Hiring A Man And A Van When Moving

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I’ve talked about this a lot recently – that we are planning on moving as soon as something pops up in our village that is just what we need. We’ve viewed a few places, put an offer or two in and unfortunately not managed to get the houses but we remain in hope. We need to stay in the village for Jack’s schooling and elderly family – whilst Steve works at the local school, he could drive there from another area if required. Something we have been talking about though is what we are going to do when we finally do move.

With Steve working a specific shift at the local school, me not driving and Jack needing picking up from school, moving won’t be altogether too easy so the plan is to give our notice at this place after we get the keys for the other and pay rents concurrently for one month. This gives us time to slowly move stuff across – living in a village, this shouldn’t be too hard – and means Steve won’t need to take any time off. Something we have also considered is a man and his van such as The Man Van. We’d be able to use their service to move some stuff from one house to the other and it wouldn’t matter if Steve was working or not as I could walk there easily. It just means I wouldn’t have to rely on him being at home to get stuff done – which is great, right?

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The Man Van offer this service for the whole London area and are speedy, efficient and affordable. You can choose a normal size van for small removals or a larger van for larger moves such as a full house or an office move. They have an 100% guarantee of safe delivery of your house or office contents and their online reviews are glowing. All something I would be looking for when looking to hire someone to help me move.

We’ve already said we won’t be using a removals company – we never have, usually using our car or hiring a van ourselves. But with our shift patterns and general life, a man in a van is a much more viable option to make our move as smooth and successful as possible. I’ve often found, upon doing some research, that a man and a van is a much more affordable option than a removals company. They can move those items you need moving from a to b without you having to worry about paying completely through the nose for it.

Moving is currently on hold until we find the perfect place but hopefully that shouldn’t be too long and some houses will pop up on the market soon. Then we can fully put our plans into action. Have you ever used a man and a van rather than other options?

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  1. We have always moved house ourselves although I am tempted to hire someone when we next move as i hate it. A man and a van sounds like a good half way

  2. We are looking at moving too, but also in the same town we are currently in – for pretty much the same reasons as you! We have always moved house ourselves (and we’ve moved a lot!) but my 3 little ones have been born since then, whilst in this current house so we’ve accumulated A LOT more stuff! A man with a van sounds like a genius idea, definitely one we’d consider.

  3. I too will be moving in the next few weeks and wished the man and a van where in Oxfordshire as I would have booked them. Good luck with your house search and hope you find something soon.

  4. definitely a sensible option, especially if you’re just moving locally. I’ve already forgotten what we did when we moved. definitely get help though as it’s stressful enough as is!

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