Making Home Improvements When You Are In A Rented Property

Obviously living in a rented property means we aren’t allowed to make many changes. Every rented property is different – landlords will have their own specifications in their contract as to what you can and cannot do. Most properties allow tenants to paint their walls but that is usually the extent of what they will allow.

We are allowed to make some reasonable changes but obviously not too much as we are just tenants, after all. A couple of years ago, our lettings agent got in contact with us – our landlord decided they didn’t like the way the windows looked and wanted to change them. We originally had single glazing and then a secondary glazing – so basically a gap between the two windows. It looked horrible and I completely understand the landlord wanting to change it and was more than happy to put up with some workmen for a few days whilst they sorted out the windows throughout the house.

Finally we ended up with double glazed windows throughout the whole house – and it was bliss. But it got me to thinking…who chooses the companies making the changes? Is it the landlord or the letting agents and do the tenants get a say if they are living in the property at the time? I know we didn’t get a say but I completely understand that – we may have lived here for almost six years but it isn’t our property, after all! What can we do to improve the property whilst we are living here?

I’ve been looking at a bifold door online designer as our back doors are stiff and hard to open. This would open up our house a lot more and make it easier to get out into the back garden. But would our landlord allow it?

I have been looking to see if there are any other improvements we can make without landlords permission – but to be polite, we would always ask first anyway. The aforementioned painting can obviously be done but apparently light fixtures can be changed, door locks can be changed (but all new keys need to be given in at the end of the tenancy), replacing kitchen and bathroom floors, landscaping changes and switching out appliances. It is quite an extensive list and I didn’t realise that there were so many things. We’ve actually been asking to change stuff in our garden for ages and never got a steadfast yes or no – it is interesting to know that we could technically change some stuff without permission should we wish.

It isn’t the easiest thing to do home improvements in a rental property as you are quite limited in what you can do but it is interesting to know what you can do. We are so glad our landlord took the steps to provide us with double glazed windows but we still want our very own property to put our own touch on, to make improvements on.

Hopefully one day we will be in a position where we own a property and can make our own improvements but for now, we will focus on making the changes we can whilst in this accommodation. After all, its our home.


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