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We were sent a Monster Smash-Ups Rhino Remote Control Truck for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack has been begging us for some remote controlled trucks and cars of late – and just like buses, three come along at once. We recently reviewed a My First Scalextric and an Anki OVERDRIVE which Jack loved but of course, these both require track. Jack was also keen to try something that gave him a little more freedom so when the opportunity to review one of the Monster Smash-Ups remote control trucks arose, I knew he’d be eager to try it out.

remote control truckMonster Smash-Ups are the new remote control trucks from Toyrific. There are three different models: Rhino (which is the one we received and is blue), Viper which is red and Raptor which is yellow.

The trucks are radio controlled for up to 15 metres, can reach high speeds of up to 15km/h. They have a tilt/turn movement, an ejector seat where you can watch the driver fly into the air (complete with AGHHH scream), and it is rebuildable – you can crash and then rebuild.

remote control truckThe truck is charged by a USB and takes around 90 minutes to charge fully. Run time after charging is around 30 minutes which is decent however with a charge time of 90 minutes, you may expect something more. The control simply needs two AA batteries.

remote control truckThis is perhaps one of the easiest remote control trucks I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The driving is so realistic and it tilts and turns perfectly. As mentioned the truck is completely rebuildable so should you crash, you can easily put it back together. If you hit the front bumper onto something, the driver is ejected from the seat with a scream – very fun and you will find that you spend most of your time crashing just for the fun of it! You may be slightly worried that crashing would impact on the car but it is very robust.

remote control truck remote control truck remote control truck

For the retail price of £34.99, this is a great toy. 30 minutes is plenty of time to play without getting bored and the fact that the driver ejects from his seat and you can rebuild the truck is another plus point. Some remote control trucks only have a handful of features and can get quite boring after some time playing but this can provide hours of fun – perhaps you may even set up an obstacle course for the truck to swerve round and crash into? The truck comes complete with some start and finish race signs and some traffic cones too! See some footage of the truck in action below:

I can see this being a popular addition to children’s Christmas lists as it is so much fun and very affordable too. You can purchase a Rhino, Raptor or Viper remote control truck for yourself on Argos here or Amazon here {affiliate link}. Is this something you could see your child or children enjoying?

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  1. The monster control truck looks so bright and colourful I can see why kids would enjoy it. My foster sister and my nephew love cars so I should tell my foster mum about the monster trucks x

  2. I have here my nephew and he saw this while I was browsing. Well, of course, little boy would love to have this. He is requesting me this as a Christmas present.

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