy bloggers who have found huge success with their respective blogs and are competing for an award. All three bloggers are very different and certainly not friends, but each lady is connected to the other through their pasts.

Elle is the perfect Instagram mum blogging as The Stylish Mamma. Abi, known as The Green Diva (and other names) is an eco-friendly mum blogger. Leisel, works a full time job on top of blogging as The Working Mum.

The rise in popularity for blogs and Instagram influencers has made it possible for many mums and women to be able to work from home around their family. However, it’s not as easy and glamourous as it looks.

This story exposes the lengths that some people will go to, to get or show the perfect life. The extremes and character traits of some of the women in this story are really despicable and shocking, but that makes for compelling reading. I really couldn’t put this book down.

This book exposes everything that is wrong with social media and today’s world of comparison. When did life get so complicated?

This book was previously published in 2017 but has been re-released on 3 June 2019.

Please be aware that the vast majority of bloggers are nothing like these characters. I’m sure our three mummy bloggers set out with the best of intentions too. I’m quite happy to poodle along with my blog as it is 😉

Jo blogs at Tea and Cake for the Soul about the nicer things in life such as music, travel, books and cake, as well as covering important topics such as mental health, menopause and eco issues. If you like to read more of her book reviews check out her Recommended Reading section.

Find Jo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

6 Major Signs That It Is Time For A Career Change

Guest Post

A career change can be a scary thing, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you’re making the move at the right time and you understand the journey you’re about to embark on, a career change just might be the best thing for you. If you’re trying to gauge if you’re in the right position to make the move, examine the circumstances surrounding your current job and your wellbeing. If things aren’t adding up, it might be time to develop an exit strategy.

  1. Your Workplace Feels Completely Different

If you were excited when you started your current career, think about all the things that made you excited. Over the years, things change. Policies shift, companies cut corners, and priorities become radically different. If all the things that made you feel excited about the job have now cycled out of your workplace, you’re probably only still there because you’ve become used to it.

You may not need a total career change, but consider switching employers. If you can find something that reminds you of why you loved your line of work, you can reinvigorate all the positive feelings that came with starting your career.

  1. You Don’t Feel Appreciated

Not feeling appreciated at work can damage your self esteem. You work very hard, and you deserve to feel appreciated for your efforts. Highly talented people expect more and get more from their workplaces. Do you have access to a wellness program? What about flexible scheduling? Are there any perks you receive that make you feel like it’s worth it to work as hard as you do? Consider a career change before you wind up burned out.

  1. Expenses Have Gone Up and Your Salary Stayed the Same

Inflation makes things more expensive with time, and wages don’t always catch up. There are some things you can do, like learning to trade, that will help the money you currently make go further. If you don’t have the time to maximize your current income, it might be helpful to start networking in an effort to find a better paying job. If you’re paying more in rent and bills than you were before and you haven’t received a noteworthy raise in a while, a career change may be a better idea than sacrificing the quality of life you’ve become accustomed to.

Tyler Franta

  1. Opportunities in Your Industry Are Changing

Take a look at job boards for positions being advertised in your industry. Does it seem like there are fewer of them? Do the prospects seem bleak? Are you almost out of opportunities for advancement? Don’t let yourself get stuck in a dead end job. If you have potential and ambition, you should be using it. Even if it means carving a new path for yourself, it’s worth the effort. You deserve to excel in your career, no matter what that career may be.

  1. You Feel Like You’re Ignoring Your Passions

Some people take a job because they need money and stick with it because it’s “good enough.” If you always wanted to be a veterinarian but settled for a job as a secretary, you aren’t pursuing your passion. Artists aren’t truly happy in foodservice, and scientists won’t feel engaged painting houses. If your passions call you to a different career, that career is worth pursuing. The more passionate you are, the higher your potential for success will be.

