The impact of cartoons on the development of your child

We all know that cartoons are the biggest source of entertainment for kids. But being a parent, have you ever wondered how these cartoons affect your child? There are so many channels which broadcast cartoons only, round the clock. So, children have the liberty to watch cartoons whenever they want. Here are some of the general effects of cartoons on children.

Aids in learning:

You must be aware of the fact that children learn from their surroundings. The more they watch cartoons the more they get disconnected from the real world and start living in their own imaginary world. Mostly, children start watching cartoons from very early ages like seven or eight months old. It is probably due to the fact that whenever the baby is crying and we switch on cartoons they stop; as a result parents start using cartoons as a mean to calm the baby. This little step is the start of cartoon addiction in kids. Watching TV in moderation is a good thing too, it can help children especially preschoolers in learning new things like; alphabets, counting and fruits names etc. There are so many toddler cartoons like Dora the explorer and Go Diego go that help children in learning new words everyday just by watching them. Same is the case for school going kids, they can learn a lot about science and wildlife from watching appropriate programs.

Aggressive content can promote violence:

Being a parent, your most important duty is to maintain a balance in your children’s lives. You shouldn’t allow them to watch too much cartoons or TV. Another important factor to consider here, is the content that your children see on TVs. You should regularly monitor the cartoons or TV programs your children watch, if your kids are watching cartoons that have too much fighting or are aggressive, there will be a chance that your kid can become more violent. Kids who watch cartoons more than three to four hours a day are more prone to violence and they start imitating what they saw on TV in real life too. An effective way to monitor your child’s activities is by installing apps like webwatcher these apps enable parents to monitor their children’s full activities across the internet.

Lack in physical activities:

Children who are more consistent in watching cartoons and spend more than three hours watching TV are more likely to get obese. Addiction to TV in kids causes them to spend most of their free time indoors, which has become a major factor in their lack of mobility. And due to this lack of mobility the number of children having diabetes and obesity have increased a lot. It is the duty of parents to ensure that their kids also get involved in some kind of physical activities daily so that they grow healthy and strong.


Cartoons as well as other TV shows have a very strong impact on a child’s development. Children try to copy whatever they see on TV in real life. So, the impact of cartoons as positive or negative completely depends on what you allow your children to see. If your children are exposed to educational type cartoons than they can learn a lot but if they watch aggressive type cartoons they can develop anger issues and become more violent.

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