Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter | Review

I was sent this item for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I love to set goals and tend to do them on a yearly basis. I do often have daily, weekly, monthly goals but don’t normally share them here – perhaps that will change, thanks to my brand new daily goal setter planner from Mål Paper.

Mål Paper are a brand new stationery brand. The brand is all about helping people reach their goals through the use of productivity and gratitude practices.

They recently launched their first product, the Daily Goal Setter planner, which they have kindly sent me to review. After seeing what the planner had to offer, I was very excited to receive mine.

The Daily Goal Setter planner retails at £20.95 and has 244 pages, lasting for 6 months. There is a faux leather hardback cover, two ribbon dividers and a document holder. There are three different colour options for the cover – black, grey or pink. I opted for the pink.

The planner itself has many different features as you can see in the contents section below – not only does the planner explain to you how to set goals but you also have various different routines, example pages, long term goals and medium term goals. The planner really does cover everything.

It also has monthly, weekly and daily view so you can use which you prefer and a 2019/2020 calendar.

I really appreciate that the planner gives examples because many of us have plenty of things to be grateful for but we can’t always think of them. These prompts help to kickstart our brain into action and think about the things we are truly happy for.

So what can I say about this planner? It feels really good quality – the cover is nice to the touch and the paper feels good quality too. All too often, you can buy a diary or a planner with the paper feeling quite rough or tacky – that isn’t the case here.

I love that the spacing between lines is large enough – I sometimes find other planners leave too little space between their lines. I’m appreciative of the quotes in the planner too – I love a good quote!

The two ribbons mean it is easy to find what you need, especially if you need two different sections which I often do. These feel good quality also – they don’t seem like they are going to fray too easily.

Perhaps my most favourite feature of all is the document holder. This is the perfect place to store anything you may need – I store my appointment cards and any receipts I need to keep or do something with. It is a decent size, opening out well and seems quite durable.

Overall, I am very impressed with my new planner and will be using it every single day. It’s packed in my bag every day so I always have it with me.

Do you use a planner?

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  1. I don’t use a planner, but with this one, I could definitely start trying! It’s a great gift idea too, and we could all do with documenting our gratitude daily.

  2. I totally love the layout of the journal and the fact it gives you pointers and examples on how to use it to its full potential too! Good choice on the colour, it’s lovely and chic and gives you the urge to use it! Sim x

  3. Ok now this is a really nice looking goal setter journal. I love the outside of it – it looks like something that I would be thrilled to carry around and come on, who doesn’t need help with setting their daily goals as well!

  4. I love the idea of these but as I’m constantly on the move and using laptops etc I find digital lists work better for me x

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