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This year sees some changes to the world of data protection, with the introduction of GDPR and while there are lots of things going on behind the scenes with bloggers talking about the implications it will have on us, it has also raised many questions.

For anyone who knows me via my Facebook or the UK Bloggers group, you will know I have long been a fan of Rafflecopter, they have allowed me to check entries as much as possible to make sure the winner isn’t a cheat and I had my qualms about Gleam, for which I was very vocal.

With the changes of GDPR however, it got me thinking, are either of these competition entry systems going to do any moves to change to make sure they are in line with the new regulations. I reached out to both Gleam and Rafflecopter on twitter posing this question and only Gleam got back to me, in fact, they have been very good at answering the plethora of questions I have thrown their way about the old issues I had with their system. All of which seemed to have been rinsed out in the wash.

Now Rafflecopter may just be busy people, they may have no idea what GDPR is, after all, they are a US-based company. (For anyone interested, Gleam is based in Australia). Who knows! But it does leave me pondering, do I pull up my big girl pants and say hey OK Gleam won out in the end, or do I tough it out with Rafflecopter and hope as the time comes they may look to check how their application conforms with the GDPR standards.

Of course, me being me started talking about it with friends and myself and Sarah from Life In A BreakDown decided we would pose the question to you, which application do you like best Rafflecopter or Gleam and for the next two weeks will be offering a prize of £25 Amazon vouchers both via a Rafflecopter giveaway and a Gleam giveaway asking you, our readers.

This week we are staying original and keeping with Rafflecopter, to enter you just need to answer the poll and the question which is simply asking what you would like to see from our respective blogs this year, it could be a prize, a written series or a certain review.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

112 thoughts on “Win A £25 Amazon Voucher!

  1. Thanks for the chance to win – I would like to see more reviews by the kids themselves ( and not just on toys) as kids always tell it like it is! x

  2. Reviews of websites that sell more unique gifts/items – I love to buy things that are different! And more arts and crafts to make with your children for your home or to give as gifts x

  3. I would like to see ideas for family meals, every now and then I just run out of ideas and it would be lovely to have some inspiration of what to cook for dinner!

  4. Meal plan ideas would be great for families as I have just started this and some days are a struggle for kid friendly new ideas

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. I like to see toy / baby stuff reviews. Plus I love competitions and giveaways.

  6. Anything food related, I always like to hear about new recipes but also shopping and how you organise yourself for the week 🙂

  7. More reviews on household items only because I value the opinion of others that have tried and tested

  8. I’d like to see more reviews, I particularly like reviews on gift ideas as it helps find items I might never have found otherwise

  9. Always love recipes especially ones for vegitarians , vegans or gluten free, its great to find a new recipe that the family love!.

  10. Product reviews are always welcome, especially for less expensive brands that I might be reluctant to try in case they’re no good.

  11. Cooking, specifically for kids and with kids. I struggle to get my teenagers to eat the same food at mealtimes and would love some help and advice to get them interested in food. Love this competition too!

  12. I love reading reviews on places people have visited for inspiration also recipes to see how they actually turn out before I attempt them myself

  13. Love entering comps, meals that are really straight forward for dummies like me that don’t have ingredients that I’ve never heard of

  14. Love comps & giveaways but would also love to see some idiot-proof recipes 🙂 cleaning hacks, unusual gift ideas etc

  15. A mix of things that YOU are interested in, not just the same promotions that everyone else is involved in. So keep it different.

  16. INSPIRATION: I would like to see colourful, creative ideas – things to do, ideas of places to go and things to make with family, friends, children and grandchildren. Plus lots of competitions for all ages!

  17. Would like to read some reviews by children, not just toys, but days out, restaurants, food etc. Know from experience that children tell you like it is and have no filter, so that would be interesting to read.

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