Review | Jazzing Up Jack’s Bedroom With Red Candy

Item sent for purpose of review. All thoughts & opinions are our own.

Jack has really started to become a proper little boy recently if you know what I mean. He has always had things he really loved but he showed no real passion for them until recently. A little while back him and his Daddy put some posters up in his room of his favourite TV stars and cartoons and he’s recently been asking to put up special photos and add his own special touches to his room.

He has a variety of little knick knacks in his bedroom that he loves but he was recently sent this ‘J’ red carnival light from RedCandy to review. Retailing at £34, it is perhaps a little more than I would usually spend on something for Jack’s room but Jack loves it and I will definitely be considering grabbing one for Olivia when she is a little older and has her own room.

These lamps all feature LED lights encased in white plastic balls to create the traditional look of a carnival sign, but with minimal energy usage. They are battery operated and can be positioned how you wish to spell out different words or just displayed on their own. As we only have the one, it is of course displayed on their own. You can get the lights in other colours but I think there is something super special about the red – they really do hark back to carnival signs I think.

These lamps are made to order and take an estimated 3 to 6 days for delivery – I think this is great as you know you aren’t just getting any old lamp – it’s made to order specifically for you. They are 23cm in height and make a great focal point for any room.

I mentioned that Jack has his in his room and this has proved quite handy in getting him out of his night time habit of needing the landing light on which affects our sleep. With this on in his room now, he still has some light which is a comfort to him but we aren’t disturbed by having the landing light on all night outside our room.

Jack really adores his light and has shown it to multiple family and friends as he loves it so much. He keeps it on his bedside table and is able to switch it on and off himself with ease which is great. With it being battery operated, I don’t have to worry about him touching any plugs or electricity sockets and I can just simply replace the batteries when they run out.

Would I spend £34 usually on an item for Jack’s room? Probably not – but this has proved extremely handy in recent weeks, especially as we are adjusting to a lack of sleep with Olivia so anything that keeps Jack happy without affecting us is a plus to us.

Yet again RedCandy have pulled it out of the bag – I simply adore the items they have for sale on their site. Read my previous reviews of their items here, here and here.  Have you ever ordered from the site?


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