Gumigem Bath Bag | A Review

The Gumigem Bath Bag was sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Available here for £29.95, the Gumigem Bath Bag is a bag full of silicone teething toys that can even be used in the bath! Gumigem have a great range of ‘bubba bags’, perfect for taking on the go and for your little one to teeth on.

All their items are made from the same quality silicone – it is non toxic, washable  and high grade. All Gumigem toys carry the CE mark and are suitable from 0M+. This Bath Bag is great as it can even go in the water. The bag has little holes that allow drainage which is exactly what you want from bath toys. How many of us have gone to check the bath toys and found that there’s some mould in them as there was no way for the water to escape? The bag even comes with a suction hook so that it can be hung up on the tiles when not in use. These don’t squirt which is great – it means they last the test of time unlike other bath toys and you don’t get that horrible gungy mould stuff.

There are four sea related items within the bag, alongside the suction hook. There’s a star fish with bumps which are great for sensory stimulation, a seahorse, a fish and a shell. They’re all in bright colours too which is fab for babies. These sink, which is great as Olivia loves to ‘rescue’ them.

What I love most about this bag though is that you don’t have to use them in the bath. Whilst Olivia has used them in the bath, she also loves nothing more than toddling around with her little ‘handbag’ and sitting down to play with them. This is especially handy as she seems to be having quite a few teeth coming through right now and has been enjoying playing with them and chewing them when her teeth are causing her a little too much pain. Being able to use them out of the bath is also great as trying to get a picture of her with them whilst sparing her dignity proved impossible – let’s just say, my daughter certainly isn’t very ladylike when it comes to bathtime, haha!

As you can imagine, toys get grubby over time so with Olivia having been as obsessed with her bag as she has, I wanted to make sure I could clean them up real nice – especially if she was putting them anywhere near her mouth! Luckily these are dishwasher and steriliser safe so you can clean them up and sterilise them to your hearts content, knowing that they are safe to hand to baby.

As you can see, Olivia has so much fun with her bath bag, she uses it everywhere! I’ve even had friends and family come round and talk about how much she plays with it. She’s always taking it over to them, showing them her treasures from inside it. I love that this bag is a dual purpose toy – perfect for both in the bath and out of it and perfect for chewing on when those peggies are getting just that little bit annoying.

I’m definitely going to look at the rest of the range as I think these would make some lovely presents for my friends children. Have you ever tried any Gumigem items before?

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  1. Oh these are super duper cute, our kids are big now but still love their bath toys and bath time play so I will definitely look into getting this even though they are not teething anymore.

  2. This would be perfect for out bath toys and we have had the mould issues with our daughters toy. I love the bright colours which is great for little ones.

  3. Mould in bath toys in one of my greatest annoyances so these look absolutely great, sadly my children are no longer teething but they would have been great when they were younger.

  4. sounds so handy that it is dishwasher safe! and definitely something that will keep little ones entertained and happy 🙂

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