Not Your Usual Weight Loss Solution

When some of the most popular Instagram accounts target weight loss and fitness journeys, it’s easy to feel inspired by people’s efforts. Admittedly, you also need to be realistic. Weight loss transformations don’t happen overnight, and they require a lot of hard work. It doesn’t matter how much the skinny lady in the picture swears that she got her fantastic body from a healthy kale smoothie breakfast and a simple abs routine. In reality, she went through months of efforts and dedication. One picture might make it look easy, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Unfortunately, most people tend to believe that motivation is the secret of a fit body… Consequently, many highly motivated people fail every year to hold their fitness resolution and lose the extra weight. Weight loss is a long and enduring journey, and sticking the online advice and guides you can find is never going to get you there. You need to think out of the box – but not too much outside!

Dieting doesn’t work

There is a surprising fact about diets: they don’t work. In fact, dieting is so ineffective than 95% of all dieters regain the weight they lose with one year. Some might even gain more than they lost in the first place. According to science, out of the 45 million of people dieting in the US and the 13 million in the UK, most of them will have to start again in 12 months’ time. What is wrong with going a diet? The main reason is that diets are counterintuitive. Indeed, the body experiences a diet as a stress factor, which increases the levels of cortisol and adrenaline, and consequently slows down the rate at which the body burns calories. In short, the more you diet, the slower you lose weight. Additionally, dieting is often perceived as a temporary solution, which consequently fails to implement a sustainable change. Ultimately, once the diet is over, you go back to your old habits.

No, you can’t just sign up to the gym

If you were thinking of replacing the diet with an active gym membership, you need to reconsider your options. According to Show Me The Evidence, more than 60 studies on exercises and weight loss have revealed a terrible truth. Sweating at the gym accounts only for a tiny portion of your calorie burn in a day. Indeed, only 10 to 30% of your calories can be burned through physical activity, which may include exercise but also refers to any movement you make during the day. More often than not, people who exercise tend to consume food after their workout, which might undermine their weight loss. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to overestimate the number of calories burnt during a workout, which might lead to nasty surprises. Finally, too much exercise can put your health at risk and lead to an injury, which might cause you to put on weight. You lose less weight than you hope through exercise.

You need a lifestyle change

Ultimately, if you want to lose weight durably and without unnecessary efforts, you will need to change your habits. Even with the best will, it’s impossible to be completely honest about your calorie intake and burn. That’s precisely why you need guidance via a complete programme such as Lifestyle Cleanse, to clear up your bad habits and gradually embrace healthy and life-changing solutions. What is the advantage of a programme? It’s been designed to help your body lose weight without stress or metabolism slow-down as it provides all the minerals and vitamins you need.

Those pesky habits you need to get rid of

Bad habits are the insurmountable mountain of everyone trying to lose weight. The main problem about bad habits is that they introduce unhealthy behaviour and can gradually transform your perception of yourself and your needs. Of course, everybody is aware of the risks of consuming your calories in liquid form. But have you thought of the dangers of the television? Indeed, people who eat in front of the TV might miss the signs of satiety. As a result, they eat significantly more than people who don’t watch TV during their dinner. Additionally, there’s a growing tendency to rely on processed foods or even takeaways when you choose to watch TV, which leads to the consumption of fewer vegetables and more fried food. Finally, food is often used as a reward in everyday’s life. From early childhood, you might have been taught that good behaviour is rewarded with sugary food, for instance. Food is also the go-to comfort remedy at the end of a long day.

Listen to your body

Your body is a well-wired machine that keeps sending you signals about its health and needs. Unfortunately, listening to the signals of your body is an art that is difficult to master. It can be easy to assume that a growling stomach is an indication of hunger. In reality, there can be hundreds of reasons for your loud stomach, and if you don’t listen to your feelings, you will never know what it means. Today’s fast-paced society can impose eating times and places that are not right for your body. So, it’s time to ignore the social expectations and listen to what you need. Don’t just eat because it’s lunchtime, but instead focus on identifying your hunger. It’s the way your body has to tell you it needs nutrients. Once you’ve realised that, it’s impossible to try to satisfy your hunger with a snack bought from a vending machine. Nutrition is the answer!

Good habits start young

Ultimately, the best approach to weight loss is to transform your lifestyle. While it can be challenging as an adult, it’s a different kettle of fish for kids. Indeed, if you help your children to develop healthy habits from the start, in terms of snacking and staying active, you can ensure that losing weight will never be one of their worries. In the end, you’ve got only one body, so the best you care for it, the longer it will last. Therefore it’s essential to show children healthy alternatives to high sugar and fat food.

The bottom line is that is you’re trying to lose weight, dieting and exercise are the last things you need to do. Instead, focus on mindful eating and balanced nutrition for you and your family.


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