Mum & Daughter Twinning With Love Leggings

We were sent a couple of pairs of leggings for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I spend a lot of my life in leggings. I just find them super comfortable, a good fit and something easy to put on in the morning. Whilst Olivia is often in dresses and jeans, she also has a selection of leggings to choose from. When given the opportunity to review a couple of pairs of leggings from Love Leggings, I had to say yes – and got us the same pair in our respective sizes so we could do some mum and daughter twinning.

Love Leggings are a newly launched clothing brand who hope to become the home of leggings. I love the idea of a one stop shop for leggings so this sounded great to me. Not only do they produce everyday leggings that are good quality, comfortable and non see through but they also produce maternity leggings, children’s leggings, sports leggings and tights! Everything you could possibly ever need.

I opted for the Acai Purple High Waisted leggings for me, retailing at £13.50 and the Acai Purple Full Length leggings for Olivia, retailing at £8.50. Purple is Olivia’s favourite colour and one of mine and they seemed like the perfect choice. I usually tend to stick to black leggings so purple was a bit of a venture outside of my comfort zone – I wasn’t brave enough to try the really bright colours though!
When it comes to leggings, I look for comfort and good quality. These leggings are very comfortable, super soft and lovely to wear. When it comes to clothing, I always wash the items a couple of times before making a judgement on their quality. These have been through the wash a couple of times now and I’m very impressed. Some other leggings I’ve bought in the past aren’t as comfortable and lose some of their softness after washing but I am happy to report that these are just the same as when they were brand new.

Olivia’s leggings are very much the same in terms of comfort and quality. They fit her well and she absolutely adores them – probably because they’re purple! She’s always showing off her ‘purple legs’ to people! I find purple is a colour that really suits her and I find that she wears these well. They’re also such an affordable price for such good quality clothing.

I’ll definitely be heading back to Love Leggings to get myself (and Olivia!) some more leggings – and now I am back on my weight loss journey, I might even treat myself to some sports leggings too! I’ve heard good things about them already.

Have you checked out Love Leggings yet?

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  1. I’ve never twinned with my girls, they’re at that age now that they’d be mortified, lol. I missed my opportunity. I like the packagaing on these, it looks good. Decent leggings are worth their weigh in gold. Mich x

  2. I love the purple colour and the material looks thick enough to keep your legs warm as well in the colder weather. Olivia looks so happy with them bless her.

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