TMS Health Solutions is Approaching the Depression Plague from a Different Angle

Clinical depression is not to be taken lightly. It is much more severe than typical forms of depression and can last for long periods of time. Sometimes it manifests itself as more severe at different periods of one’s life, especially with emotional outbursts. Physical health conditions, like a thyroid disorder, can play a role in the severity of the condition.

Treatment is entirely possible, but the effectiveness has much variance. Some patients have reacted well to therapy and medication better than others. In general, the preferred treatment method is through outpatient means.

The hardest part of treatment may be getting a loved one to comply in the first place. Depression is a very isolating disease and sufferers may not want to reach out to friends or family. The stubbornness and apathy of depressed people make it difficult to take the first step, which is why they should receive constant encouragement.

Signs of someone who is clinically depressed:

  • A relative lack of concentration.
  • A low self-worth
  • Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of death in general
  • Severe headaches or nerve pain
  • Extremely anxious & timid
  • Unusual eating schedule
  • Extreme outbursts of emotion

TMS Therapy is a unique approach that may solve chronic clinical depression for many individuals. The company believes that the key to the disease is a pattern in the repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). This idea comes from a series of clinical trials that analyzed the rTMS of patients. They determined that there may be a link between a low frequency of rTMS and major depression.

Medication is almost always recommended but it can have varying results. Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and other types of medications may be used in the mix. Therapy is also used as a main form of treatment and there are different approaches that psychologists may take.

It is common for those with clinical depression to have failed traditional treatment methods on multiple occasions. This is why TMS therapy aims to take it from a different, more innovative approach using the latest data that they have acquired.

More about TMS Health Solutions

TMS Health Solutions has staff members that specialize in depression and other mental health disorders, making them the perfect choice for treatment. They receive many patients during times of crisis and they are well-equipped to deal with any emergencies that come along the way.

TMS Health Solutions believes that every patient is much like a larva that will morph into a beautiful butterfly. This is the mindset behind the logo of the company and it carries on into their work. Every patient is capable of reaching new heights in their lives and their innovative therapy treatment steps aim for just that.


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