Taking A Look At The Most Iconic Dresses: Getting The High Street Look With River Island

Throughout the worlds of clothing and celebrity, there have been some incredible moments of flawless fashion. From the red carpet to famous scenes, world-renowned ladies have made their mark with a selection of unforgettable women’s dresses that have never left us — but which are the most iconic?

From Cher to Meghan Markle, we’ve selected the most inspiring and famous designer dresses ever to hit the headlines — and showed you how you can get the high-street version today to enhance your wardrobe.  

Jennifer Lopez

The green, silk chiffon gown Jennifer Lopez wore at the 42nd Grammy Awards brought the world of fashion to its knees in 2000. Designed by Donatella Versace, this stunning dress featured a jungle print and a daring, plunging neckline that opened all the way to the singer’s navel — secured with a sparkling green brooch.  All over the world, people went wild for this innovative gown. According to former Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, it was the most popular search query ever and even led to the launch of Google Image Search! Described as a turning point in Versace’s career, emulating this flawless look is simple.

Silk chiffon dresses deliver a beautiful, flowing silhouette that flatters all body shapes. Select a style with a long-at-the-back hemline to show off your legs and recreate the daring-but-sophisticated appeal of the famous jungle dress — asymmetric cuts will also look good and make sure you choose a bold, eye-catching colour to stand out from the crowd. Tropical prints are popular this fashion season — although check and animal patterns also work well — while long-sleeves help create an elegant balance of exposed skin. Don’t feel you have to go as low at the front as J-Lo, though. Plunging necklines certainly inject a touch of glamour into an outfit, but you can get the same effect by going for a simple v-neck and enhancing your dress with statement jewellery and high heels to make sure you’re ready for a special evening.  


Well known for creating an impact, Cher did not disappoint when she stepped in front of the cameras at the 1986 Academy Awards. The legend of music and film was asked to present the Best Supporting Actor award and made sure she wouldn’t be upstaged by the winner in a black, jewel-encrusted gown with matching plumed headpiece designed by Bob Mackie. Split into a hip-hugging skirt and criss-cross bralet, the outfit was captivatingly daring for an Oscars event and has gone down in film industry history as one of the most famous outfits ever.

To capture the essence of this stunning look, you must exude confidence. Show off your curves by pairing a black cami bralet with a long, side-split skirt or opt for a midriff cut-out maxi dress. Swap the plumed headwear for a diamante headband and add to the glamour with a pair of embellished, slingback heels. Cher wonderfully made her bold outfit perfect for the sophisticated Academy Awards by complementing her exposed midriff with a loose-fit jacket — get the same effect with a chiffon kimono.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a pop culture icon, revered today for her beauty, talent and off-screen endeavours — but which of her renowned outfits beats them all to be the most iconic? For most of us, seeing Monroe playfully pushing down the skirt of her white cocktail dress in the film, The Seven Year Itch, is an enduring image that sums up the actress’ spirit and appeal. The backless, sleeveless dress, designed by William Travilla, featured a below-the-knee skirt and halter-like bodice with a plunging neck — risqué for the 1950s. Striking the perfect balance between elegance and seductiveness, this outfit is still inspiring designers today and even sold at auction in 2011 for $4.6 million!

When choosing a high-street dress that embodies the Monroe appeal, go for the ‘vintage party’ vibe.   This dress style has a distinctive time-honoured elegance to it, yet, it looks ideal for a fun girls’ night. Go for a pleated midi skirt or lace embellishment for a beautiful retro appeal, then update the look in the upper section. Monroe makes up for the modest skirt hemline by showing more shoulder and arms — do the same with a Bardot or plunge neckline and polish off your 1950s-inspired look with mid-heel sandals and a pretty, floral hair slide.

Nikola Jovanovic


This music icon is always one step ahead when it comes to her art — and fashion is no different. We couldn’t get enough of the sheer, bejewelled dress that Beyoncé wore at the Met Gala in 2015. Designed by Givenchy, the fitted, backless gown was awash with strategically-placed multi-coloured crystals and before slowing elegantly around her heeled feet.

Although few occasions call for a see-through, crystallised dress; there’s no reason that you can’t enhance your wardrobe with something similarly extravagant. Concentrate on the embellishment of your gown to emulate the Beyoncé look — styles such as a diamante bodycon or metallic maxi dress will offer a similar, stand-out look that’s perfect for a night out. Instead of sheer or see-through, why not opt for a nude gown that you can pair with complementary bag and heels?

Julia Roberts

Oscar-winning actress, Julia Roberts, is one of the most celebrated women in film, starring in a list of blockbuster films for decades. Obviously, the actress has donned many outfits during her on-screen time, but perhaps one of the most iconic costumes is the red, off-the-shoulder dress she wore with long, white evening gloves in Pretty Woman. Created by designer, Marilyn Vance-Straker, this scarlet column dress, featured a sweetheart neckline and sat elegantly off the shoulder to create a beautiful silhouette that looked innovative, yet timeless. So, how do you get the high-street version?

