Updating Jack’s Wardrobe

Jack is six now and has a far busier social life than I do. He has clubs and parties galore and some of these clubs require certain clothing.

I’ve mentioned before that he has started football on a Thursday – we recently had to grab all the clothing and shoes he would need for that – and then we got a notice saying he needed some extra items for his PE kit. He also goes to a club on Friday night – sometimes they do some messy activities, sometimes they have a film night – he likes to dress up nice for his club – I think to impress the girls, haha!

With us buying him some more clothing for all the things he has, we are also considering picking up a new coat for him – perhaps one of these boys coats and jackets from River Island. Normally I’d try to eke out his coat for another month or so until he can get away with using a lighter jacket – but with the weather being like it has recently, he is definitely in need of a new one – he’s currently ripped his one at the seam and it isn’t going to last much longer!

I’ve noticed recently that Jack definitely seems more fashion conscious. He likes to pick out his outfits – sometimes I do have to give him a little guidance as his outfits aren’t exactly weather appropriate but other than that, he usually has quite good fashion sense.

He’s starting going past clothes shops and wanting to head in and look at the clothes. Now I am not going to complain about that – I love shopping and I’m always looking for cute little outfits for Olivia so if Jack wants to seek out some cute outfits for himself, who am I to stop him?

The only problem now is having to declutter all his old stuff. Luckily we have a Bags 2 School scheme in the first few weeks of March so we will be bagging up the stuff that he has grown out of or no longer likes and donating them. We may even end up filling more than one bag – I didn’t know my child had so many clothes!

Have you been updating your child’s wardrobe lately?


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