Save Money When You Travel as a Family

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It is almost the summer holidays for the kids; have you made any summer travel plans yet? It can be tricky to get some good deals last minute, but if you are looking for a last-minute getaway, then there are some things that you can do to definitely get a better price. So there is no need to panic! Have a look at these simple and easy tips to help you to save money, so that you can have some great family time altogether. It could be just the thing to start off your summer with.

  • Setting up price alerts can be a good way to get some good prices on flights. There are so many airlines to choose from, but there are some combinations of flights that are going to cost less than others. So using a site like Kayak, you can set up alerts, so that when the route that you want is at its lowest price, you will get a notification, so then you can go ahead and book.
  • Using the car can be a good way to save money, as even after costs of petrol and insurance, then it can be cheaper than flying. So if you want to stay in the UK, or want to drive into Europe, then making it a road trip is something that can be fun for a family, as well as help to save money.
  • Hotels can be pretty pricey, even last minute when looking for deals. And if you have a family, you may need more than one room, which really hikes up the price. It can be so much cheaper to look for somewhere to stay, using sites like Airbnb. Plus, you could even look for an Airbnb agent to list your home when you are away. Then the costs can be pretty much covered, which is a really good way of doing things when travelling.

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  • If you want a good price, then being flexible with your travel dates is really important. Little things like flying midweek can cost less than going away for a weekend away, like a Friday to Monday, for example. So although there will be a school summer holiday premium, there are still cheaper days to go, as well as times. Airlines like Ryainair usually have flights that cost less if they are the flights that arrive late at night.
  • Choosing your destination wisely is something that can really influence the price that you pay. Popular destinations do tend to be pretty expensive, so think about some less popular options. For instance, cities like Philadelphia and Chicago are great cities to visit, but they are considerably cheaper than New York. You could also think about choosing somewhere that involves a little more travel once you get there. 
  • Eating out for each meal when you travel is something that is going to end up costing a lot. So look to self-cater as much as possible. You will be paying for groceries if you were at home, but you wouldn’t be paying out for a meal out every day if you were at home.

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