Everything about this gown says feminine elegance. If you have a special occasion coming up, this style is ideal. Stick with the sweetheart neckline but opt for a shorter hemline or even an asymmetric skirt cut to tone down the formality. Pair with wrap-round heels and keep jewellery to a minimum — chokers look particularly good with this neckline and a simple, neutral-shade clutch will finalise the look perfectly. Wearing your hair up will help show off the outline of the dress, too.

Meghan Markle

The wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle was watched by 18 million viewers in the UK, with many tuning in to catch the first glimpse of the bride’s wedding gown. But in fact, Markle’s second outfit choice also got people talking. For the evening, the new bride opted for a silk crepe, sleeveless, high-neck gown designed by Stella McCartney that fell flawlessly over her petite frame — and it’s a style that many of us would love to have sitting in our own wardrobes.

The halter-neck, sleeveless look lets you elegantly show off your shoulders and works best when the skirt of your dress is midi or even maxi, to get the ideal level of skin exposure. Of course, you don’t have to stick to white. Purple is a big colour this fashion season and slipping on a pair of simple, mid-heels and only a few pieces of jewellery — perhaps droplet earrings and a small selection of matching rings — will let you harness the chic, understated vibe of this style. If you have a more casual event, go for a shorter skirt or one with a high/low frill hem.

Britney Spears

Who could forget the denim dress that Britney Spears wore to the 2001 American Music Awards? Back when Britney and Justin were possibly the most famous celebrity couple, the singer’s every fashion movement was scrutinised — and this is perhaps her most iconic. Styled and shaped like a ball gown, Spears’ sleeveless, floor-length dress featured a fitted bodice, metallic belt and even short train to give the impression of jeans-inspired formality. If you love denim or just like alternative takes on standard outfits, try getting the high-street version of this.

Tone down the formal side of this iconic look by opting for a pinafore or shirt-style dress in light-blue denim — use a waist belt to nip you in for a flawless figure outline. Get the ‘dressed up’ look on your next night out by selecting a fitted, mini style that you can pair with stilettos and accessories, or go for a black-denim, shift dress with thin straps for an alternative blend of low-maintenance denim and high-fashion style.

Bring the glitz and glamour of music and film to your outfit choices this year.


Getting Prepared For A New School & Work Year

Summer is such a busy and expensive time. Not only do you have to spend six weeks keeping your children entertained but you are also spending out constantly on that entertainment – and just when you think you can start saving your pennies again, you realise you now need to get their wardrobe prepared for their next year at school.

Jack is constantly in need of new stuff – new uniform for school, new sports kit, new school shoes, new sport shoes, new shoes in general as he’s wrecked the other pairs he owned during the summer. I’m always looking for the perfect pair of kids shoes that are super affordable too.

This is where Engelbert Strauss are great. Not only do they have a great range of winter work clothes but they provide a fantastic range of children’s footwear and footwear for adults too. They even sell tools and equipment and office supplies too. A real one stop shop. For those of you who don’t know much about Engelbert Struass, they are an 100% family run independent business, run by fourth generation family members Norbert, Gerlinde, Steffen and Henning Strauss. They have ten national subsidiaries in Europe and also a serve a large number of commercial international customers.

Now with me always looking for affordable and good quality footwear for the whole family, it is little wonder that a brand like Engelbert Strauss comes to mind. The company produces good quality products at great prices and who can argue with that? You can order from them online or through their catalogue and it doesn’t matter if you are a private customer ordering or from a company, you are both welcome to order items from the company. Quite often you will find businesses catering to one or the other of these so it is great to see that their products are available to everyone.

With school shoes already sorted, I’ve been looking for a decent pair of wellies and pair of trainers for Jack to use for school. He does a lot of sport so needs a good pair of trainers for his feet. They also do something known as ‘forest school’ down at the pond at the bottom of the school field – he is in dire need of wellies for this as his others no longer fit! Those offered on the Engelbert Strauss truly fit the bill – durable, good quality, easy to see thanks to the bright yellow colour, lightweight so they don’t put too much pressure on your child’s feet and a great price too. They’re perfect.

With Steve also starting a new job at Jack’s school, suitable footwear is a must so it is great to see an extensive range of products for him too. With our work and school wardrobes needing to be drastically updated ready for September, I definitely know where to look.

Have you bought from Engelbert Strauss before?

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Outfit Tips for Events

Outfit Tips for Events

Fashion continuously evolves, what was fashionable a decade or two ago is no longer in style. As well as general trends evolving, fashion etiquette for different social events has also changed over the years.

If one of these events comes up and an invitation comes your way, if you are not up to speed with fashion etiquette it can seem like a minefield to navigate. This guide will hopefully highlight all the major potential faux pas and give you some advice and inspiration on what outfit to select.


This particular social event can have multiple expectations depending on what part of the event you have been invited to.

If you have been invited to the ceremony portion of day, a soft and understated outfit is best. Selecting the correct colours is a key element of wedding attire. Any colour that is not too bold is an acceptable choice. The only colour that is generally frowned upon is white, as this could potentially up-stage the bride and viewed as being disrespectful.

