A Photoshoot In Bluebell Woods

Photos by Emily Herbert | Captured Moments By Emah

We are very lucky to live in an absolutely beautiful village. Not only do we have a beautiful village green and so many other beautiful green spaces, we also have a wide variety of little bits of nature that are simply lovely to live near to and go and visit.

When one of my best friends Em talked about the beautiful bluebells and asked if she could take some photos of Olivia in the bluebell wood, how could I say no? We’ve been up there twice now (hence the different outfits in the pictures) and I think you’ll agree that Em is super talented. If you live in Hertfordshire, please do consider booking her in for a shoot, you won’t regret it!

Olivia is fairly good at taking direction but also easily distracted, haha! However she loves her Em and was a little sad the first day we took photos that we had to finish – so imagine how happy she was to do some more a few days later!

Now I know I am biased regarding the model but how gorgeous are these images? I adore them and really think that local people should be hitting Em up for her shoots – she has such affordable prices! Get in touch with her on her Facebook page for more information!


Ten Things You Need In Your Flight Bag

My name is Vicky and I blog at www.misstillyandme.co.uk, I have been blogging for 5 years and it really is all part of my everyday life now. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This weekend I have been packing my flight bag for a trip to Turkey. I know that I always over pack it and it is heavy to carry but I like to have everything ‘just in case’. I have experienced a plane company losing my luggage before, so we are over cautious when it comes to hand luggage. So this is what’s in my hand luggage for my flight this week.

Swimming costume, always have this handy in your hand luggage because you can get straight in the pool at your destination. Also its good to have in your hand luggage, in case your suitcase goes missing on the flight.

Spare clothes, for exactly the same reason as the previous suggestion. If your suitcase is forgotten to be put on the plane, at least you have some clothes to wear until your luggage turns up. Also if you spill anything or you get travel sick, you have some spare clothes in your bag.

Sweets, I don’t know about you, but my ears pop on the plane. I always carry boiled sweets for the plane to suck on as we take off and land. They are also handy for bribing kids on the flight.

A carrier bag, this one is in case my daughter throws up. She loves to travel but does get travel sick. Have you ever tried to get a child to be sick in a small paper bag, that they give you on the plane.

Hand wipes/baby wipes, I prefer baby wipes as hand wipes often have a smell to them and it can be over powering in a small place. These are fab for cleaning grubby kids up and also for wiping down and freshening up.

Hand Gel, I have no idea why I take this too. But I feel its better as a disinfectant on your hands if you cant work the water after you have been to the loo.

Portable phone charger, although you can’t use your phone on most flights, it is good to give your phone or device to your child to play with on the plane. So you can recharge your phone as you travel. Its also good to have a working phone so you can let everyone know you have landed.

Different currencies, keep currency from your own country as well as currency to where you are going. Then you have the right currency for buying stuff on the plane, or boat. If we travel to France on a ferry, we pay in Euros but get change in pounds. This confuses me! Its also good to have some coins for when you land at your destination, then you can grab a drink from the drinks machine or use a luggage trolley.

Drinks and snacks, I always take my own snacks on the plane because it saves money – in fact however we travel, I take my own snacks. This saves loads of money, for drinks I buy them in the airport because they are expensive, but still cheaper than buying them on the plane. Some airports will fill your water bottle up for free.

A Blanket, I always take one of these because it can get quite chilly when the air con is on. Its also good as a comfort thing if you’re going to sleep on the plane. I don’t know about anyone else but I sleep so much better if I have a blanket over me.

What do you carry in your travel bag?

Kiddyproofing the Home – What Not to Forget

Every stage of childhood comes with new challenges and struggles for parents. These challenges are definitely worth it but being prepared as a mom or dad is often difficult when things keep changing so rapidly.

For young kids who are beginning to crawl, walk and run around the house, the transition can be a difficult one for many. Items get knocked over, carpets get destroyed, and all sorts of havoc is constantly happening throughout the home.

While this can be frustrating to say the least, it pales in comparison to the potential risks that toddlers and young children face from everyday objects in and around the home. Most parents understand the need to lock cabinets and keep potentially toxic items out of reach, but there are many other threats as well.

Today, let’s look at some necessary aspects of child-proofing the home that you might not have considered.


  • Securing the Windows


Many parents rightfully worry about their young children wandering out of the house through an open or unlocked door. But what all too many forget about is the equally dangerous situation that windows can present.

Besides the fact that they are giant panes of glass, windows that are not secured can pose a variety of risks. First of all, there’s the risk of a child opening them and falling out. Next, there’s a risk that an unsecured window that opens inward (for cleaning and such) could fall inward and injure a child.

But there are other risk factors as well. Corded blinds are one such example: when not properly secured, a curtain rod could come loose, or a child could be caught in them, presenting a potential choking hazard. As such, purchasing ready-made or made to measure curtains that eliminate the risk of choking and/or injury is essential.  A good idea would be to look online for ideas for replacing blinds with curtains, for example these grey curtains which come ready made.  Grey curtains can also be in keeping with an office feel if the blinds you want to replace are in your at-home study.


  • Evaluating the Bathroom


Another potentially dangerous area in the home is the bathroom. While it is commonly known that securing lower cabinets in the kitchen is a must-do, the same is true in the bathroom. Not only may there be poisonous items under the kitchen sink, but there is danger in the form of sharp edges inside the cabinets.

