Yu! Healthy Snacks Review & Giveaway

Yu! Healthy Snacks Review & Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to try some Yu! Healthy Snacks. I had seen a couple of posts about Yu on various blogs and websites and they had always interested me. Made from 100% real fruit, they are perfect for lunchboxes or a snack and suitable for the whole family.

As soon as I opened my package up, Jack wanted to know what was in it and took great delight in swiping a pack from me! What I like about these is that they are suitable for everyone and count as 1 of your 5 a day – something I will admit that I don’t always manage, oops! What can I say about them? They are packed full of flavour, much as I expected being made entirely from fruit. All three of us tried a little bit of every item and it seems we all have different favourites which is brilliant – I liked the bars most whilst Jack liked the granola and Steve the Fruit Chews. I definitely think we will be picking these up on our next food shop – something for the whole family 🙂

Just as well I love them like I do because Yu! have given me the chance to offer you a range of healthy snacks! Just enter via the Rafflecopter below! I am afraid it is UK only and the winner has 48 hours to respond before another winner is drawn. This ends at midnight on the 13th of October.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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How to use Rafflecopter – A guide to entering blog giveaways

How to use Rafflecopter – A guide to entering blog giveaways

As someone who likes to enter giveaways and likes to hold them sometimes too, I thought it was high time a post was written about how to enter blog giveaways that use Rafflecopter. I do not claim to be the first person to write such a post – I know people such as Di from Superlucky who explain it a damn sight better than I probably will!


For the purpose of this post, I am going to show you a step by step guide to entering via Rafflecopter and I am using Georgina from Makeup Pixi3‘s post as an example.


As you can see, Georgina has clearly stated the prizes available and the rules for entering from the outset. She has stated that all false entries will be removed – this is a problem that besets every blogger, there will always be some people who click, click away on the buttons but don’t actually follow the rules.



You will be given the option to log in via Facebook or email. I use Facebook as it is so much quicker!


After logging in, you will come to a screen with the mandatory entries. These are assigned a number of ‘points’ each which makes one entry per point. You have to complete these two steps to even be entered into the competition but once completed, this will open the other entries up.


One of the mandatory entries is to follow Georgina’s blog via Bloglovin. Simply copy & paste the link into your browser and click follow! Georgina is asking for your code so she can verify your entry – all you need to do is leave a link to your Bloglovin profile. Simple. The other mandatory entry was to follow Janiro via Twitter – simply click the follow button if you aren’t following them already and input your Twitter name.


Now that the mandatory entries are out of the way, the non mandatory entries are unlocked and you can do as little or as many as you like! I try to do as many as possible; only stopping if I don’t have that specific account. The first few are relatively easy: Follow via GFC which is generally in the bloggers sidebar, subscribe on Youtube (follow the link and hit the subscribe button), follow the blogger on Twitter, like a page or two on Facebook – each one will require a simple click and the inputting of your username for said social media platform.


Nearly every blogger requires you to leave a blog comment as an entry. Whilst this may not always be mandatory (such as in this case), it is the majority of the time. If it is a mandatory entry, be sure to leave a comment to be entered and please make sure to actually leave a comment answering what they have asked you! There is nothing more annoying than people leaving a ‘great giveaway‘ comment as an entry when you asked their favourite scent or shade…


Tweeting is another one that confuses some people. All you need to do is click the tweet button which will come up with a ready made tweet. You simply press another tweet button and the tweet will be posted. I know a lot of people struggle to get the URL so here is a how to guide to do so,


Once you have pressed the tweet button in the Rafflecopter and then the next tweet button, this will come up! Simply click on View it on Twitter and you will see this:


All you need to do is copy the url from your browser and paste it into the Rafflecopter – hey presto, you’re all done!


Entering Rafflecopter giveaways is really easy when you know how but I understand that it can be difficult when you first start entering giveaways. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!


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Shebusa Custom Leather Bracelets

Shebusa Custom Leather Bracelets

This is a featured post.

I am a sucker for a good bracelet. Although I can’t really wear much jewellery at work, when I am at home I love to experiment and try out different pieces of jewellery with different outfits and see what works best. 

I have been taking a look at what Shebusa have to offer and I am really impressed. Started by Chris 3 years ago when he decided to quit his job and pursue this full time, Shebusa only use the highest quality leather when it comes to their bracelets. They certainly have something for every occasion too!

[1] [2] [3] [4]

Why do women love Shebusa bracelets so much? They have to ability to customise, the ability to colour match to something in their wardrobe, the choice of designing their own accessories…what’s not to love?

I love the range of colours available and the different types of bracelets available – you’re sure to find something that matches your favourite top or dress amongst their designs! 

Shebusa are also holding a worldwide giveaway to win one of their bracelets!

Whether or not you entered the competition, if you did want to buy one of their lovely bracelets, I can let you in on a little secret – if you use the code IALWAY then you can get 15% off your order. Prices start from 130 euros.

What is your favourite bracelet on their site?

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Scentsy Warmer & Scents giveaway

Scentsy Warmer & Scents giveaway
If you’re anything like me, you may be a little addicted to scented candles and the like. I have numerous candles and scents scattered around my home so I am very pleased to be able to share this late Valentines giveaway with you, courtesy of my lovely blog sponsor and Scentsy party organiser Lori. Unfortunately, this is UK ONLY due to weight and the cost of postage. However, do I have a treat for you!
What can you win?
A Bride full-size warmer from the Individual collection. Although this is called Bride, just look how beautiful it is! I also have a Bride warmer, here is mine in action:
You literally just plug it in, wait for it to warm up and pop a square of your chosen scent in the top and BAM! your whole house smells amazing!
You can also win four scents with it: Honey Pear Cider, Sugar Cookie, Baked Applie Pie and Buckleberry. I can confirm that these smell amazing!
How do I enter?
Just complete the Rafflecopter below, making sure to complete all mandatory entries. I will be checking!
This giveaway will last until the 2nd of March, good luck!