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What It Is Like Living In A Hayfever Household

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Hayfever is a nightmare – and the majority of my household have it. I used to just get it during the summer but have been showing increasing signs of having it all year round aka persistent allergic rhinitis so will be heading to see my GP soon.

We aren’t a sickly bunch but we do have a few conditions each. Steve and I both have asthma and hayfever, Steve has dermatitis and Jack has eczema and has shown the odd sign of hayfever. I think Olivia is the only one so far to not show any signs of any conditions. The only one that really affects me and Steve though is the hayfever – and as I mentioned, Jack started showing signs of having it this year too.

I’ve found that only certain hayfever medication works for me too – the pills always worked but obviously when I was pregnant with Jack and Olivia, I couldn’t take those as they weren’t safe in pregnancy so opted for the nasal sprays which were – however these weren’t effective for me at all.

I’ve been looking at other options – whilst I can now take the pills as I am no longer pregnant and slowly coming to the end of my breastfeeding journey. I am choosing to look for something that I can use both before, during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding should we choose to have another child. I’ve been taking a look at Chemist 4U for some relevant solutions to my hayfever troubles.

But what exactly is it like living in a hayfever household? Well Steve doesn’t get it anywhere near as bad as me so he doesn’t really get affected by different situations. However I can be sitting in the living room in my house, minding my own business, and suddenly get all the symptoms of hayfever at once – out of nowhere or so it seems. Of course it isn’t out of nowhere, it means someone close by has disturbed a large amount of pollen and it can be really debilitating – sometimes my eyes itch and stream so much I can’t see properly for ages and a headache will pound for hours. I’m glad I am not a driver as could you imagine that happening whilst you were driving? Of course, with asthma my hayfever can sometimes lead to me wheezing and feeling short of breath too.

The NHS has a few tips for how to combat hayfever and we do try to do these but sometimes some of these aren’t always possible. These include:

  • Putting Vaseline around your nostrils to trap pollen
  • Wearing wraparound sunglasses to stop pollen getting into your eyes
  • Showering and changing your clothes after you’ve been outside to wash off pollen
  • Staying indoors whenever possible
  • Keeping windows and doors shut as much as possible

As you can see, some are easy but in the blinding hot summer, staying indoors or keeping windows and doors shut isn’t always an option.

I’m still searching for the perfect remedy for me but hopefully Chemist4U comes up trumps for me and I find an alternative to my pills that works for me. It isn’t easy living in a house full of hayfever but we manage – after all, we have to.

Do you suffer from any conditions like hay fever? People often think it’s a little bit of sneezing and a little bit of itchiness and streaming eyes but it can be really bad for some.

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  1. My dad has hay fever and he lives in the countryside so I know what it’s like and it isn’t much fun!

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