Jack: One Month On

A short but sweet post today, seeing as I really should be packing for the big move over the next couple of days.
A few of you have been asking how Jack has been getting on, and the answer is pretty great. He lost some weight after birth (perfectly normal in newborn babies) but the past few weeks has been progressing at an astounding rate, putting on 6 1/2 ounces last week!
There are certain milestones to watch out for, and I am happy to report that he has already smiled for us! He is incredibly advanced for his age, and trying to fly before he can walk, so to speak.
We’re anxiously waiting to see what milestone he hits next, but I’m dreading his immunisations – I don’t want to see him in pain from all the injections!
Have you got a child? How were they at one month of age?

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  1. Ahh first smiles are the cutest aren't they? Glad to hear he's doing well 🙂 I shamefully can't think back that far – time flies when you have a little person!x

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