My Fears & Phobias

This post was inspired by Becky from Becky Bedbug who was inspired to do this post herself. I found it absolutely fascinating to read all about her phobias (especially one involving one of my favourite films) and I loved reading what other people had to say too.

That is when I realised that I really wanted to do the post too, so here goes…my list of fears and phobias.

Pretty obvious phobia and one that most people have. I never used to be scared of them until I had a sleepover with a friend when we were around 13. She was petrified of them and asked me to get rid of the one crawling across the ceiling. As I tried to get it down, it dropped onto me then onto the bed, scuttling away as fast as it could. I managed to get it and put it out the door but the memory of it crawling all over me is one I won’t forget, although I wish I could.

People say this is a silly one but it seems to be becoming increasingly common. I’m not sure what it is – the fact that you don’t know who is truly behind the make up perhaps? Clowns just seem so sinister sometimes. We went to the circus for a date night once which is where I realised how much I didn’t like them. They picked up on my unease and targeted us for a while…not such a fab memory.
So basically if I am ever mistakenly thought to be dead and woke up… I’d be screwed. I’d probably die from panicking too much! I’ve told Steve that if I die before him, he needs to check that I am truly dead as although it is extremely unlikely, I don’t want to risk the chance of either of the two above happening to me. This also means I am very fire safety conscious and always unplug any unused plugs and turn switches off…as you never know.

I can’t swim. This is because of an accident when I was four that has put me off swimming ever since. This also means I have a fear of drowning due to past experiences. I really want to learn to swim to try to conquer this but I’m not sure that it will ever happen.

I also have a few other fears that some people don’t understand and those that some people do – Daddy Long Legs (they’re just glorified spiders with longer legs to me!), beetles (stems from my Mum’s fear and having to remove them for her all the time when I was younger), certain family members dying (this fear has come true and also has eased off over time – I now find it hard to fear the inevitable but it doesn’t mean I am going to like it), anything happening to Jack (pretty understandable), the dentist (this is getting better as my dentist is lovely) and I have a pretty intense dislike of hospitals – especially if I have to stay overnight. I was not a happy bunny when I had to stay in with Jack because of the infection I’d caught. Obviously if Jack wasn’t well I would have had to put up with it but I hated every minute of it and couldn’t wait to get home!

Do you have any fears or phobias? Are any of them irrational?

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