Eight years ago today, I published the first post on this blog. Granted, a lot has changed since then – it was hosted on Blogger with a blogspot.com back then before I bought my vanity URL and then eventually got it moved over to WordPress. It went from being something I started as a little hobby to being my saviour from boredom during the latter stages of pregnancy to the reason I am now doing my dream job of writing.

It’s hard to believe that this blog is now eight, that it is older than my oldest child and is closer to ten than it is to five! So much has changed over the years, I can hardly believe it!

To celebrate, I am planning on running a few different giveaways over the next few weeks. The giveaway today is for some fab items from the team at MAGIC Bodyfashion. They sell a range of lingerie accessories, shapewear, bras and even a little active wear. So what can you win? (Just a note that some of these items are certain sizes so please be aware when entering – or you could always pass them onto a family member or friend if they aren’t your size). You can win some Magic Shoulders Sporty in the colour Latte which come in one size fits all – they stay in place perfectly due to the hidden opening on the inside that you can easily move your bra strap into. There are also some S/M silicone nippless covers up for grabs, in the colour Latte. So many of us have those outfits that we want to wear that just don’t look right without a bra – these are the perfect accessory to ensure you feel comfortable going out without a bra.

Next up we have some Famous Footies which are one size fits all and in the colour black lace. These invisible socks are perfect for flat shoes, loafers and high heels. The anti slip silicone on the soles prevents you from sliding in your shoes. Finally, we have a lUve bra in the colour Chocolate and size B which is 32C/34B/36A/38A in UK sizes. It is strapless, backless and perfect for those nights out where you want your bra to be invisible underneath your clothes. It has an amazingly low U-plunge in the front and looks great.

If you’d like to win, just fill in the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway ends at 23.59pm on the 2nd of February 2019. UK only! Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Advent Competition Day 10 – Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag

Day 10 of our advent giveaways and I don’t know about you but I am so excited for the weekend. Can’t wait for some time to chill out and relax, how about you?

Now I don’t know about you but I love bags – I love buying new ones and being gifted new ones and have quite the collection – and I am absolutely in love with this bag myself, I’m so jealous that one of you gets to win it.

Today, we have this beautiful Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag for one of you to win – how exciting!

Scaramanga began over 10 years ago, when had of the company; Carl Morenikeji found an old, iconic leather satchel while in India. This bag resonated with him, he loved the quality and the feel and with that an idea formed in his mind.

How could he recreate this, would it be possible to use traditional techniques and tools to bring about a modern twist on these items. During this time, he also began sourcing vintage furniture and this is where you find Scaramanga today.

They are an original lifestyle brand, which mixes beautifully handcrafted leather items, alongside vintage furniture.

Ella Saddle Bag

When it comes to the bag, we have chosen for the prize it is the Ella Saddle Bag, a newer addition to the collection and is a take on their original 12in saddle bag.

If you want to know a little more about the specifics of this bag it has been made using hunter leather, includes an adjustable strap, magnetic clasp and additional zippered front. While for size it comes in at: H27.5cm x W30cm x D7.5cm (11 x 12 x 3).


In love with this bag already? Well then onto the competition:

All  you need to do is pop over to the Scaramanga website and let us know using 8 words or more:
What is your favourite item they sell and where would you use it?

Please remember as this competition is running over multiple websites to not only leave your name in the Gleam widget but also let us know which website you entered via so we can track down your comment.

Advent 2018 Day 10 – Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag

Advent Competition Day 9 – £20 Amazon Voucher

For our day 9 giveaway, we had a little think about what we could possibly giveaway that people may like or find useful. Something that Sarah and I both find incredibly useful is vouchers so we thought today we’d give away a £20 Amazon voucher for one lucky winner to spend on whatever they choose. You can put it towards something on your wishlist or buy something for someone else, it is completely up to you.

I spend a lot of time – and money – on Amazon so always like it when I’ve got a few vouchers stored on the site so I can go on a spree. I only recently completely depleted my pot but I am hoping for some advent wins to help me build it up again!

 Mourad Saadi

To be in with a chance of winning today’s prize, let us know using 8 words or more:
What’s your favourite Christmas Cracker Joke? Or perhaps let us know what your cooking for Christmas Dinner?

Advent Day 9 – £20 Amazon Voucher

Advent Competition Day 8 – PhoneHug

It is now day 8 of our advent giveaways and we have another fantastic giveaway for you for this festive season! We’ve been teaming up with some fantastic brands and we have another fab brand that we are working with today. But who are we collaborating with and what have we got to giveaway?
We’ve teamed up with PhoneHug – perfect for if you have ever dropped or damaged your phone. I know I’ve done it on a regular basis and could certainly do with something like this, haha!

Have you ever dropped, damaged or lost your phone?

Not anymore…

PhoneHug® a funky phone accessory, made from food grade silicone rubber, it stretches around the top and bottom of your phone securing it tightly.

