Fun Facts About Gemstone Colours and Meanings

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Gemstones have played pertinent roles in legends and myths of human culture. Some of these stones tell a story and are believed to possess certain powers, but all gemstones are known to share a common beauty. Every gemstone is unique and presents a special colour and story. Here are some fun facts about gemstone colours and their meanings. 


Amethyst is a purple gemstone that is perceived to have a magical colour that symbolises luxury and mystery as well as royalty. Additionally, purple is believed to be a religious colour which purifies the wearer. As a grounding gemstone, amethyst brings a peace of mind to the person wearing the jewellery. Other perceived benefits of the royal colour are increased inspiration and enhanced imagination. As a fun fact, purple is favoured the most by artists and is usually known as the “ideal colour.”  If you looking to be a part of the purple world, you can always go for gemstone jewellery made from amethyst. 

Lemon Yellow or Orange-Brown

The juicy lemon yellow and the bright orange-brown colours of the citrine make this gemstone attractive. Most people prefer choosing the citrine based on their own preference, but citrine with clear, radiant yellowish colour is the most sought-after stones. During ancient times, citrine protected the wearer against evil thoughts and snake’s venom. However, citrine is today associated with prosperity and success. 


Ruby, spinel, garnet, and tourmaline are gemstones that are red in colour. Red Gems are said to symbolise passion and courage. Red has always been known to be a luxurious and passionate colour – from Valentine’s Day to the red carpet events. The red gemstones add luxury and glamour and help in boosting the wearer’s confidence. As a fun fact, most Chinese wedding utilise the red theme since this colour is believed to bring joy and prosperity. 


There are different gemstones that are green in colour. Some of these stones include emerald, jade, Peridot, aventurine, and green tourmaline. The colour green is used to represent fertility, life, growth, nature, and harmony. Green gemstones help in enhancing fertility to the wearer in addition to bringing balance and order. Moreover, green signifies luck and positivity. As a fun fact, green was the Egyptian’s sacred colour which represented the joy and hope of spring. The temples’ floors were green in colour.


The colour pink is known for promoting love and enhancing prosperity. Morganite is one of the gemstones that is known for its soft colours of clear pink, thus earning the nickname, a stone of divine love. Since the fashion industry is dominated by shades of pink, it is not surprising to see why morganite is a women’s favourite. Available in pinks from bright fuchsias to subtle lavenders, as well as blends of pastel pink apricot, morganite exudes so much charm and tenderness. Other pink gemstones include pink opal, pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, and rose quartz. These gemstones are beautiful for the gentle feminine touch and can be an excellent addition to your jewellery box.


Gemstones come in different colours that are used to signify different things or pass across different messages. The above are just but a few fun facts you should know about gemstone colours and their meanings.

Gift Bracelets With A Special Message

This is a sponsored guest post from Alexander at BraceletsForEver. Enjoy!

The greatest delight is when you find the perfect present for your closest person. Once you have decided to prepare something special and impress your loved one with an extraordinary gift, BraceletsForEver has what you need. Mens Engraved Bracelets designed according to your order are a wonderful choice to leave a mark in the heart of a guy. You can write a message when choosing jewelry and we’ll add this inscription to a product. It can be a funny text, name of an owner, some special phrase or the words of love – anything you want. We guarantee that you’ll find a bracelet of an appropriate size and color, on our website.

Characteristics of Custom Personalized Bracelets

Here, you can find a bracelet matching any style and a variety of symbolic meanings. We have a wide selection of materials to make a personalized gift more creative. And you can be sure that the men’s personalized bracelet with a special engravement will fit the size of the owner’s wrist. It won’t be too tight or wide, and a person who’ll wear it won’t feel any inconveniences. All the bracelets are made of the best materials and you can be sure that jewelry contains the greatest minerals and gemstones. For example:

  • labradorite;
  • lava beads;
  • tiger eye beads;
  • hematite;
  • blue lapis, etc.

All the men’s engraved bracelets come up with a variety of properties due to stones and minerals they are made of. If you want to boost someone’s creativity and communication skills, we offer to pay attention to products containing volcanic lava. And in case you desire to protect the future owner from harmful influences, select hematite engraved bracelets. Jewelry with a special message and energetical push is a perfect gift on any occasion.

