Enjoying A BBQ With The Family

We were sent these products for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

What is summer without a barbecue? We love barbecues but it isn’t always possible to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

I was recently sent some products from Bar-Be-Quick and Home Bargains to review and to enjoy for a summer BBQ. So what were we sent?

From Bar-Be-Quick, we were sent a Bar-Be-Quick Instant BBQ, a Kikkoman Teriyaki marinade, some Bar-Be-Quick foil trays, some Bar-Be-Quick bamboo skewers and and a Bar-Be-Quick grill guide.

From Home Bargains, we were sent some summer napkins (which snuck into the pics with the Bar-Be-Quick products above!), reusable plastic cups, reusable plastic plates, ice cube trays and a plastic sip straw cup.

Everything you could possibly need for a BBQ out in the summer. So what did we think of the products?

With some instant barbecues, they don’t quite live up to their promises. This one said it was suitable for 2-4 people, burns up to one hour and was clean and easy to use. It totally lived up to expectations, burning for around an hour or a little more and cooking food for us four quickly and evenly. We enjoyed a variety of food, cooked on the BBQ from chicken kebabs to hot dogs to burgers.

We put the large plate, small plate and cups to good use for putting food on to choose from, to use as our own plate and for drinks. The bamboo skewers were put to good use for the chicken kebabs – I think I’ve found a new favourite BBQ food!

I’ve never really shopped at Home Bargains before, except for the odd occasion, as the nearest one is quite a drive away but I will definitely be making more of an effort to visit now – the plates and cups are great quality – and with two kids in the house, reusable plastic plates and cups always come into good use! The drinking cup with straw has already been claimed by Olivia and is fantastic, good quality for the price.

When it comes to the Bar-Be-Quick products, I’d heard of them before but hadn’t really tried their products. I’m suitably impressed. The BBQ lived up to expectations, the trays and skewers were very useful and the grill guide has been great for giving us further ideas.

Overall, I was very impressed with the products I was sent and would definitely consider buying from both retailers again when it comes to another BBQ.

You can find out more about Bar-Be-Quick and their products here and you can shop for these fab colourful summer tableware items at Home Bargains here.

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  1. Every year we think about getting a BBQ, however, I know that we wouldn’t get the full use out of it to warrant the price tag. These sound like a great way to still enjoy the odd BBQ but without having to fork out too much in advance, plus the clean up is much easier

  2. I’ve heard of things like the instant bbq but have never seen one. It sounds like everything might also work well while traveling.

  3. The Bar-Be-Quick instant BBQ looks great for being able to enjoy tasty BBQ’s without the expense of buying a big, permanent BBQ which can be costly and difficult to store. Love the vibrant colours of the reusable cups from Home Bargains and the sippy straw cup screams summer thanks to its summery design.

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