  1. You Know You’re Unhappy

It’s never worth keeping a job that makes you feel truly unhappy. If you’re having trouble sleeping or missing out on important life events due to stressful work commitments, it’s time to cut the cord. Developing a toxic relationship with your job is just as bad as developing a toxic relationship with a person. If your wellness demands that you make a career change, you owe it to yourself to move on. Even if you’re making less money by switching careers, it’s important to remember that money isn’t everything. It’s more important that you feel happy and well.

If you feel like it’s time to make the switch, keep it quiet for a while. Start looking for new opportunities before you leave your current job, and give them notice when the time is right. Your transition will be smoother, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful next chapter in your professional life.

Author Bio

Anna Ashmore is a woman of many talents. She is passionate about literature, sports, travel and education among many other things. She is also an amateur writer who hopes to make it big in the blog world.  

Anxiety & Me | Guest Post by Miss Tilly & Me

It is 2018 but still, people don’t understand anxiety and stress amongst their friends and family. I see it all the time in my life, with people always asking what I have to be anxious about when everything is so great in my life and I get to do so many nice things with Tilly. But just because I do nice things and I am very very lucky with the things that my blog brings to me, it doesn’t mean that it takes my anxiety away. People look at me as if I’m faking it and just after some quick attention.

Anxiety is a real thing and whether you know it or not everybody suffers from anxiety at some time in their life. When Kim was taking her A Levels she didn’t outwardly look like she was suffering from stress or anxiety but suddenly she became very ill and worried as all about how she was coping with the exams. She was under a lot of pressure to pass her exams to get her place at a university that she wanted to go to go to but at the same time, she didn’t want to worry me because I had a new baby. Luckily we learnt from this experience and she sailed through University without suffering stress and anxiety. We know the triggers and we were able to support her.

I suffer from anxiety all the time but people don’t notice because I can hide it all of the time. If I go to work and the router has changed or I’m doing something different than normal then my anxiety will kick in. if I have to do something different or go somewhere different then my anxiety kicks in. In May when I took Tilly to Turkey, although I had been to this hotel a few times I was doing it differently because I wasn’t with my friend and I was taking Tilly instead, for we before I went I panicked about every little detail and I didn’t want to go. But I did go and I enjoyed every moment of it. Sometimes you just need a kick up the ass to make sure you don’t let anxiety get in the way of life.

Bruno van der Kraan

Anxiety is a feeling of the worst kind of dread like something bad is going to happen. You get scared and your adrenaline pumps so much that it feels like your heart is going to pump out of your body, you feel sick and sometimes struggle to breathe. This is where a panic attack can happen but don’t panic – breathe slowly and try and regain the power over the anxiety. If this is you and you see yourself being described in this blog post then please get some help, there are always people to listen to you, friends, family, your GP or a therapist. A problem shared is a problem halved and you will find the people in your life very understanding.
When you first start seeing a therapist you might not be ready to work with the methods that they suggest or you might be too scared to change your ways in life to help battle the anxiety but eventually, it will all come together and between the two of you, you will start to overcome your fears
When I was suffering from severe postnatal depression I hated my therapist am I fought her the whole way, it wasn’t until afterwards that I started to put into practice the methods that she has taught me. Sadly under the NHS you only get 6 or 12 sessions with a therapist and that isn’t enough to work through your anxieties and problems.
If you’re suffering from anxiety or stress and having a particularly bad time of it at the moment there are a few little things that can help you and maybe calm you down like using calming techniques such as breathing meditating or yoga. Relax in a nice bubble bath and pop on a face mask on and go into your own little world for a little while this will make you forget your anxieties and relax your body as well as your mind. Listen to some music or read a book but most of all remember feelings of anxiety will pass and a little while later you will ask yourself what the worry was all about – I ask myself the same thing every time that I have an anxiety attack. Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and you shouldn’t hide it instead, talk to people about how you’re feeling because they love you and will be there for you.


Guest Post // Family Friendly Easy Meals

Guest Post // Family Friendly Easy Meals

Today I have a guest post from Amy who blogs over at Eps and Amy – I hope you enjoy!

