Last Call For Passenger X: How To Avoid Missing A Flight

Picture the scene. You’ve been on the holiday of a lifetime and are on the way to the airport. But, something goes wrong and there is a mad rush to the gate. When you arrive, the airline representatives inform you that you are too late and can’t board. Sadly, you need to book a new ticket and fly back on a different plane. What a nightmare! As specific as it sounds, lots of holidaymakers commit the cardinal sin of missing a flight. It’s stressful and wrecks an otherwise amazing getaway, which is why the following tips may come in handy one day.

Stay Close By

For the most part, the problem is the journey from the hotel to the airport. Along the way, there is traffic or something happens that puts the trip in jeopardy. And, it’s pretty hard to spot these things beforehand because you’re not a psychic. Setting off earlier is an option, yet it could be 3 o’clock in the morning and that is not a good look. Instead, you can book into a nearby hotel. From the Courtyard Prague Airport to the Hyatt Place Amsterdam, there is no shortage of places. In the morning, you can jaunt across without a care in the world.

Vincent Versluis
Check-In Online

The dream is to turn up at the airport and coast through the check-in procedure. Usually, this is impossible because there are a huge line and hundreds of angry passengers. Thanks to online check-in, however, it isn’t hard to bypass the queues of holiday-goers and head straight to security. All you have to do is manage your account 24 hours before and check a button. Then, print out the boarding pass so that you can forget about check-in lines altogether. Some flights charge if you go to the counter, which is why you should take a look just in case.

Be Security Ready

We all know the score by now – no liquids in your hand luggage that is over 100ml. So, why do people insist on leaving fluids in their bags until the very last minute? It’s infuriating for fellow passengers, never mind the guys and girls that have to mess around with plastic bags. The trick is to consider what you can keep in the luggage and what has to go through the scanners separately. Anything that is a fluid needs to come out, as do large electronics such as iPads and laptops. When you do get to the front of the queue, you should breeze through.

Buy A Lounge

Airport lounges are for people with long connections that have hours to while away. At least, that’s what people think yet the reality is different. Anyone can pay for one and use the facilities to pass the time while waiting for a flight. Plus, there are pretty cheap so it’s typically worth the cost even if it’s only for an hour or two. A lounge gives you the flexibility to turn up as early as you want without being bored.

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