Another danger area is the toilet. The toilet lid should be secured with a toilet lock to prevent potential drowning by curious young toddlers who might wander into the bathroom. Perhaps a better solution for those who are not yet toilet-trained is a lock on the bathroom itself, preventing your child from entering it in the first place.

Of course, there are many other risks in the bathroom as well. Items such as razors, soap and medicine should be kept well above the reach of young children, and counters/surfaces should be kept as clear as possible. This is because young children are notorious for climbing onto surfaces whenever possible; one wrong move and a potentially fatal injury could occur.


  • Anchoring Furniture


In virtually every room of the home, furniture can be found that might present a risk to the health and life of a young child. Many people think about sharp objects and poisonous substances when child-proofing the home, but bigger, blunter objects can be just as dangerous.

Items such as stand-alone cabinets, chairs and book cases all pose serious risks when not properly anchored. There have been numerous deaths caused by furniture tipping over on children who were attempting to climb them. As such, it is vital that these items – tall, top-heavy in nature and/or heavy in general – must be anchored to either the floor or to the wall with some kind of reinforcement.

Other potential risks include televisions and electronics, which may tip over when grabbed in the wrong manner.


  • Electrical Appliances


Last but not least, any appliance that draws electricity is a potential risk to young children under the wrong circumstances. These items can pose a risk in more than one way.

First of all, the accidental mixture of electrical appliances and water can be deadly if the items are plugged into an outlet. Secondly, an appliance – or even the outlet itself – can be dangerous if the child begins playing with the cord at the point where it meets the wall. Another risk is the cord itself; choking and/or potential hanging disasters are all too common when children become trapped in cords caught around their necks.

As such, ensuring any cords are properly secured – as well as the outlets they’re connected to – is an often-forgotten but imperative part of child-proofing the home.

With young children the home, all sorts of precautions have to be taken. In terms of protection, it is vital to focus on removing as many potential threats as possible. While it is never possible to eliminate every danger, focusing your attention on obvious risks can drastically minimise the chances of injury or death. Hopefully, you’ll find these less-discussed child-proofing actions to be useful in further securing your home for your little loved ones!


TMS Health Solutions is Approaching the Depression Plague from a Different Angle

Clinical depression is not to be taken lightly. It is much more severe than typical forms of depression and can last for long periods of time. Sometimes it manifests itself as more severe at different periods of one’s life, especially with emotional outbursts. Physical health conditions, like a thyroid disorder, can play a role in the severity of the condition.

Treatment is entirely possible, but the effectiveness has much variance. Some patients have reacted well to therapy and medication better than others. In general, the preferred treatment method is through outpatient means.

The hardest part of treatment may be getting a loved one to comply in the first place. Depression is a very isolating disease and sufferers may not want to reach out to friends or family. The stubbornness and apathy of depressed people make it difficult to take the first step, which is why they should receive constant encouragement.

Signs of someone who is clinically depressed:

  • A relative lack of concentration.
  • A low self-worth
  • Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of death in general
  • Severe headaches or nerve pain
  • Extremely anxious & timid
  • Unusual eating schedule
  • Extreme outbursts of emotion

TMS Therapy is a unique approach that may solve chronic clinical depression for many individuals. The company believes that the key to the disease is a pattern in the repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). This idea comes from a series of clinical trials that analyzed the rTMS of patients. They determined that there may be a link between a low frequency of rTMS and major depression.

Medication is almost always recommended but it can have varying results. Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and other types of medications may be used in the mix. Therapy is also used as a main form of treatment and there are different approaches that psychologists may take.

It is common for those with clinical depression to have failed traditional treatment methods on multiple occasions. This is why TMS therapy aims to take it from a different, more innovative approach using the latest data that they have acquired.

More about TMS Health Solutions

TMS Health Solutions has staff members that specialize in depression and other mental health disorders, making them the perfect choice for treatment. They receive many patients during times of crisis and they are well-equipped to deal with any emergencies that come along the way.

TMS Health Solutions believes that every patient is much like a larva that will morph into a beautiful butterfly. This is the mindset behind the logo of the company and it carries on into their work. Every patient is capable of reaching new heights in their lives and their innovative therapy treatment steps aim for just that.


The Best Wines To Pair With Chocolate Eggs This Easter

We all enjoy a chocolate egg at Easter, right? Did you know that Easter makes up for 10% of the UK’s annual chocolate spend? 80 million eggs are sold annually! Jack and Olivia have two each already – we haven’t actually bought them any ourselves – and they have some little ones for an Easter egg hunt – and there’s even an Easter egg hunt at the school after they break up for the holidays tomorrow! Chocolate overload, much?

Whilst the kids are happy with just some chocolate, we as adults may like indulge in a glass of wine with ours. GiftsOnline4U have created an infographic that show the best wines you can enjoy with chocolate eggs – you can see it here. They have covered a variety of different brands and different price points – there’s a few more they’ve talked about on the website as well as the four in the infographic below!

Easter Egg and Wine Pairing InfographicWhat egg are you planning on having this Easter? Do you have a favourite wine that you’re looking to pair with it? Why not check out GiftOnline4U’s guide and see what the perfect pairing is?

I’m still yet to open my Mother’s Day Rose Moet, I wonder which egg would be best to pair with that? GiftsOnline4U have a great range of personalised wines that would go perfectly well with a chocolate egg – why not check out their range?