The Best Personalized Bracelets for Men

We design durable and stylish custom bracelets for him from the best materials. A professional designer uses stainless steel to create an engravement and it won’t change the way it looks under the impact of water or any other factor. Beads are kept together with the help of a durable silicon cord that won’t be accidentally broken. And all the bracelets have natural colors and match any style or cloth.

Well-tailored personalized guy bracelets are a wonderful gift for people who like to emphasize their style with small details. You will only have to write us the text you want to leave on a steel bead and we’ll engrave it. It can be any message but it will definitely be something special for an owner. These products belong to things that people keep closer to a heart for years.

Why Jewellery Is So Important

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Jewellery isn’t just decoration around your neck, on your fingers or dangling from your ears. It’s so much more than that. Think about it; jewellery is given as a gift for Birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Days, Fathers Days, Christmas and leaving presents. Not only does it make a great gift, but what about what it represents? It can be a sign of friendships and love; some people never take their jewellery off, others save pieces only for special occasions and others swap and change their jewellery each day depending on how they feel, where they are going and what they are wearing. Wearing jewellery is said to be the earliest form of artistic self-expression attributed to humans as it was initially made and worn to make whoever was wearing it stand out from the crowd, in fact, it is said that humans wore jewellery even before they wore clothes as they would put vines and flowers in their hair.

Then, as things often do, jewellery became a sign of wealth as people would wear stones and materials which would show their wealth and status and realistically the same could be said for today, think of the queen with her crown jewels or the A-list and their diamonds they hire for awards. It is more important than that though, and to a lot of people jewellery means something to them, they might have got it from someone special or from somewhere special, it might remind them of a time or a place, it could be passed down in their family. Then there is also the stones which represent months and star signs, and there are gems and crystals which are said to be able to cure or ward off illness. Jewellery us so much more than a decoration and here’s why we love it so much:

There’s So Much Choice

Whether you’re going to a funeral, an awards ceremony or just for a coffee, there is something suitable for every occasion and in that there are so many different pieces of jewellery to choose from. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and anklets, each have several options within them, from the simplest of chains in silver or gold, or plated to an elaborate diamond necklace. There’s so many different materials, different stones, various gems, different colours, different designs that you’ll always be able to find something you like and you’ll always be able to find something right for the occasion.

Jewellery Is The Cherry On Top

When you’ve put on a beautiful outfit, complete with shoes and bag, hair and makeup but there’s one thing missing – your jewellery. It’s not just the icing on the cake but the cherry on top. It completes the look, and without jewellery, many people say they feel naked, so it actually means more to them or feels like more than just the finishing touches. Whether it’s jeans and a T-shirt with a simple pair of studs or a ball gown with a diamond-encrusted choker, it doesn’t matter; the jewellery is equally as important to any outfit.

 Alex Chambers

Jewellery Represents You

Some people are well known for wearing big earrings or loads of rings. It’s a part of them and a part of their personality. Jewellery can show people what your style is and who you are. Some people have a signature look and as mentioned before some people never take their jewellery off, meaning that it is there with you for every moment of your life.

Jewellery Is A Symbol

It can be a symbol of whatever you want it to be, but as jewellery is often given as a gift for an occasion, it can symbolise some of the most essential parts of your life. It is no consequence that for marriage – one of the most important things you can do in your life, you have wedding and engagement rings as a symbol of your love and commitment, and even for these critical moments, there is no one type or design which you have to have. You can have whatever you want so that it can be an accurate representation and symbol of you. Take a look at these unique engagement rings, for example, and you’ll see the choice is endless.

Jewellery Is Everlasting

Jewellery can never really be broken. Even if you have to have your rings cut off after an accident or a stone falls out, you can always get it fixed or even remade. An heirloom that you’re not so keen on but love the sentiment can be made from a ring into a necklace or vice versa. A broken clasp can be replaced. There is usually something a jeweller can do for you, so if you have broken something or there’s a piece that doesn’t quite suit you then you can take it to an expert, and there will usually be an option.

Jewellery Is Customizable

You could draw your own design and take it into a jeweller to be made up, or you could see something you like but perhaps you like the stone but not the band or the shape, so this can be changed to suit precisely what you want. You can renovate a piece of old family jewellery, or get a piece of jewellery engraved and make it uniquely yours.

Jewellery Means Something

It not only represents special occasions and special people, but each piece of jewellery means something to someone and tells a story. It could be where it was from, how or why it was purchased, who has owned it and who has worn it. It is far more than just a decoration, it tells a tale, or if it’s brand new, then it’s just the start of an original story.

