Looking At The Stars With The 360 Globe from Red Candy

Item sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Jack is obsessed with space. I could say that I don’t know where that obsession comes from but that would be a lie. Steve is also obsessed and now even Olivia loves staring at the stars. You’ve seen my reviews for Red Candy before (Lego storage brick, red carnival light, Kapow cushion, ‘You are my sunshine’ print and the Russian Doll measuring cups) and seen how impressed we have been with their range of homeware and gifts so when they offered us the chance to review something else, there was only one thing it could be – the 360 Globe (Night Sky) that retails at £60 but is currently selling for £50 on the site.

The constellation globe has a 360 degree axis and a detailed night sky map. This is perfect for budding astronomers.  You can see all of the main constellations from Sagittarius to Libra and you can even find the equator on it too. The colour combination of the dark blue globe and gold stars and constellations as well as the gold swivel stand are perfect together and really make this a striking piece. The swivel stand allows you to turn the globe in all directions.

The globe has already made a welcome addition to our house. Jack has been sitting down, looking at all of the different constellations and stars. Olivia has also been getting in on the fun, pointing out different stars and swivelling the globe into a different position.

This globe is such a lovely gift for adults and children alike; especially for those interested in all things space. It makes such a striking addition to any room and you can guarantee comment will be passed on the beauty of it.

We are very impressed with the Night Sky globe and this will make a wonderful addition to Jack’s new bedroom when we finally move house. He already has so many plans for how his new bedroom is going to look – and this, among his other Red Candy items, is going to be pride of place. Perhaps one day, my little boy may even be an astrologer, thanks to his globe!

For now, we are going to enjoy looking at the stars on the globe and trying to see them outside on a good night – we’ll let you know how we get on.

Do you or your children love space as much as my family do?

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  1. i love this globe it is something my children and i would love in our home educating classroom as we are especially fond of constellations and space . I actually got my husband his very own star last year for valentines as the stars have a sentimental meaning to us x

  2. This looks pretty cool, I think even my boyfriend would enjoy it! I’d definitely get one if I had children. It looks like such a nice gift for the little ones.

  3. Oh wow this looks absolutely gorgeous, its as much of an ornament as it is an educational piece. When I was younger I wanted a globe for Christmas and my dad tried EVERYWHERE to get me one but he couldn’t find me one until the following christmas xxx

  4. I have great memories of my grandfather teaching me where the stars are and I can still remember a few to date and point them out to my own children I love this globe

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