Worldwide Food Ideas And Tips For Every Eventuality The Whole Family Will Love

With it now being the summer holidays many families are jetting off or taking well earned holidays. It’s the perfect chance to spend some quality time with your partner and children. A chance to make some incredible memories and enjoy one another’s company. However, we all know that these holidays can also be a little stressful. Whether home in the UK or abroad children can be hard work at the best of times. The biggest problem many families face is food choices. Where can they go that their children will enjoy the food? Especially if they tend to be fussy eaters. It’s even worse if your children are great eaters and it’s the adults that struggle. It can be the biggest cause of holiday drama and arguments amongst family members. Which is why I thought I would focus on a post all about food when going away. The destinations and food options to consider and some helpful tips to make things easier. Let’s hope it solves your eating dramas while away.

Consider food that’s worthy of sharing in places like Spain

As parents we are well aware that children follow our lead. This is documented in many parental books about how to encourage good eating habits amongst our children. One of the biggest things they suggest is eating together as a family. While on holiday you tend to do this more than you would at home. But why not take it one step further and consider sharing the same plate of food. If this is an inspired idea then head off to Spain to enjoy the national dish of Paella. Traditionally made with rice, fish, seafood and meat this dish has bags of flavour. What’s great is that it could encourage your children to try different things. The taste is not particularly spicy just flavoursome.

Tapas that will encourage children to try more

While on the subject of Spain, another way they like to enjoy food is by eating Tapas. These tend to be smaller versions of meals that are served. You tend to try a few different ones. What’s amazing about Tapas is that this gives you the chance to open up your little ones taste buds to new flavours, without the risk of ordering a big meal. Tapas can be served in smaller cafes or restaurants. Some restaurants offer fusion tapas which takes in other worldly flavours. It’s a great way to encourage your child to try new and exciting foods and flavours. However it isn’t just Spain that serves food like this, you could also experience Tapas in places like the Canary Islands or Italy.


Who can go wrong with pizza or pasta

While thinking about Italy who can forget the charm of Pizza and Pasta. I guarantee that most children will eat one or the other, or even both. Pizza and pasta can be as flavoursome of plain as you want them to be. It;s one of those things that guarantees to get your children eating. While traditionally you would head to Italy for this sort of food, you tend to find these options pretty much anywhere.

Consider self catering when going on holiday

Heading out for meals every night on holiday can be costly. Especially if your children are young or fussy. This is why considering a self catering option while away could be the perfect choice for your family dynamic. This gives you the option of cooking in maybe one night, or bringing some takeaway food back for a low key evening. This gives your family a break for eating out and all the drama that can come with it.



Buffet options in hotels will always be an easy choice

Another thing to consider would when going on holiday is heading to a hotel. Especially if you book an all inclusive option or book your meals. Most hotels tend to offer a buffet service for their meals in bigger restaurant spaces. These are perfect for families. It gives you and your little ones the chance of eating different things, without the worry of finding a restaurant that can accommodate. However, once seeing all the food out, it could also entice your children to try new things.

Eat earlier to avoid peak rush

The last thing you want is to be dining in a packed restaurant in the peak times. This is where being on holiday offers you a great advantage. You could choose to eat earlier or later avoiding the mad rush. This makes for a more relaxed mealtime.

Head to America for every child’s dream foodie destination

Not to give the Americans a bad name, but cheese burgers, ribs, steaks and chilli dogs are all the foods you will find in this great country. America could be the foodie destination dreams were made of for children. Most children love a cheese burger. While it could be considered as junk food, if you are heading to America for your next trip don’t worry too much. Fod like this for a short amount of time is fine, and also at least you are all eating and enjoying yourself. The chances are the holiday itself will have cost a lot, so you want everyone to have a great time. Thank goodness the main food is quite mainstream and child friendly.


Cook outdoors when going camping

Camping is one of the best holidays for children. It’s a much more relaxed vibe. Cooking outdoors for kids seems like a real treat. I suppose it’s because it goes against the grain of normal life. The chances are, because it’s been cooked outside, your child is more likely to experiment and try things. Which is a win win situation for any parent.

Take in local delicacies wherever you go

Finally, while you are away on holiday, wherever it may be, don’t forget to try the local delicacies. Many mainstream holiday destinations have their own specialty dishes that are worthy of a try. Many times they could be something your kids will love. Try and make food part of the holiday and adventure.

I hope these ideas, destinations and tips help you when it comes to the food on your next family trip.

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