The robust loop allows you to connect to a carabiner and lanyard, or just hang it up!

Fitting the vast majority of smartphones, PhoneHug® attached to a lanyard helps you to keep hold of your phone, so you can now wear your phone from your belt loop, your wrist, around the neck, or attached to a handle bar in the gym, leaving you to have your hands free and phone safe.

PhoneHug® helps to prevent the silent drop of your phone on the grass, or the hard crack as the screen goes on a hard surface. Attached to a bag handle, PhoneHug® makes it easier to locate your phone, rather than hearing voicemail kick in as you finally find your phone…

Simple and easy to use, fitted or removed in seconds, PhoneHug® is the only phone holder that has a strong and roust loop, grips tightly to the phone and is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones. Available in eight colours with a range of lanyards to choose from.

PhoneHug® is popular with those who love the gym, outdoors and adventure, people have said they don’t know how they managed before they had PhoneHug®

Rachel Ellis, wife of Para Cyclist Matt Ellis says;

“A large portion of Matts training is on a turbo trainer which uses an app to track his progress. He has previously dropped a phone onto his wheel during a sprint effort and the phone ended up in several pieces.

Due to his eye condition he needs the phone close to be able to read the data. Using his PhoneHug® he can securely attach the phone to the handle bars, read the data clearly and complete his efforts with confidence his phone is safe. 

The carabineer clip that comes with PhoneHug® is fantastic when we want to attach our phone to our bag whilst at the gym or at the track.

I particularly like being able to use the lanyard whilst at the side of the track, this means I can cheer Matt on whilst capturing photos and video footage.

It is great knowing that I’m not at risk of dropping my phone in the stands or onto a hard surface. 

Having 2 young children and three dogs means there are a lot of opportunities for phones to get knocked out of our hands.

We can now keep phones secure with us using the lanyards or even hang up out of reach of the little ones. “

Anna Hulme Personal trainer says;

“I am a Personal Trainer and the PhoneHug has become a vital part of my equipment when I am out with my clients, I now have my hands free while out running and it is so easy to get to my apps on my phone, to use my stopwatch etc. Cycling is easy and even when I am not working I always know where my phone is. A PhoneHug is a must for everyone.”

Feedback from customer;

“You know those things you never knew you needed till you’ve got one of them? This is one of those. Brilliant idea!”

PhoneHug® was established when two friends, Sam Fairbrother, a former commercial photographer and Geoff Barke, a concert runner, (now husband and wife) had a conversation around the kitchen table, voicing their concerns about phone theft and loss in their own industries, along with the many personal accidents that had occurred with their phones. They discovered 3 million of us here in the UK damage or brake our smartphones every year and have spent £5 million on repairing them in the last 2 years, in addition 500,000 of us here in the UK have our phones stolen every year!

Sam and Geoff know how stressful and time consuming a lost or damaged phone can be and believe PhoneHug® can reduce the unsavoury experience by helping people keep hold of their phones.

Giving back is a large part of the teams drive, to date PhoneHug® has helped a number of charities including; Trees for life, Balkan Underdogs; Help for Heroes, Future Dreams, South Manchester Rehome & Rescue, Girl Guide volunteers and local fundraising events. They look forward to helping more communities, charities and environmental projects.

PhoneHug® is environmentally aware and uses compostable cellophane on all lanyard products and aims to be using compostable packaging for all products by 2019.

For more information visit www.phonehug.co.uk


Would you like to be in with the chance to win yourself a PhoneHug?

Well, all you need to do is pop over to the PhoneHug website and let us know using 8 words or more:
Which is your favourite colour PhoneHug and what’s the worst accident you have had with your phone?


Advent 2018 Day 8 – PhoneHug

Please remember as this competition is running over multiple websites to not only leave your name in the Gleam widget but also let us know which website you entered via so we can track down your comment.

Advent Competition Day 7 – 1 of 2 ACE Cleaning Bundles

It is time for day 7 of our advent competitions and boy, have we got some handy prizes for you today! As busy people, we all want products that are going to do the job for us and do it well. One such brand that I can always count on to deliver is ACE and they have kindly offered us two fabulous ACE cleaning bundles to give away to two lucky people!

Win one of two ACE cleaning bundles

We have teamed up with ACE, the leading stain remover, to offer two lucky winners the chance to win an ACE cleaning bundle worth £15 each. These bundles will get rid of everyday stains, add sparkle to your household surfaces and brighten up your wardrobe – and the best part is these products start at just £2 each. Included in the prize are:

  • 1 xACE for Colours
  • 1 xACE for Whites
  • 1 x Multi-Purpose Spray
  • 1 x Power Mousse

For more information visit www.acecleanuk.co.uk or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

Would you like to win? Then just fill in the Rafflecopter below! UK only, this giveaway ends at 23.59pm on the 17th of December! Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway