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I’ve mentioned before that Steve is much more of a whizz in the kitchen than I am. He can go in and come out 30 minutes to an hour later with an amazing meal, all thrown together from items we already had in the freezer and the cupboard. This means that he also likes to try out different gadgets and accessories for the kitchen – I’m starting to run out of space for all the things we have collected over the years!

What we didn’t have, however, was measuring cups. Sometimes recipes ask for specific measurements where we have literally had to roughly guess the amount. When offered the chance to review something from the range available on Red Candy, I knew I had to go for the Russian Doll (Matryoshka Doll) measuring cups.

The measuring cups are ceramic and come in sets of two – one large, one small which break apart into two measuring cups themselves – making four cups overall. I’m a big fan of Russian Dolls and have one (but would have more if I could).I developed this love for them from my sister in law who also loves them. I thought that it would be nice to have something practical for the kitchen that also looked good too.We haven’t used them a lot yet – recipes haven’t really called for them to be used much – but they wash well after use with no staining, plus we are obviously very careful with them due to their fragile nature.

As you can see, the sizes really vary making them so useful within the kitchen – different recipes require different measurements. I’ve really enjoyed using these so far and they make a great addition to my kitchen. If I’m honest, I’m also putting a ton of things from the Red Candy website onto my wishlist for the upcoming Mothers Day – there is just so much nice stuff!

What is your favourite kitchen accessory?

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