Jewellery Is Universal

Jewellery is known and worn and understood all over the world. It doesn’t require you to speak a specific language or have a particular look; jewellery is what it is. It might have different meanings in different countries, but that is the beauty of it.

Self Care With Sinivalia

I was sent this product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

As a mum of two, I rarely find time for myself. I’m always taking the kids to school or clubs, doing my work or doing housework. I recently decided that I needed to spend more time indulging in self care – whether its by taking a leisurely bubble bath or reading a book. Just a few minutes to myself.

I was recently sent the Bentonite Clay mask from Sinivalia to review – this product retails at £10.99 and you can buy it here.

Sinvalia was founded by a group of women who are passionate about skincare. They travelled the world in search of superior skincare ingredients and they also did plenty of research – both reading and speaking to physicians – to formulate a safe, effective and gentle product range.

They came up with a few promises which they strive to always keep to. They are against animal testing – every item is tested on willing human volunteers to check it is safe, effective and gentle. They make sure their products are manufactured to the highest standards and with strict quality control.

So what did I think of the product?

This mask is designed to help detoxify the skin and get rid of blackheads naturally. It is said to be an all in one detoxing, exfoliating and moisturising facial care and body cleanse. It rids skin of toxins and large clogged pores for smoother skin below. It is also said to be anti-aging. Their use of bentonite clay, which has been used in skincare for many years, was definitely encouraging. But did it match up to my expectations?

As an almost 30 year old, anti-aging is something I have started to think about, especially after noticing my first grey hair! My skin often looks lifeless and dull – perhaps sometimes to do with lack of sleep – and it could certainly do with a boost. Whilst I haven’t got wrinkles to contend with yet, anything that helps to keep them at bay is worth a try in my books.

Since I’ve been using this product, I’ve found my skin is looking a lot less grey and lot healthier – more hydrated and plumper. I’ve also noticed that the amount of acne I get has decreased – whilst I don’t get much acne nowadays, I do find certain areas of my face are quite stubborn and I have repeat offenders. My skin has been looking a lot better and I’m putting it down to using this mask regularly.

I’ll definitely be checking out more of the Sinivalia range – I love that their products are all natural, cruelty free and affordable too. Have you tried any Sinivalia products before?

Summer Essentials For Busy Mums

This is a collaborative post.

I don’t know about you but I am always busy doing something. I work from home – juggling a lot of different working hats too (blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant, proofreader), I am also the main person at home doing the housework as Steve is out of the house a lot of the day. I also have Olivia at home all day (as she is too young for her free hours yet and I don’t really have the finances to put her in childcare) and so I am the main person taking her to her different groups, doing the school run with Jack and taking him to and from his groups.

As you can imagine, I don’t get much time to stop and actually relax. I actually went to bed for a lie down yesterday about 8pm for thirty minutes (I had so much to do but didn’t feel 100%) and woke up this morning instead – this very rarely happens and was very much needed!

With me being on the go all the time, I thought I’d talk about the essentials I am going to be needing this summer. What are your summer essentials?

First of all – and perhaps one of the most important summer essentials for everyone – a good sun cream. I can guarantee I will be out in the sun a lot this summer so I definitely need to ensure I’ve always got some suncream on hand.

A decent pair of shoes is my next choice. I spend a lot of time in flats during the summer but they can get worn out very easily – I do a lot of walking in the summer and this wears my shoes down quicker than I would normally do. I’ve been thinking about investing in some loafers or moccasins for the summer – perhaps some of these pairs from Damart – as they look very comfy, good quality and will wear better than a pair of ballet flats.

Thirdly, I will definitely be needing some maxi dresses. I mentioned in a recent post that I tend to wear leggings a lot – and my outfits can often be all black – which is not ideal in the summer and I can overheat. Maxi dresses are both stylish and light enough to be the perfect outfit option in the warmer months.

My final choice – and perhaps a weird one – is hairbands. I usually get my hair cut quite short in the summer – not pixie cut short but above my chin slightly. However, my hair grows incredibly quickly and I often end up with quite long hair by the end of summer. In the heat, I hate having my hair draped down my back, getting in my way and making my neck unbearably hot so I always like to put my hair up in a ponytail or a bun.

What summer essentials are on your list this year?