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Jack was bought a Stretch Armstrong a couple of Christmases ago by his uncle and he absolutely adores it. Since then, he has seen the Stretch range expand and has been begging us to get him the new items in the range too so he can complete his collection.

I remember Stretch Armstrong from when I was younger – I had two male cousins whose house I used to go round and they had all the toys that you would remember from the Nineties – Pokemon, wrestling figures and of course, Stretch Armstrong! I loved playing with him and when Jack received his present from his uncle, it really harked back to my childhood – and it is exactly why my brother in law bought it too, he remembered it from when he was little.

We received a Vac-Man and a Stretch X-Ray. Jack has been seeing the Vac-Man adverts for ages and has been begging for it so was super excited to see it turn up. These look like some fantastic additions to the range and Jack couldn’t wait to get them out of the packaging.

Vac-Man is Stretch Armstrong’s arch enemy. He stands at 7 inches tall and is fully stretchable and posable as demonstrated in the pictures above by Jack. You just need to pump the air out of him via his neck – you pump the neck and mold Vac-Man into the position you want him. Press the button on the top of his head to release and he’ll go back to normal. It’s super stretchy and very resilient – Jack and Olivia have really been putting it through its paces. He can also be stretched once the valve has been released. The figure is available, as well as other items in the range, here for £14.99.

Stretch X-Ray is a 7 inch figure who is completely transparent. Olivia has been mesmerised by him and isn’t keen on giving him back to Jack! He’s gooey, he’s creepy and as you stretch and pull him, you’ll see his scary insides shudder back into place. If you wanted, you can even tie him up in knots. Jack has been getting him in all sorts of predicaments.

Jack has been loving playing with the two of them and even loves pitting them against each other. They really make for imaginative play – I’ve heard him setting up battles between them before big old Stretch Armstrong comes on the scene and obliterates everything.

There’s so many items in the Stretch range and Jack is so keen to get them all. If they are as good quality as these, then we will be very happy. Both Jack and Olivia are loving playing with them and Steve is even having fun too – they are just so much fun!

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Do you remember Stretch from your childhood?

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