Is Rhinoplasty Necessary Following a Nasal Trauma?

One of the most uncomfortable injuries a person can experience is damage to their nose. It’s important to realize every nasal injury is unique. Breakage, uncomfortable sensations and other types of damage can be caused by many types of nasal trauma. When a person experiences nasal trauma, it must be handled on an individual basis. Each case will require a physician to focus on the unique needs of their patients. Should rhinoplasty be performed a short time after nasal trauma, there is a good chance for a person to experience a full restoration. It is also possible for long-term nasal injuries to be successfully corrected using rhinoplasty surgery.

Types Of Nasal Trauma

There are different types of nasal trauma a person could experience.

Broken Nose

This will usually involve a break in the bones or cartilage in a person’s nose. Individuals who experience a broken nose will have immediate pain. They will also have widespread bruising around the nasal area as well as pain and swelling. Should someone not receive proper treatment for their broken nose, it could be crooked or have a hump along its bridge.

Blood Clot Formation

When an individual experiences nasal trauma, there is going to be a substantial amount of blood involved. There are many injuries that make the formation of a blood clot possible. If this condition isn’t treated, it can further damage the nose. Should a blood clot settle into a flap of cartilage known as the septum, it could cause serious problems. If a blood clot is not treated, it could cause deterioration of the cartilage in the nose. This could cause its collapse and result in a person having a deformity known as saddle nose.

Restricted or Blocked Airway

There are certain types of nasal trauma that can cause blockage in nasal passages. It is damage that has reached the deep interior of a person’s nose. When this happens, it can cause people to experience sinus troubles, breathing issues as well as sleep apnea and more. This can also impact an individual’s overall health.

Compound Damage From Repeated Injury

This type of nasal damage is something that is common with many athletes. These individuals experience repeated nasal damage after several incidents of their nose being broken. The incidents of damage will build upon one another over time. If this situation is not treated, any new break in the nose could result in a serious level of damage.

Importance Of Repairing Nasal Trauma

It is a common mistake for an individual to assume their broken nose and cartilage will heal in a matter of time. They may believe it is unnecessary for them to get medical attention. People need to understand the bones and cartilage may heal themselves eventually, but a person’s nose may no longer be able to do its job properly. It will be obvious with the significant changes to a person’s ability to breathe and more. Many nasal traumas leave crookedness that can be successfully treated with rhinoplasty surgery. Nasal trauma often results in deep internal damage. If a blood clot in the nose is ignored, it could collapse the nose. Nasal trauma could lead to a person experiencing difficulty breathing that only increases over time. It is also possible for bad infections to occur if nasal trauma is left untreated. Taking action immediately after nasal trauma can eliminate many potential problems in the future.


This is a surgical procedure designed help the appearance of a person’s nose. It can also preserve as well as improve the function of the nose. When an individual experiences nasal trauma, rhinoplasty can be used for its restoration. Rhinoplasty is often able to reverse the effects of nasal trauma.


The scope of a person’s rhinoplasty surgery will be determined by the damage their nose has experienced. In most cases, the procedure can last up to two hours. It is performed with a patient under general anesthesia. The incision could be placed under the tip of the nose between the nostrils. This is known as open rhinoplasty. An incision could also be placed inside the nostril. This is known as closed rhinoplasty. During the surgical procedure, a surgeon will lift the skin on a person’s nose. This will be done so they can access the underlying cartilage and bone. They will then sculpt it into the desired shape. If reversing damage from an injury is required, a surgeon will know the best way handle it. They will know how to restore the original contour of an individual’s nose. Once this is done, the skin will be put back in place over the nose. The incision will then be closed.

Following Rhinoplasty Surgery

Once the rhinoplasty surgery is completed, a nasal splint may be placed on the outside of a person’s nose. It is also possible for a nasal stent to be placed on the inside of a person’s nose. Doing this will help minimize any swelling that occurs after surgery. A person may be prescribed saline nose spray, antibiotics or other medication necessary for their recovery. Their stitches and splint are usually removed within seven days after the surgery. It is possible for extensive nasal reconstruction to have swelling of their nose as well as around their cheeks and eyes. This recovery could last for up to three weeks. An extensive nasal trauma may take more than one month to heal after surgery. Pain after rhinoplasty is often mild. Individuals who have rhinoplasty surgery are usually able to return to their normal activities within two weeks.

The first step for a person to see if they can benefit from rhinoplasty surgery is to have their nose evaluated by an experienced physician. A primary care physician will be able to determine if a person’s nasal trauma may require surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Andrew S. Frankel is able to evaluate a person’s situation and determine if their nasal trauma should be treated with rhinoplasty. Dr. Frankel is a plastic surgeon who is board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Ear Nose and Throat). He performs beneficial plastic surgery procedures in Beverly Hills, CA.

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