If you have been invited to the dinner and party portion of the event, a semi-formal and understated outfit is the best idea.

Resources such as Pinterest are a great way of finding some wedding guest outfit inspiration.

Becca McHaffie


When it comes to funerals, they are a delicate event which must be treated with the utmost care. When selecting an outfit, traditionally dark colours which effectively convey the sad tone of the event are perfect.

Colours such as dark green, navy and black are all a good choice. Anything overstated or bold should be avoided at all costs.

If you are unsure of a particular dress code at a Funeral or wake, you could contact the funeral director using a service such as localfuneral.co.uk and enquire.

Business Dinner or Party

The attire for a business dinner or party is entirely dependent on the working environment. If it is a conservative environment, which during working hours expects a formal uniform, these expectations will follow into business dinners or company events.

Job Interview

At traditional companies, a suit always has and still is the best option. If the field is something more creative or artistic, there may be some more wriggle room to express some more of your personal style.

It is best to play it safe, as you do not want to compromise getting the job for the sake of wearing the wrong outfit.

If you are not sure, you can always contact HR or an assistant to enquire about interview dress codes. This will show the employer that you are genuinely interested in making a good impression.

Hopefully these tips have gave you some advice and inspiration on specific outfit requirements for an event you have been invited to.

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Updating Steve’s Summer Wardrobe With Jacamo

Updating Steve’s Summer Wardrobe With Jacamo

We were sent a few items from the new SS18 Jacamo range. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We have been big fans of Jacamo for a while now. Steve has had an account for a few years now and is always popping on and ordering things – just recently he picked up some new flip flops and underwear. We’re also big fans of the sister sites too as you can still use the payment on account option as it is all linked – a godsend when we needed to change Jack’s bed as we could order from the home site and pay via Steve’s account.

I was recently contacted to see if we would like to try out any of the new SS18 pieces. I said yes before I’d even asked Steve as he is always on the site, like I said. With a budget of up to £100, we picked three items that we knew he would get a lot of wear out of. So what did he choose and what does he think of them?

These Puma jogger shorts were always going to make their way into Steve’s basket. He loves joggers and jogger shorts for comfort around the home or when running errands and is always happy to have a new pair. With this heat, he has been living in shorts and with a limited supply, there’s only so much washing you can get done in one house with two children. Adding some more shorts into rotation was always going to be handy and he has been giving these some good wear in the couple of weeks since we received them. They are extremely soft to the touch and Steve says they are very comfortable.

Talking of shorts, he also wanted to pick up some shorts that could be worn for when he goes out golfing but also works on a day to day basis. These blue shorts certainly do the trick. They are a decent length and are very comfortable, according to Steve. They also come with a fab belt that matches the colour of the shorts perfectly.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Finally… what man doesn’t say yes to a new pair of trainers? These Adidas trainers are the perfect fit and such a gorgeous colour. He’s been wearing them loads and says they are very comfortable – considering they’re new, I’d say that’s a pretty good thing as we all know how uncomfortable new shoes can be at first. Steve had none of these problems and will be wearing these all summer long – when he isn’t wearing his flip flops of course.

Overall, Steve was very impressed with the items he picked from the Jacamo SS18 range and already has his eyes on a few more pieces. Have you ever bought from Jacamo or any of its sister sites?



Feeling Comfortable This Summer

Feeling Comfortable This Summer

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been struggling with my weight for a while now. Before I had Olivia – and after my miscarriage with the baby before Olivia – I managed to lose a stone and a half quite quickly and seemed destined to continue on with this path – but then I got pregnant with O and the weight started creeping on. Since she’s been born, I keep putting on, losing, putting on, losing – and whilst I am starting to actually lose again properly – I seem to have some semblance of a mojo back – I haven’t been feeling comfortable in myself and what I am wearing at all. I’d love to get the confidence back to wear what I want.

Lauren Roberts
Something I am really struggling with is underwear. I still breastfeed Olivia at night but have not long weaned off daytime top ups around her meals. This means I was wearing a very unflattering non wired bra until recently and now don’t know what to get to both fit me and suit me. Add to that I don’t think I have any nice underwear sets and you can see that I definitely need a revamp with some new pieces – but I don’t know what suits me!

I’d love to regain some confidence back in myself and my body so I’ve been taking a look at Knix. They claim to be reinventing intimates for real life and they have some lovely items that not only look good but look comfortable too! I’m so fed up of comfortable but boring and ugly clothes or choosing beautiful clothes that are horrible to wear because they just aren’t comfy. Why can’t retailers get it right – we want beautiful stuff that is comfortable too! It seems Knix know that and they’ve got some lovely pieces that I am keen to buy with some spare cash at the end of the month.

I just want to feel comfortable this summer – and for that, I need to feel both comfortable in my own skin and in my clothes. That means those clothes need to make me feel good, both physically and mentally and this means both outerwear and underwear. I think Knix are my answer – what about you?

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