The Complete Guide To Buying Household Batteries

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I’m sure that most parents have been there before. They’ve bought a new toy for their child only to get home to find that it doesn’t include any batteries. And there are no spares in the house to use! It can quickly turn into a nightmare when your child realises that they aren’t able to play with their new toy just yet…

So, as you can see, it’s always worth having a few different spare batteries at home so that you always have one when you need it. Not too sure what kind of batteries are best to stock up on? Here are some tips that you can use when buying household batteries.

Rechargeable Or Single-Use?

One of the big questions that many people wonder when it comes to buying batteries is whether they should invest in rechargeable ones or if it’s OK to stick with single-use ones. One of the main differences is cost. Rechargeable batteries tend to be a lot more expensive, and you will have to buy a charger for them as well. But once you have them, you won’t have to spend money on those types of batteries again, whereas you will need to keep on replacing disposable ones. As well as that, you will need to correctly dispose of single-use ones, as they can’t simply be thrown out in regular rubbish.

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Special-Use Batteries

There are some devises and appliances that will come with their own specialist battery. For instance, if you use a vaporiser, then this will take special vape batteries. You will need to buy the right kind of battery and will probably need to go to a vape shop for this. Other specialist batteries include ones for the car and your watch. If you do use a battery powered watch or vape device, then be sure to have plenty of spares at home as they aren’t always as common as general batteries that have multiple uses. 

Alkaline Or Lithium?

Now you just need to decide whether you need to use alkaline or lithium batteries. Alkaline are by far the most popular type of battery and are normally all disposable. These are also quite a bit cheaper than lithium batteries too. How long they last will depend on the kind of device that you put them in. High-drain examples include clocks, smoke alarms, remote controls, and children’s toys. Disposable lithium batteries are often more expensive, but they can often last for a while even in high-drain devices. More often than not, they are required for cameras, torches, and some remote-controlled gadgets. 

Zinc Batteries

Zinc batteries are quite rare and you might have trouble finding them. However, you might not want to consider these as they don’t often last longer than alkaline or lithium batteries. 

As you can see, there are a few different things to think about when it comes to buying some new batteries. It’s usually best to have a good mix at home so that you are ready for whatever kind of device runs out of power.

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