My children are 5 and 8 and are actually very fussy monsters, often what one eats the other will turn their nose up at and I have such a busy life, running from club to club, that I don’t have a lot of time for cooking. So my main factors for cooking are: simple, non spicy, one pot cooking and store cupboard ingredients.

My recipes are all based on other people’s recipes, but I never work out of a book and all have been shortened and amended to suit my family. Add whatever veg works for your family.

Our favourite family recipes are:

Pasta bolognese bake


Beef mince

Veg (whatever your kids like, pre-cook if it needs it)

Tomato passata



Cook the pasta, put in oven proof dish.

Cook the mince, add passata, add to oven dish.

Add veg to oven-proof dish.

Sprinkle with cheese and cook for 30 minutes.


Sausage bake


Potato sliced into wedges

Carrots sliced into wedges

Parsnips sliced into wedges


Other veg (whatever works for your family)

Honey/maple syrup


Pre-cook sausages

Boil potatoes for 10 minutes

Add all ingredients to an oven proof dish and cover in honey/maple syrup.

Oven cook for an hour.


Beefy hotpot

Beef mince

Tomato passata


Potato sliced into circles



Cook the mince and add the passata and veg.

Put in oven proof dish and place potato over the top. Brush with melted butter or milk, sprinkle with cheese if you like.

Oven cook for 1 hour.


Pork and bean casserole

Diced pork

Tin of baked beans



Pork oxo cube

Tomato passata


Add all ingredients to an oven proof dish and cook for 2 hours


Coconut fruit chicken

Diced chicken

Sliced apple


Tin of coconut milk


Add all ingredients to an oven proof dish and cook for 2 hours

I hope these recipes give you some ideas to try yourself.

Guest Post // Becoming A Blogger

Guest Post // Becoming A Blogger

Today I am welcoming the lovely Angela from The Inspiration Edit – one of my favourite blogs at the moment as it has such a wide variety of content that is always of interest – why not head on over and have a read?

I’m really excited to be writing a guest post all about becoming a blogger. This week is my two year anniversary blogging and boy has it been a roller coaster ride.

I first set up a blog called Daysinbed which was primarily about my experience as a sick mother with chronic illness trying to manage family life. My blog grew and began to get popular.

I loved my first blog and even won an award however after 20 months I decided it was time to focus more on inspiration, family life and fun ideas so I recently changed domains and started afresh with The Inspiration Edit.

Over the past two years I’ve learnt so much. I had no idea what I was doing back when I begun. I had never used twitter, didn’t know what SEO was, google analytics or Instagram. It’s been one massive learning curve and I feel like my knowledge has grown beyond measure.

Blogging has become a passion for me. It’s my therapy and something I love to do. I feel passionate about writing and love to share my thoughts and ideas.

I love engaging with my audience and using my blog to help and inspire others. I spent a lot of time in the first 20 months writing about chronic illness and while this has taken a back seat it’s still something I touch on every now and again.

Blogging has brought fantastic opportunities to my family. Of course I have to work really hard and nothing comes easy but the more work I put in the more I get out.

I think writing and sharing experiences can really benefit and help others as well as myself. It gives me a chance to reflect on life, on family and the daily issues we face.

I recently asked myself what makes a blog successful? To some it’s about money and earning. To others it’s about popularity and acknowledgement. For some bloggers success is about providing opportunities and doing things you otherwise might not afford. For me the number one thing that defines my success is how my blog is able to inspire and help others.

I want my blog to become a resource to inspire families and help individuals going through similar life experiences as me. Hence the name The Inspiration Edit and my recent change in direction.

I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go but I’m so exciting to be working as a blogger. I’m looking forward to putting my 2017 plans in place and seeing my blog blossom.

Writing can really be a lot of fun as can social media, photography and graphic design. I love it all and can’t wait to see what opportunities come my way this year as I share parts of my life with others.

Are you a blogger or blog reader? What do you love about blogs?