Marge and The Secret Tunnel by Isla Fisher | Review & Win 1 of 5 complete Marge In Charge book sets

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Jack is a little bookworm, there is no doubt about that. We reviewed the Marge In Charge series a little while ago here so when offered the chance to review the fourth and last book in the series, we had to say yes. I’m so happy Jack loves Isla Fisher’s books – I remember reading a teen book she released back when I was younger and she had not long left Home & Away. I’m a big Isla Fisher fan and have followed her career avidly and am so glad that Jack enjoys her work as much as I do.

So what is the book about and what did we think of it?


Life with Marge is NEVER boring! Even shopping for new shoes turns out to be an amazing adventure, especially when the lights go out and the children are stuck in the shop! And when Jakey decides he’d like to visit Australia, Marge has the best idea ever. She and the children will dig a tunnel and visit a completely different country . . .

The fourth fun family story in the MARGE IN CHARGE series, written by actor & comedian Isla Fisher and illustrated throughout by Eglantine Ceulemans.

Our Review

Jack is very much getting into bigger books now. He is still getting the few sentences a page books with illustrations from school for reading at home but he prefers a more challenging read and I love that the Marge In Charge series offers this to him. For readers aged 5-8 years old, he is the perfect age group and he really enjoys reading them.

The previous three books in the series made him laugh out loud in places and he was hoping for the same warm fuzzy funny feeling with this book. It didn’t disappoint. We took some time reading together – just like the previous books, this book contained three stories in one. He also headed off on his own to read some to himself like the little bookworm he is.

The illustrations as always just enhanced the book and the fun filled adventures contained within. I’m pretty sure Jack would love to have Marge as a babysitter but I am not sure I could persuade his usual babysitter (my Mum) to behave like that, what do you think?

Yet again the author has pulled it out of the bag with a fun filled book that my son enjoys and keeps going back to. I’ve been telling friends about the series as I think everyone should check it out, they’re fab reads. Read on for your chance to get your hands on some!

About The Author

Isla Fisher began acting as a child and has worked solidly in television and film for the past 25 years. She has appeared in Home And AwayThe Great Gatsby and Definitely Maybe, to name a few. She also studied in Paris to become a clown for two years before realising that there is not much call for miming ‘the wall’!

Isla has played many roles over the years, from a bonkers bridesmaid in Wedding Crashers to the poster girl for consumerism in Confessions Of A Shopaholic. But her favourite role has been being a mummy to daughters Olive and Elula and son Montgomery. Isla has been making up stories at bedtime for them every night since they were born. These books are for her children, as a reminder of all the fun they have at bedtime reading books and sharing stories.

About The Illustrator

Eglantine Ceulemans spent her childhood reading Belgian comics. In 2007 she joined the Emile Cohl School of Art in Lyon, France, transforming her passion for illustration into a vocation. She loves working in an intuitive way, combining humor and sensitivity, and using different mediums and techniques. Eglantine currently resides in Lyon. Follow Eglantine at  or on Twitter: @lelephantine

Marge and the Secret Tunnel is available here on Amazon for £4.79 {affiliate link} and all other good bookstores.

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CanvasChamp | Review & Giveaway

I do love a good canvas, you know that, right? I’ve got them dotted around the house – a picture of Jack as a newborn with myself and Steve, a beautiful picture of a sunset in Hastings that Steve took, one of Jack as a toddler. But nothing of the two kids together.

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I was sent a code so I could create my product. The site was very easy to use and uploading the image and choosing size was very simple. There were plenty of options for how to have your canvas – you could add extras for an added price such as hooks or specific edging but I opted for the bare minimum. It is great that you can customise their products so much though, this is a fantastic addition to the site. I then clicked order and added in my details and my code – then patiently waited for my canvas to arrive.

Let me tell you, their delivery is faultless. The canvas was packaged perfectly to avoid any damage in transit and came in a matter of days – which is fantastic when you consider the time they need to spend making it and shipping it! The image looked absolutely perfect and I couldn’t wait to get it up on the wall. It has already had many compliments and people asking where I got it from – and they can’t believe the amazing price! Prices usually start at £153 for this canvas so that is one amazing saving!

I’ll definitely be ordering from them again and I’ve been telling everyone about them. Many of my friends love canvases of their family and with many new additions in my friends and family, plenty of them have been looking for places to get a canvas of their beautiful new family photos.

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Whilst Jack wasn’t planned so I cannot be sure how long it took to conceive him, both pregnancies since then had me taking quite a while to conceive. With the stats saying that just over a third of UK couples will conceive in the first month of trying, I seem to have been very unlucky to go for months and months without anything happening. If Proceive had been on the market then, I certainly would have picked some up for myself from selected Holland & Barrett stores nationwide and online at both the Proceive and Holland and Barrett websites.

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