Employee Engagement Programs: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to employee engagement, not a lot of managers are confident in the field. You might be able to resonate with this problem on a daily basis where your workforce seems disintegrated.

Well here is your way out! I can assure you that reading further will enable you to gain valuable insight about Employee Engagement Programs.

So what exactly is Employee Engagement?

By definition, Employee engagement is the corporate fundamental concept of understanding and describing the nature and characteristics of the relation that is the employee and organisation maintain. It is one of the positive aspects when it comes to contributing to the overall performance of any organisation. It can be rightly assumed that an organisation with a higher level employee engagement can anyday outperform an organisation with a lower level of the same.

Employee engagement is all about recognizing one’s purpose and role in an organisation and being enthusiastically valued on where it fits in the organisation’s vision, mission and objectives.

Whom can you call an ‘Engaged Employee’?

In my opinion an ‘Engaged Employee’ is one who takes pride in their work and is very enthusiastic about being associated with the jobs and profiles. Such an employee tries to undertake every positive action, that will help in building up organisation’s reputation.

In layman’s terms, any employee who wakes up in the morning with the thought that, “It’s so great to go to work today” is probably more engaged as compared to an employee who wakes up with the opposite thought!

Employee Engagement Programs

Nowadays employee engagement has become more synonymous with an employee’s ‘working experience’ and ‘job satisfaction’. Thus it can be deduced that, all those activities, practices, policies and even events that contribute to the two synonyms above (i.e. ‘working experience’ and ‘job satisfaction’) can be called as employee engagement programs.

A lot of companies are now engaging themselves in such programs as it has been noticed that almost 83% of the employees would like to be a part of such programs if offered a chance.

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Why Should You Concern Yourself With Such Programs?

Well being a manager, there might be some areas where you would want to see an improvement. If your employees are benefited from such programs, then the ultimate reward is going to be for you and the company itself.

I have listed out a few benefits you will surely receive if you choose to introduce Employee Engagement Programs in your company:-

  • Employee Satisfaction – A satisfied employee will turn into an asset for the company. They will be the company’s brand ambassador of success and will motivate other as well.
  • Profitability – The more engaged employees you have the better they will work and more will be your profitability.
  • Retention & Recruitment – If your employees are engaged towards the organisation you will experience lesser attrition rates and can avoid regular recruitment.
  • Productivity – Engaged employee will be self motivated to outperform themselves! If your company is full of great performers there is no doubt that your productivity will shoot up!
  • Innovation – The most important outcome of an employee engagement program is innovation. An organisation comprising of passionate people is more likely to innovate.  

Here is what does NOT count as employee engagement!

Employee engagement cannot be attained by a mechanical approach. Being a manager, you must not try to extract extraordinary efforts from your employees in attempting to alter an employees’ dedication and passion.

Employees can scrutinise such attempts immediately and the whole idea & concept can backfire possibly leading to adverse results.


So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about employee engagement programs. I hope this information might have proven to be useful to you.


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